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Come into the light
10 January 2021
My favourite live action retelling thus far. The CGI and cinematography in this movie are superb and magical. I love how it sticks to the original animated classic whilst successfully expanding and adding new elements and songs to the story. This is something that the other live action remakes have failed to do as successfully. I am not a huge fan of Emma Watson as Belle but Luke Evans as Gaston is great, This really is a tale as old as time.
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One of the best
25 December 2020
One of only a few animated movies from the late 90's, early 2000's that match the Disney masterpieces. The animation is really good and follows the style of Anastasia and The prince of Egypt. just falling short of Disney, but spectacular none the less. The story is great, the idea of the lost city of gold, the Mayan culture and legacy sets up a great storyline similar to Pocahontas but with more room to move due to lack of historical limitations. The music is great, however no where near the brilliance of john and Rice's score for the Lion king and follows the style adopted by later Disney movies such as Tarzan. The movie's biggest strength is it's humour, with many light hearted moments that make you smile and also laugh out loud i do often wonder what Disney would have done to this story if they had adapted it to screen, but certainly this version has everything needed to become a long term staple of family fun movies.
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