Kirpianuscus's Ratings


1. Deer Boy (2017)

15 min | Short, Drama, Fantasy

Rated on 24 Nov 2020

A story about a hunter's son, who was born with antlers, and about how each man kills the thing he loves.

Director: Katarzyna Gondek | Stars: Janusz Chabior, Katarzyna Sobiszewska, Eryk Maj, Mieszko Czachor

Votes: 81

2. Thursday Appointment (2019)

2 min | Short

Rated on 24 Nov 2020

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Director: Mohammad Reza Kheradmandan

Votes: 5

3. Like Crazy (2011)

PG-13 | 1 hr 26 min | Drama, Romance

Rated on 19 Nov 2020

A British college student falls for an American student, only to be separated from him when she's banned from the U.S. after overstaying her visa.

Director: Drake Doremus | Stars: Felicity Jones, Anton Yelchin, Jennifer Lawrence, Charlie Bewley

Votes: 58,955

4. Dinner for Few (2014)

10 min | Animation, Short, Drama

Rated on 18 Nov 2020

A sociopolitical metaphor of the world as a formal dinner that takes an unexpected turn when there's no more food to be served.

Director: Athanassios Vakalis

Votes: 225

5. Blieschow (2019)

10 min | Animation, Short

Rated on 17 Nov 2020

Vast plains, colorful sceneries, a red dog, that seems to reach into the sky. This is how Tom experiences summer in Blieschow, his grandfather's farm. He feels overwhelmed by the exuberance... See full summary »

Director: Christoph Sarow

Votes: 25

6. Nobadi (2019)

1 hr 29 min | Drama

Rated on 16 Nov 2020

A grumpy old man enlists the help of an Afghani migrant to bury his dead dog, and as the two dredge through prejudices to find common ground, their day takes an unexpected turn.

Director: Karl Markovics | Stars: Heinz Trixner, Borhanulddin Hassan Zadeh, Konstanze Dutzi, Maria Fliri

Votes: 130

7. The Watch (2008)

15 min | Short, Comedy, Drama

Rated on 16 Nov 2020

Pablo offers Javier a taxi ride to his place and once there, invites him in. After watching television with his cousin, Pablo asks Javier to sleep over. Once in bed, almost naked, they get ready to go to sleep.

Directors: Marco Berger, Mariángela Martínez Restrepo | Stars: Nahuel Viale, Ariel Nuñez Di Croce, Javier Morea, María Eugenia Fraguas

Votes: 181

8. Allergies (2019)

10 min | Short, Drama

Rated on 16 Nov 2020

In a world where people can be allergic to race, a mother struggles with the possibility that her son may be developing an allergy.

Director: Ali Alkhafaji | Stars: Andrew C. Fisher, Kiara Leigh Jaroszewski, Omar J. Lewis, Lauren Lox

9. Three Sacks Full of Hats (2018)

20 min | Short, Drama

Rated on 13 Nov 2020

Mick returns home after a long absence to witness the fast declining health of his alcoholic brother Sid, which stirs up family tensions of shame and denial.

Director: Debbie Anzalone | Stars: Warren Brown, Tom Meeten, Alison Steadman, David Sterne

Votes: 8

10. The Kite (2016)

14 min | Short, Drama, Romance

Rated on 24 Oct 2020

A kite reunited two lovers after a 20-year separation.

Director: Lasse Nielsen | Stars: Marius Bjørnbak Brix, Jonathan Lindinger, Mark Viggo Krogsgaard, Mads Korsgaard

Votes: 139

11. Daddy (I) (2019)

Short, Drama

Rated on 17 Oct 2020

After the death of his wife, an 80-year-old man checks into the Plaza Hotel to celebrate their first anniversary apart, hiring a male escort to take her place.

Director: Christian Coppola | Stars: Ron Rifkin, Dylan Sprouse, Catherine Wolf, Cooper Koch

Votes: 268

12. Terno (2013)

15 min | Short, Drama, Family

Rated on 30 Sep 2020

One day away of Marcelo's wedding, the tailor, the groom and his father will have to correct much more than the suit's measures.

Directors: Gabriela Amaral, Luana Demange | Stars: Walter Breda, Ênio Gonçalves, André Guerreiro Lopes

Votes: 9

13. Yuri's Omen (2012)

14 min | Short, Drama, Family

Rated on 23 Sep 2020

Konstantin is about to discover the deepest secret of his past.

Director: Jordi Montornés | Stars: Valeriy Byk, Pau Sastre

Votes: 12

14. Echoes of You (2018)

18 min | Short, Drama

Rated on 30 Aug 2020

An aspiring classical pianist finds his greatest fulfillment in an unlikely place.

Director: Henry Quilici | Stars: Laurence Fuller, Zakary Risinger, Jeff Sable, Aaron Segal

Votes: 29

15. World Builder (2007)

9 min | Short, Romance, Sci-Fi

Rated on 30 Aug 2020

A strange man builds a holographic world for the woman he loves.

Director: Bruce Branit | Stars: Erin McGrane, Brian Paulette

Votes: 436

16. A Hidden Life (2019)

PG-13 | 2 hr 54 min | Biography, Drama, Romance

Rated on 23 Aug 2020

The Austrian Franz Jägerstätter, a conscientious objector, refuses to fight for the Nazis in World War II.

Director: Terrence Malick | Stars: August Diehl, Valerie Pachner, Maria Simon, Karin Neuhäuser

Votes: 16,781

17. Good Will Hunting (1997)

R | 2 hr 6 min | Drama, Romance

Rated on 23 Aug 2020

Will Hunting, a janitor at M.I.T., has a gift for mathematics, but needs help from a psychologist to find direction in his life.

Director: Gus Van Sant | Stars: Robin Williams, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Stellan Skarsgård

Votes: 849,796

18. The English Patient (1996)

R | 2 hr 42 min | Drama, Romance, War

Rated on 21 Aug 2020

At the close of World War II, a young nurse tends to a badly-burned plane crash victim. His past is shown in flashbacks, revealing an involvement in a fateful love affair.

Director: Anthony Minghella | Stars: Ralph Fiennes, Juliette Binoche, Willem Dafoe, Kristin Scott Thomas

Votes: 177,054

19. The King (I) (2019)

R | 2 hr 20 min | Biography, Drama, History

Rated on 18 Aug 2020

Hal, wayward prince and heir to the English throne, is crowned King Henry V after his tyrannical father dies. Now the young king must navigate palace politics, the war his father left behind, and the emotional strings of his past life.

Director: David Michôd | Stars: Tom Glynn-Carney, Gábor Czap, Tom Fisher, Edward Ashley

Votes: 84,409

20. The Lighthouse (I) (2019)

R | 1 hr 49 min | Drama, Fantasy, Horror

Rated on 18 Aug 2020

Two lighthouse keepers try to maintain their sanity whilst living on a remote and mysterious New England island in the 1890s.

Director: Robert Eggers | Stars: Robert Pattinson, Willem Dafoe, Valeriia Karaman, Logan Hawkes

Votes: 133,357

21. Aloud (2016)

20 min | Short, Drama

Rated on 18 Aug 2020

1960s. Arden is an introvert kid who was brought up in a strict Catholic orphanage. Insecure about his voice, he pretends to sing during choir practice. With the arrival of Mr. Stevens, the... See full summary »

Director: Song Huang | Stars: Jonah Beres, Austin Iredale, Kate Fuglei, Dan Colman

Votes: 35

22. The Skin of the Wolf (2017)

TV-14 | 1 hr 50 min | Action, Adventure, Drama

Rated on 18 Aug 2020

A highlander that lives alone in the mountains buys a wife to relieve his loneliness.

Director: Samu Fuentes | Stars: Mario Casas, Irene Escolar, Ruth Díaz, Kandido Uranga

Votes: 2,329

23. Hamlet (1964)

Not Rated | 2 hr 20 min | Drama

Rated on 18 Aug 2020

When the king of Denmark dies suddenly, his son, crown prince Hamlet, returns home to find that his uncle Claudius has usurped the throne and married Hamlet's recently widowed mother. Then, one night, Hamlet is visited by his father's ghost who commands him to avenge his murder at the hands of Claudius.

Director: Grigoriy Kozintsev | Stars: Innokentiy Smoktunovskiy, Mikhail Nazvanov, Elza Radzina, Yuriy Tolubeev

Votes: 2,464

24. The Time Tree (2018)

18 min | Short, Drama, Family

Rated on 18 Aug 2020

1596. Anne, a deaf girl, bullied by the maids and mistresses who look after her, finds solace when she comes across a magical tree: a portal to the present, where she meets Jo and Rachel, ... See full summary »

Director: Celine Cotran | Stars: Miranda Beinart-Smith, Jillian Bradley, Cleopatra Dickens, Paul Fuller

Votes: 12

25. Michael Jackson: Cry (2001 Video)

5 min | Short, Music

Rated on 18 Aug 2020

The video begins with dozens of people of different ages, ethnicities and races holding hands. Long lines of people were stretched over mountains, across highways, in a forest and on the ... See full summary »

Director: Nicholas Brandt | Stars: Michael Jackson, Carolyn Moos, Bill Hennig

Votes: 117

26. Entre las pieles (2016)

8 min | Short, Drama

Rated on 18 Aug 2020

Elsa who has dedicated her life to cleaning houses, one day she is hired for grooming a family house where she'll find John, who changed her life.

Director: Juan G. Rodriguez | Stars: Susana Fantini, Renaud Semper

27. Water (2014)

12 min | Short, Drama

Rated on 18 Aug 2020

Carlos is a young Mexican swimmer. One day at the pool he meets Daniel. Is it love at first sight ?

Director: Ricardo Esparragoza | Stars: Efreen Bennets, Alejandro Casillas, Aristeo Mora

Votes: 57

28. The Year of Living Dangerously (1982)

PG | 1 hr 55 min | Drama, Romance, War

Rated on 18 Aug 2020

A young Australian reporter tries to navigate the political turmoil of Indonesia during the rule of President Sukarno with the help of a diminutive photographer.

Director: Peter Weir | Stars: Mel Gibson, Sigourney Weaver, Linda Hunt, Bembol Roco

Votes: 19,289

29. While at War (2019)

1 hr 47 min | Drama, History, War

Rated on 18 Aug 2020

Writer Miguel de Unamuno faces himself and his ideals after the 1936's military coup d'etat.

Director: Alejandro Amenábar | Stars: Karra Elejalde, Eduard Fernández, Santi Prego, Nathalie Poza

Votes: 4,730

30. Trial and Death of Socrates (1939)

1 hr 43 min | Drama

Rated on 18 Aug 2020

The great Greek philosopher Socrates, is accused of corruption of the young.

Director: Corrado D'Errico | Stars: Ermete Zacconi, Rossano Brazzi, Filippo Scelzo, Alfredo De Sanctis

Votes: 27

31. Super Sounds (2014)

12 min | Short, Adventure, Drama

Rated on 17 Aug 2020

Even superheroes need friends

Director: Stephen de Villiers | Stars: Charlie Tonkin, Mieka Thompson-Mills, Max Tonkin, Matthew Kosmas

Votes: 15

32. A Shelter Among the Clouds (2018)

1 hr 25 min | Drama, Romance

Rated on 03 Aug 2020

Besnik is a lonely shepherd and devoted Muslim, haunted by unfulfilled love. He is the son of a Catholic mother and formerly Communist father whom he takes care of in an Albanian village in... See full summary »

Director: Robert Budina | Stars: Osman Ahmeti, Arben Bajraktaraj, Suela Bako, Helga Boshnjaku

Votes: 111

33. Snowbirds (2020)

11 min | Short, Drama

Rated on 27 Jul 2020

A grief-stricken widow calls on all the powers that be, just to see her late husband one last time.

Director: Justin Robinson | Stars: Susan McPhail, Pepi Streiff, Eden Lee, Josh Connolly

Votes: 23

34. The Gift (II) (2015)

13 min | Short, Biography, Drama

Rated on 25 Jul 2020

To celebrate his eleventh birthday, a young boy selects his gift - little knowing that his choice will change the world.

Director: Gabriel Robertson | Stars: Xander Berkeley, Brady Permenter, Amye Gousset

Votes: 50

35. The Way of Tea (2014)

21 min | Short, Comedy, Drama

Rated on 17 Jul 2020

A small town in northern France, Alex, a young skinhead, enters Malik's grocery store.

Director: Marc Fouchard | Stars: Aïmen Derriachi, Léon Garel, Jean-Louis Garçon, Hassam Ghancy

Votes: 62

36. Your last day on earth (2019)

15 min | Short, Drama, Mystery

Rated on 14 Jul 2020

A Fox-dressed man breaks the space time limits with only one goal: to spend some time with his wife. But below this recreational act there's a far more complex and ambitious plan.

Director: Marc Martínez Jordán | Stars: Enric Auquer, Karina Kolokolchykova, Sònia Masuda Mora

Votes: 90

37. The Day Christ Died (1980 TV Movie)

2 hr 22 min | Drama

Rated on 12 Jul 2020

The Crucifixion of Christ seen more from a political and historical point of view than a spiritual one.

Director: James Cellan Jones | Stars: Chris Sarandon, Colin Blakely, Keith Michell, Jonathan Pryce

Votes: 108

38. The Cross (2001)


Rated on 09 Jul 2020

Told literally through the eyes of Jesus, "The Cross" instantly sits you in the front seat to feel his ultimate sacrifice. Walk in the steps of Jesus, feeling the pain of your betrayal and ... See full summary »

Director: Lance Tracy | Stars: Larry Salberg, Jenny Gago, Fred Toma, Devon Stohl

Votes: 34

41. The Blacksmith (2015)

4 min | Animation, Short, Fantasy

Rated on 19 Jun 2020

A mystical, powerful ancient being seems to linger on traces of his humanity.

Director: Veselin Efremov | Stars: Robert Follin, Seth Ericson

Votes: 71

42. Wings (II) (2019)

6 min | Animation, Short, Drama

Rated on 17 Jun 2020

An altruistic mouse with an unreachable goal of flight, befriends and nurses and injured bird back to health.

Director: Casey McDonald

Votes: 32

43. The Prisoner's Song (2020)

14 min | Short, Drama

Rated on 17 Jun 2020

A traumatized prisoner lives through two interwoven days of his life, between his time incarcerated and his time as a free man.

Director: Bilal S. Haider | Stars: Lisa Belcher, Paul Blain, Jason C Campbell, Bryan Ensign

Votes: 11

44. Gora samotsvetov (2005– )
Episode: The Soldier and the Bird (2013)

12 min | Animation

Rated on 07 Jun 2020

Animated film based on Russian soldier fairy tales. It is a story about how smartness helps soldiers in different everyday and fairy situations. One little red-haired soldier conquered a ... See full summary »

Director: Valentin Telegin | Stars: Aleksandr Tsurkan, Aleksandr Luchinin, Aleksandr Lenkov

Votes: 8

45. The Adventures of Buratino (1976 TV Movie)

2 hr 10 min | Family, Adventure, Fantasy

Rated on 04 Jun 2020

Several adventurers - cruel and cunning, virtuous and brave - sets off on a quest for the Golden Key - a metaphor of happiness.

Director: Leonid Nechaev | Stars: Dmitriy Iosifov, Tatyana Protsenko, Roman Stolkarts, Thomas Augustinas

Votes: 1,690

46. Carnivàle (2003–2005)

TV-MA | 55 min | Drama, Fantasy, Mystery

Rated on 04 Jun 2020

During the Great Depression, an Oklahoma farm boy and a charismatic minister learn that they are key players in a proxy war being fought between Heaven and Hell.

Stars: Michael J. Anderson, Adrienne Barbeau, Clancy Brown, Debra Christofferson

Votes: 42,163

47. I Am Jonas (2018 TV Movie)

1 hr 22 min | Drama, Mystery, Romance

Rated on 04 Jun 2020

Two moments of Jonas's life intertwine, each reflecting the other: in 1995, when he was a secretive teenager, and 18 years later, as an attractive and impulsive thirty-something looking for balance in his life.

Director: Christophe Charrier | Stars: Félix Maritaud, Nicolas Bauwens, Tommy-Lee Baïk, Aure Atika

Votes: 3,949

48. The Door (I) (2012)

1 hr 37 min | Drama