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29 March 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Many people around the world used to deny the very existence of this movie, but loyal fans did not give up until they had what they were asking for and now here it is, ZACK SNYDER'S JUSTICE LEAGUE. It is here and it is EXTRAORDINARY, EPIC, everything i could ask for. The characters got the depth they deserved, especially cyborg and flash. We saw the best feminine icon to be inspiring and badass. We saw the RIGHT Steppenwolf, with his motives and fears and most importantly we saw DARKSEID. Finally, Martian Manhunter came into play and i am more than amazed. Zack, as flash said, you are the best of the best. I cannot even imagine what WB was thinking when they murdered this movie.

Moving on, after seeing the impact this movie made all around the globe, my hopes stay untouched, that Warner Brothers will give Zack Snyder the chance he deserves to finish his vision and #restorethesnyderverse.
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WandaVision (2021)
marvel is back
9 February 2021
A well created sitcom that drastically evolves into a huge Marvel Movie. Many questions to be answered and many more to be asked. With a touch of mystery and thriller like sequences WandaVision sets the stage for the all new phase of Marvel studios productions.
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a very needed movie as of 2021
6 February 2021
Warning: Spoilers
From the view of a problematic relationship, this movie shows the lack of understanding, of forgiving and thankfulness in todays society. Through many outbursts and calming moments, it brilliantly depicts the ups and downs of life, the human passion, the spirit and soul. It gives away a sense of a twisted romance, though it's more a socially twisted drama. overall a very well shot black and white movie
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Joker (2019)
A MASTERPIECE of modern cinema
5 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was more than everything that i hoped for. It heads on a different direction than the rest of the modern movies. Joker is NOT a superhero movie. It depicts many problems of our society. It shows the rich gettin richer using the innocence of pour people and lying to them in their faces. Yet, the pour rise and claim their rights. All it needed was for one to be brave enough. Joaquin Phoenix clealry steals the show with his stunning performance and his devotion to the character. Watching the movie and especially the last twenty to thirty minutes gave me chills, the action the plot and the soundtracks hit hard. I felt a feeling of competition and joy because i understood that together we have more power than the ones who rule us and we can change the world to the better.
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6 September 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This movie sums up the story of the losers and it does it with a heartbreaking way. Personally i felt like the book came to life. So many similarities with the incredible Steven King's novel, especially Eddie's death. Obviously i loved the added scenes that answered many questions from chapter one and the fact that the clubhouse played a significant role in the film. At this point i have to agree with what Jessica Chastain said "it is more than a horror film, it's a coming of age film". All the emotions, all the flashbacks and the present storyline is everything we needed as an end. Finally i have to admit that King's cameo was brilliant and made the movie way better. At last but not least, Bill Skarsgard's performance was one again unforgettable. He brought the villainous character of Pennywise back as no one ever possibly could.

To everyone involved in both chapters of IT, thank you for making those movies as great as the book.
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10 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Look I loved this movie even though the first act was kind of boring. The movie became clearly one of the best in the mcu when Carol fought supreme intelligence and found out her true powers. It was emotional, funny, badass and supreme. A 7out of 10
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The Nun (2018)
The nun was amazing
16 September 2018
Well" for me the movie was AMAZING. It had a great opening scene and a well made story. I loved the characters and the way the actors/actresses performed.there were some beautiful stills and amazing night scenes. The ending was so freaking great that i could say it is the best on every conjuring universe. Trully loved the way they connected this movie with the conjuring movies and it was just great. One of my favourite movies. I forgot to mention that this movie is pure horror. You need to be a true fan to understand it. Also, the fact that valak had so much power even though the demon was surrounded by hundreds of crosses gave me chills. What i did not like is that the juat contained the evil and not lock it. Also a demon fears its own name and the actors never mentioned it in front of valak. But for me its ok because this movie opened the way for an even scarier sequel.😈😈
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