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A truly AMAZINGLY BAD film, props to everyone involved.
8 October 2006
Keanu Reeves acting performance in this film was one of the worst ever in Hollywood HISTORY.

This mindblowingly, disastrous film combines horrendous acting, horrible directing, horrible dialogue, horrible EVERYTHING. Johnny Mnemonic is worse than a B-movie. I remember wanting to see this in the theaters when I was a kid, I probably would have liked it back then. Having seen this recently, how was this even released in the theaters?

I'm a fan of cheesy movie (and the early 90's was filled with cheese) so I was able to sit through this...I did enjoy it somewhat thanks to it being unintentionally funny. Let's not kid ourselves though--

Johnny Mnemonic is one of THE worst movies of the 90's. Batman and Robin has company.

btw, Ice-T is truly a no-talent a$$clown.
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Let's get a couple of things clear
5 March 2006
First and foremost, I'm glad this film wasn't Kill Bill. Kill Bill was boring and I fell asleep half way through the film. Woke up to see the "grand" fight scene against the Crazy 88's and the TOTALLY crappy last "duel" against O-Ren Ishii. The only reason Kill Bill received the score it has gotten on IMDb is because of the over the top violence that U.S movie-goers experienced probably for the first time in their lives. To others, it was just blah.

A Bittersweet Life is a serious action film with violence that is completely justified (to make one thing clear, Kill Bill had more dumb gratuitous violence)

Please leave your pacifier at the door. Thank you.
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