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Inferno Cop (2012– )
Entertaining all the way through
1 April 2018
Inferno Cop is one of the best styles over substance I have ever seen. Nothing makes sense, and that's the point. Every episode, although they are only 2 minutes long, show us the craziest and most irreverent occurrences. It always feels fresh and innovative.

The team behind it was able to use all of their limited budget. This series is an example of how a project done with effort and passion is great can become great despite the limitations.

Maybe Inferno Cop isn't as good as other animes but it is memorable with great characters and amazing moments. Also, because of its short runtime, it is very rewatchable. Recommendable for everyone.
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Future Diary (2011–2013)
Nothing good about Mirai Nikki
30 March 2018
There is nothing good about Mirai Nikki. It is very overrated and I can't understand why people like it so much.

The series starts introducing the main character: Yukiteru Yukiteru entres a Battle Royale,where all the participants kill each other and the winner becomes god.

This sounds like an interesting premise but the execution is atrocious. Yukiteru remains passive throughout all the episodes, he can't think or act by himself, and he is always protected by plot armor. The rest of the characters are equally bad. Yuno is an overpowered psychopath that is able to do anything, without apparent limitations. The rest of the participants are unidimensional villains that don't add anything to the series. The majority of them are victimized (mainly women) and they are given hard to believe motivations.

Mirai Nikki is filled with conveniences that don't make sense and it breaks its own rules repeatedly without any explanations. It tries to be edgy and appeal to the anime community but it fails at every level.

No one should watch it because you will only waste time.
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An improvement over previous series but still not very good
30 March 2018
From all the animes based on the Danganronpa franchise, this is the best one. That doesn't mean it is good but it is the most watchable. Danganronpa 3 is a mystery and throughout the series, the main characters need to solve it in order to stay alive.

Future-Arc uses characters that were already established in the previous Danganronpa but it also introduces new ones. From the new characters, the majority are boring with very generic personalities. The series is so short that we aren't able to learn a lot from them so we don't care if they die or not. Additionally, this series depends a lot of the Despair-arc (another series released along with this one)to explain the backstory of the characters and the context of the story.

Also, during various points of the story, there are plot conveniences and Deux ex machinas that weren't introduced before but are used as a way to save the protagonists. This is a very bad thing because it ruins all the tension that the series is trying to create.

Considering the positive aspects: seeing the characters trying to solve the mystery is entertaining at some points, but the end could have been more polished because it felt very rushed and didn't pay off the investment we had on the previous episodes.

Despair-arc also contains many fanservice moments for the fans of the game but it can also be watched by people who liked the first anime and are interested in the premise of this one. The downside is that you probably may have to watch Future-arc also to understand it better.
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A boring attempt for an original story
30 March 2018
This series has the same problems as the first Danganronpa anime. Its characters are boring, with only one or two definable traits, and the story is very rushed. Added to this, Despair-arc is nothing by itself. It's meant to work as an explanation and flashback for the main story (Future-arc). For this reason, all of the episodes seem disconnected and the story feels unimportant and boring at times.

Fans will like it because of the fanservice, the animation is competent and I suppose there are a few scenes that are entertaining but that's it. There isn't anything memorable about it that will stay with you and probably this series will be forgotten instantly.

Only recommended for fans of the game.
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Just another comedy
11 March 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I was expecting to, at least, be entertained by this movie and while it is true that it had some comedic moments, as a whole, it was pretty boring.

The script was very weak. It had bad characters with few recognizable traits that spoke with very unrealistic dialogue in a very expository and cliched manner. The story was also very predictable and introduced nothing new, it just showed us things that we have seen repeatedly in other movies. Just by reading the summary you can know how the movie ends.

Another problem I had with the movie is that it is never defined how the time travel works. I know it may not be necessary but it seemed that it was there just as a plot device that the writers could use as there advantage. We are shown that nothing that happens in the story is really permanent so there is no real tension and we are basically guaranteed that the movie will have a happy ending.

The film also tries to have a message towards the end but it is very generic and the way it is delivered feels very convoluted and confusing.

"When we first met" is nothing special, it ends up being just another silly comedy similar to a million more.
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Your Name. (2016)
Regularly entertaining
8 December 2017
I am very conflicted with this film.

On one hand I liked the technical aspects of it: it's music, color, scenery and amazing animation. All of that is good.

On the other, I didn't liked the story, for me it was too forced and melodramatic. Of course not all of it is bad, the characters were OK and some moments were entertaining. But when I look back at the film, the bad moments overshadow the good ones.

I think that my main problem is that the "fantastic" aspect of it was used as a plot device. It gave the movie a good premise but it also took a lot of fun from it. For me, it felt that it didn't had rules, that the movie was just inventing something new all the time and improvising its own plot. They didn't even gave an explanation for many of the things in the film.

Another think I didn't liked is that it feels like this movie is manipulating you into crying. Of course, every movie manipulates us in a certain way. But here it is very obvious, this is proved by its use of very melodramatic music and constant uses of over dramatic monologues.

I didn't hated this movie, I just thought that it wasn't as good as it could have been. Kimi no na wa had an interesting premise but its story is what holds it from being good. Maybe if it was told another way, for example like a mystery, it could have been better.
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Boring adaptation
4 December 2017
I think that the only reason I have some appreciation for this anime is because I like the game it is based on. I can't deny that it is not entertaining to watch an adaptation of something I love, although it is badly executed. Despite all this, I still think this show is very bad.

I think that the main issue for me is that it is very rush. It only has 13 episodes and it tries to adapt a game with tons of hours. As a result the characters are flat and uninteresting because the series doesn't have time to develop them. Additionaly, some plot points are handled very quickly and they aren't given much importance.

Another thing that I don't like about Danganronpa is that it is very repetitive. It always has the same format throughout all its episodes and it doesn't change. It tries to innovate a little bit but they don't matter because we don't care about the characters or plot of the story.

Not all about this series is bad, it has some good concepts (borrowed from the game) but the series was so rushed that it didn't had time to develop on them. Maybe it would have been better if it was organized another way.
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Gattaca (1997)
Fun and entertaining
22 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This film can be analyzed with a lot of detail, keeping an eye of its themes of self improvement and discrimination, but it can also be seen as a great sci-fi movie with a imaginative plot that you can watch on a Saturday afternoon with friends.

One of the things that I liked the most was the believable world it presented. The set design in this movie is amazing. The places seem both futuristic as well something taken from real life. The cinematography also helped the movie have an incredible look. Without the great camera-work I'm sure the end product would have turned out different.

The characters are nothing out of the ordinary and the performances are okay. At the end some of their arcs were a little predictable, but the story never becomes boring. The concepts introduced, such as genetic discrimination, always makes you want to know more about the people leaving in this society that could easily become ours.

The plot's pacing is also very good. The movie never rushes to much and when it slows down it quickly return to action. The important elements of the story are quickly introduced in the beginning, allowing the viewers to understand the main conflict and learn what are the character's motivation. Additionally, I normally don't like voice over exposition but the little this had of it was used, most of the time, to give important and relevant information.

In conclusion, Gattaca is a fun sci-fi movie that you can watch and have a great time with. This is a film that will surely become a classic, mainly because of the statement it makes about society. Maybe in the future we may live in a world similar than the one in Gattaca. ¿Who knows?
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Steins;Gate (2011–2015)
A Brilliant Time Travel Story
18 March 2017
Steins;Gate is the anime adaptation of a visual novel made by 5pb and Nitroplus and it tells the story of Rintaro Okabe and his group of friends when they discover a way to send email messages to the past. This is one of my favorite anime of all time and it is probably because of its amazing characters and brilliant story.

The anime shows us a very unique time travel story that has a perfect mixture of drama and comedy. Sometimes it is hilarious and other times it is sad and it is able to handle this both tones perfectly. As expected from a time travel story, it uses some clichés we all know but it gives its own twist on it so that the story never appears boring or predictable. The anime may start boring for some people, but the first episodes are crucial to introduce all of the characters and if you give it the opportunity you will be amazed.

What makes me like Steins:Gate the most are their memorable and likable characters. They are the first thing I think about when someone mentions Steins;Gate. Every character is unique and special in its own way and their interactions are what keeps this anime interesting from beginning to end.

Compared to other animes the animation in Steins;Gate is not very good, but it doesn't mean it is bad. The animation gives the characters and the environment a very realistic look and this helps a lot when watching the series. It isn't remarkably good, but it isn't bad either.

Overall, Steins;Gate is an amazing anime and I totally recommend it to anyone who is a fan of time travel stories and science fiction.It was one of the first animes that I enjoyed and it deserves to be watched by more people.
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