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25th Hour (2002)
Have YOU ever been guilty? Terrific adaptation of the book
10 February 2020
The book and film will particularly have meaning for any of you who have done things with potentially serious legal consequences. Spike Lee's visual interpretation is wonderful. I suggest using subtitles... vocal audio a little difficult to get at times, and it is faithful to the book and all important. Best dramatic work I have seen in a long time, and I will be reflecting on it for a while. My only criticism might be that ambiguity of the book ending is removed....and as Benioff the book author was involved we must assume the film ending was his intended answer to the possibilities. Watch this with your old runnin' buddies and talk about it. It will have an impact.
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The Final Days (1989 TV Movie)
An insight I didnt think of
19 April 2019
This is a film for political science majors, those of us who lived through it, or those with a particular interest in the subject and main players. I will admit to being all three....and I gained a very important and new insight into Nixon's resignation. It is brought out twice that Nixon at all costs did not want an investigation into the money trail because it would bring focus back on Bay of Pigs funding. Consider the possibility that his resignation may have in part been a "patriotic" act to avoid this. I would recommend a viewing trilogy in this order: Nixon, Frost Nixon, and then The Final Days. For comedic conclusion the one about Elvis getting DEA badge from President Nixon. Review the players first....hope you enjoy. I would have liked more newsreel footage, and some authentic audio recordings of speeches too...but still enjoyed and recommended highly if you possess the suggested prerequisites.
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