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Cheer (2020– )
Are these reviews like, written by like, family members, and like friends?
24 January 2020
This show is garbage on the same level as the cheerleaders. Much Respek for the physical attrition/skillset/endurance/and like etc....

Coach Monica is a vile human being. Any general American in 2020 who endorses her behavior is clearly living in some sort of warped reality, as 98% of said demographic would not stand for their own child being treated in that manner.

Speaking of "Their Own Child", the athletes in question here are being egregiously taken advantage of due to their lack of life structure/guidance/(parents)/and like their SES. These are children, with the social intelligence of a person 5-8 years younger than them.

The coach knows this, she knows these kids haven't even developed the concept of standing up to her when something is truly wrong. I'm a personal trainer, two older women I've trained have hurt their rotator cuff doing the same move. After the second time it happened, I realized it was probably the move, not the "wimpy clientele" and withheld it from the arsenal.

Monica simply calls up another person to get hurt doing the same thing. Its like appalling don't like endorse this...And like when I go back to my high school, those kids like better be like damn sure they like remember me and like, everything I accomplished, like seriously.
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Room 104 (2017– )
The Unfiltered Schlock In My Garbage Can
12 July 2019
The Duplass Brother's once again display the uncanny ability to pump out multiple seasons of an HBO Show that is unequivocally awful.

*(The other being Togetherness, one of the least funny "comedies?" I've ever lay two eyes/ears upon)*

Room 31 (as I referenced it to my sister thinking that was the actual name) would be much, much better if they simply stuck a camera in Room 31 of said hotel and played a reality show of boring everyday guests.

I watched episodes 1 and 2 and have no clue what was supposed to be dark/funny/thought-provoking/entertaining, all of it was surely complete Garbage that YOU shouldn't even bither with.

I've found IMDB ratings to be very accurate, especially as they rate individual episodes. How does an HBO show get a second and third season when every episode rates between a 5.1-6.5 (these ratings on their own...these are not good ratings) and thats with bots jacking up the number. Its likely they rate from 3.6-5 from actual viewers (as evidence by every review on here being similar to this).

The words I just spewed and could further spew onto this page in no way do or would do justice to how pathetic this show is.

Mark Duplass was funny for about 2 1/2 League Seasons, which if I'm not correct was over 10 years ago. No idea how he keeps getting these chances.
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Hampersnow-2895 Nails It
24 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Props to the user mentioned in the title, I hopped on IMDB to add a review for this film and I knew 8 stars was the correct rating for the following reasons:

-High Marks for Wade. His internal conflict regarding Jackson opening so many doors for him in his career VS. The Sexual Abuse that lasted over 10 years. Not that the other survivor (who's name I can't remember! Ahhh!) does a bad job, simply found Wade more interesting

-High Marks for exposing a pedophile, and he is the definition of pedophile, make no mistake about it.

-High Marks for everyone's (survivors, families, etc.) highly detailed rehashing of such difficult life stories. Anyone who thinks they're making this up, go away, far away, you're a complete fool. I could rehash with extreme detail any traumatic life event that's happened to me. The victims don't ever forget, the offenders rarely remember.

-Minus 1 Star for the insufferable length of the doc. Two 1ish hour episodes could have accomplished everything we needed. There was just way too much detail. After we hear the full progression of Jackson's hideous grooming process, we don't then need to hear highly detailed stories about every specific sexual encounter thereafter. This had to have taken up at least 1.25hrs, probably more.

-Minus 1 star for the disturbing subject matter. After a while you become numb to it and get bored.

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Boring and Awkward
6 February 2019
This movie is extremely boring, and highly annoying. We're presented with such a great cast but for some reason 80% if the dialogue is "loveably whimpered" by Paul Rudd, who doing the same lame schtick as in every single Rudd Movie EVER MADE!

The biggest offender however, is the other 12% occupied by the extremely annoying and not funny Michael Pena, who made me turn off the movie after rolling up to "help" with whatever the hell they were doing at the end. Thats right, I couldn't have cared less what happened at the end of the movie because the movie doesn't really make me care. Frankly I was on the "villian's side".

We get nothing from TI, Walton Goggins, or any other side character.

Avengers: Endgame better not center around the dudes who's powers were too lame to be fighting Thanos at the end (ie- Hawkeye, Ant Man, Black Widow, War Machine, and Captain America).

Without Strange, The Guardians, Thor, Ironman and Spiderman, snoozefest.
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The Dilemma (2011)
Pure Schlock
26 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I gave this movie a spin on a lazy Saturday Morning expecting the bare minimum level of entertainment, like watching Entourage, its currently playing in front of me and moves my needle zero pts above or below the line of demarcation.

Good lord this film is absolutely horrendous. I would label this movie a comedy as I believe the attempt was to be funny. However, EVERY scene involving Vince Vaughn (oh wait thats 100% of the movie) drags on endlessly as he regurgitates his overplayed schtick and tired troupes that we've seen in, seemingly, 79 different movies. Someone greenlt him to extend every scene 5-15 minutes too long, with each ending in a blathering monologue from Vince where he uses phrases and facial expressions that he thinks are staples in the American lexicon (and all sound vaguely familiar) but draw little to no reaction at this point. *The worst offenses being a) scene he and Channing Tatum purport about 1/2 way through the movie that should wrap in about 7 minutes but takes up ~25 minutes due to the repetitive overused character schticks that each actor drones on an extra 2 minutes too long every single time they have a line. b) A toast Vince gives in front of his girlfriend's family (who hes never met even though they've been together for at least 2.5 years- a deduction I made using clues sprinkled throughout the movie) where he hisses at everyone else in the room at least twice (these take a LONG time) and very quickly gets you thinking "man this guys just a dick and wouldn't make it in real life" rather than "oh hes sooo snarky and mean that its funny!"

Kevin James is barely in the movie and offers nothing when he is. Whynona Rider's acting is, as usual, not good. Channing Tatum plays a character we've now seen him play in 33 different films.

This review droned on just as long as this movie does. I gave it two stars because I smiled at some point in the movie, although I can't remember when or why. This movie was 2 minutes shy of 2 hours and could have been 50 minutes and left you with the same story and content.
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Cold Justice (2013– )
Small Towns Shenanigans Look Out
19 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Do you have any idea how much BullSh*t goes down in a small town Police Department where they've been buddies with the perps/suspects and hold vendettas against others because the wedgied their brother in 5th grade? (A Lot)

This show destroys the nonsense of town politics and take objective looks with current technology to put murderers in prison. Not just criminals, MURDERERS. You don't want these people free in the world.

Thank you for doing what you do. Also entertaining and fun to watch with your spouse in a who/done-it type circumstance.
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Among Friends (2012)
If Danielle Harris wasn't attached, nobody would like this.
8 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is pathetic.

I THINK its supposed to be a cheap Horror-Comedy type of nonsense film that, assuming that is the case, completely misses on the humor, lacks originality, and lacks effort.

The dialogue from the get-go is terrible and cliché beyond words. Characters saying the ol' "what persons of this age/socioeconomic status would say in this situation who are best friends but so terrible to each other!" Again, If the supposed objective is spoofing movies in a campy horror movie style, it doesn't work at all. If the objective is to make the audience laugh on its merits, I can't imagine who's laughing. What was with the limo driver addressing each character exiting the limo? That early scene was Unforgivably unoriginal/unfunny to the point there's no redemption possible for me (I did continue watching however).

The acting for the first 30 minutes of the movie is noticeably uninspired as if they did it on one take at the end of the shoot. Oddly it becomes better as the movie progresses, as if only the second half of the movie was actually the movie and the first 30 minutes was written in 30 minutes, filmed in 30 more and never revisited, revised or edited.

Last items -The use of the F curse is, again, over-exposed, unoriginal, and ruins a lot of scenes for me. Its overuse doesn't come off as adding comedic value, rather, annoying and unoriginal. -Having one character tripping balls on mushrooms; sooooooo overplayed come on this is he best you could do? *One funny moment is the playing of the privately incognito sex tape. The bad part about this; proving this movie is capable of entertaining the audience if it wants to.

If Danielle Harris wasn't attached to this picture you wouldn't be seeing anything above a 3. Keywords; unoriginal, not funny, lack of effort toward script/acting. Why would you want to watch a movie with these attributes. The 4.5 aggregate rating is for Danielle Harris' name.
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