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The Five (2010 Video)
Covers serious issues that may or not be understood by Children
29 October 2010
Saw this the other day expecting a childish fantasy adventure family film but instead what i saw was a movie that deals with divorce and death. The story revolves around 2 families who haven't moved on with a loss of a family member and as a result they get transported to another realm of reality. now don't get too excited, highlights of the film come in verbal scenes rather than visual action scenes. The movies special effects are nowhere to be seen and it's all filmed in one small area. Villains are also visually non existent and are more in the form of wind/fire.

The dialogue of the film while being good stuff in a lot of the scenes i found it too complicated/mature for the characters in this film. Which also makes me wonder whether kids watching this film would actually understand it. overall i enjoyed the message of the film but at the same time i feel the deliverance wouldn't capture the attention of kids in 2010.
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