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Baabul (2006)
A movie confronting widow marriage.
22 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This movie has a lack of excitement and energy and brings us to the brink of boredom during the first 1 hour 45 minutes, after this initial part the rest of the movie is very well composed and the actors have done well to lift up the movie in this period. Initial part of the movie shows the inexperience of the director to keep audience interested. If the movie be edited so that the initial 1 hour 45 minutes be compressed to 30 to 40 minutes the movie would be a treat to see.

Anyway the movie is all about widow marriage. Where Balraj Kapoor (Amitabh Bachchan) tries to get happiness into his daughter-in-law Malvika Talwar's(Rani Mukherjee) life who is sad and depressed due the dead of her husband and Balraj Kapoor's son Avinash Kapoor(Salman Khan) by getting her to marry Rajat(John Abraham). This is objected by Balraj's wife and brother played by Hema Malini and Om puri.
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Bluffmaster! (2005)
nicely done and refreshing
13 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
The movie is quite refreshing but it has a striking similarities with Nicolas Cage starer "Matchstick Men" maybe we can say Bluffmaster is inspired by this movie.

The movie begins with a film producer (Tinu Anand) taking an anonymous call on someone's lost mobile he found lying on the road. In the call, he is told to collect a huge sum of money from a garbage can. The money is presumed to be the ransom paid to the kidnapper who lost his mobile.

The producer tries his luck. He finds the money there. But then, the cops come. The head cop (Abhishek) begins planting more evidence at the 'crime site'. The producer begs and offers big bribe. The head cop relents. The bluffmaster has struck.

Meet Roy (Abhishek Bachchan), a street-savvy bluffmaster who knows many a trick in the con game. The only thing he doesn't bluff is his romance for Simi (Priyanka Chopra).

On his engagement day with Simi, Roy's reality is exposed in front of her entire family. The engagement is called off and Roy is left pining for Simi's love.

In the meantime, Roy meets another connie. This junior connie, name Dittu (Ritesh Deshmukh), tries unsuccessfully to bluff Roy. He later becomes Roy's chela.

While Roy is trying to regain Simi's love, he comes to know a shocking truth. He has brain tumor. His doctor, Dr. Bhalerao (Boman Irani), says he has just three months left to live.

When Roy tells Simi this truth, she thinks he is playing another one of his tricks to get her back. A serene and spurned Roy decides to live his remaining life to the fullest.

He wants to pull off one last big con on Chandru Parekh (Nana Patekar), who made Dittu's father a pauper after conning the old man. Dittu wants to even the score with Chandru by conning him in return.

Roy teaches Dittu the tricks of the game and the two manage to dupe Chandru of crores. But Chandru won't go down so easily. It's not the money, but his "image" that has been challenged.

As the climax draws closer, Chandru hits back. He abducts Simi and demands Roy to return the money to save the girl.

Roy, who knows his eventual fate is to die, faces Chandru's gun...What follows next will certainly take you by surprise.
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Sarvakalasala (1987)
Story of a man who doesn't want to leave college
10 December 2005
This movie is a story of a man (i.e, Mohanlal), who doesn't have anyone in his life, so he keeps on taking degrees so that he can extend his college life. His long lost love who used to be his college mate comes to the college as a teacher and she is a widow. The comical part is done by characters like Jagathi Sreekumar who is a Malayalam literature professor and a priest, and characters like Manian Pillai Raju, Ganesh, etc.Nedumudi Venu plays as a drunkard who stays with Mohanlal for sometime. Nedumudi Venu reveals his past to others in a situation and leaves that place and goes to a distant land. Sukumaran and Seema plays as lecturers who are in their middle ages and like each other and wants to get married but are afraid of what the students in the college might think. Lizy plays as a teenage sister of Mohanlals friend. Innocent as a comical Physical Director of the college. Adoor Bhasi plays as the Father Principal of the college. this movie is a story of college and college life. The movie has lots of comical situations that i liked very much.
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Kireedam (1989)
Young man's dreams getting shattered
10 December 2005
This is not just one of the actor Mohanlal's best but also one of the best movies ever made as far as characterisation goes.The lead character Sethumadhavan played by Mohanlal, the honest cop cum father role by Thilakan, the local bigmouth goonda played by Haneefa, the short but sweet role of Sethumatdhavan's sweetheart played by Parvathi, the villain role of Keerikdan Jose are still etched in the memory of all who saw the film. Even now people will have a lump in their throat thinking about how Sethumadhavan's dreams and aspirations get crushed one by one. Might be people were able to see themselves in Sethumadhavn's shoes and realising that their dreams are being cut halfway through, left them with a sense of helplessness and pitiness, which in turn got translated into love for the character and the movie on the whole. The film was such a huge success as well as critically acclaimed that two more sequels were made with the same cast. Mohanlal got a National special jury award for his sensitive portrayal of Sethumadhavan, a character which will remain in the memory of many a cinemagoer for years.
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Kilukkam (1991)
Kilukkam (rattle)
10 December 2005
The story Joji (Mohanlal) is a guide in Ooty, and comes across a girl (Revathi) whom he thinks is a rich tourist, but turns out to be mentally deranged. A friend of his (Jagathy Sreekumar) then discovers that there is a reward on offer for finding this girl, and they decide to claim it. Then comes the revelation that the girl is actually fleeing from her relatives, who are out for her blood, to claim her inheritance. How our heroes battle the villains for the sake of the girl forms the rest of the story.

It's different... While the above synopsis reads like any Bollywood masala, what sets this movie apart is that it is first and foremost a comedy. Practically every line of the dialogue in the first half, as well as every scene, was made with one intention-to make you laugh. Oops, sorry-there was a second intention-to build a good story line. Even in the second half, when things get serious, both the action and the dialogues follow a light hearted vein, which will be familiar to those who have seen Hera Pheri.

The fine acting of Mohanlal, Jagathy, Thilakan and Revathi has further embellished the quality of this movie, and the few, but excellent dialogues of Innocent leave you rollicking with laughter.

My brother-in-law, like a huge number of Keralites, has seen this movie so many times that he can quote every line of the dialogues. He starts laughing even when nothing funny is happening on the screen, because he is already thinking of the next scene, which is hilarious!

The downside You cannot really enjoy this film if you do not follow the language, because it uses a lot of puns. However, the situational comedy can be enjoyed (much as you would in a silent movie) even by those who do not know Malayalam. Don't blame me if you think that you have already seen the movie in your own language, as this film has been re-made in practically every major language.
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