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Containment (I) (2015)
Gripping and tense infection/containment drama.
7 March 2021
Contrary to other reviews I have read about this film I felt compelled to write a more supportive comment having literally just finished watching it. I found it taut,tense,atmospheric and really engaging. Some of the lighting,camera angles and the booding,ominous score lend a feeling of disorientation and confusion to the unfolding drama which perfectly suits the frightening and bewildering situation the characters find themselves in. Having watched the big-budget Contagion last night I must admit that I actually like this film more, more home-grown (shot in Southampton where I grew up) tight run time of eighty minutes, makes maximum yield from small cast and location and ratchets up the tension nicely thank you..... I won't give away any spoilers at all about what happens but suffice it to say it is one of those rare gems you stumble upon with no prior expectations or knowledge and it really delivers. Watched it for free on A Prime and how can you complain about that? Watch it and decide for yourself. Loved it. Bravo!
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To boldly go.......
29 May 2019
I couldn't disagree more with the main published review that accompanies this page! Whilst of course we are all creatures of opinion and all completely entitled to them I think the reviewer has missed the point completely with this film. I find it a beautiful,mesmerising and elegiac reflection on life,consumerism,dying and environmental catastrophe. So,v. Werner Herzog then... The 'set-up' such as it is indeed views a parallel storyline of alien visitors from a dying planet which in turn is being explored by ignorant and careless humans looking for a possible escape route out of their own dying planet. Ironic,eh? Herzog intercuts space and underwater diving footage to suggest alien and terrestrial landscapes to a beautiful 'requiem' score of near 2001 levels,whilst always allowing you the time and space (sorry!) to add/interpret your own ideas,thoughts and reflections. I find it a visually and aurally arresting 'tone poem' to fragility,inquisitiveness and wonder...

There are elements of Terence Malick.David Lynch etc but essentially this is pure Herzog:more original,thought provoking and reflective than anything you will ever find down at your faceless Multiplex.

To the wonder then,anyone?
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