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From My Facebook Site: Everything Star Wars
27 May 2018
Solo: A Star Wars Story. Review: As usual this review will not contain any spoilers or plot points but simply give an insight to the administrator's opinions and thoughts of the film. Where to start.....well quite simply this film is so Awesomely Epic that I have already made a space in my Blu-Ray shelves and can't wait to see it again!!! While Rogue One was the Definitive War Movie within the Star Wars Galaxy complete with World War II references; Solo bursts onto the screen and becomes the first Crime Film Epic in the Universe we have grown to love over the last 41 years. I say Crime Film as Solo brings a whole new element to the Star Wars world and features all the expected elements of the genre such as Cool Mob Bosses, Exciting Chases, Double and Triple Crosses and Classic Card Game Sequences. First the Positives: I have read many articles that Alden Ehrenreich does a poor job and is no Harrison Ford; I think this is complete nonsense. Yes he is not Harrison Ford, he is a completely different human being!!! But what he does is capture the charm and swagger of Ford and brings youth and a new dimension to the Han character that is balanced in both humour and dramatics when required. Chewbacca is FINALLY given time to shine with excellent fighting scenes while providing wonderful comic relief when required. Donald Glover's Lando is perhaps one of the standouts in the movie with Glover capturing Billy Dee Williams' mannerisms and suaveness while like Ehrenreich, bringing new qualities to the character. I loved Paul Bettany's smooth Crime Boss character who filled the screen with the sliminess of an excellent Bond Villain mixed the evilness of typical Hollywood Mob Leader whose quick to change their manner given the situation they are in. As for the rest, Emilia Clarke burns up the screen with her incredible sexiness while Woody Harrelson is well Woody Harrelson and delivers a performance which is nothing exceptional but typical from his last 10-20 roles he has given over the last years. Now the Negatives: Ummmmmmm......NOTHING!!!!! This Film is Brilliant!!!! Summary: Do yourself a favour and rush out to see this movie, it is that MINT!!!! With the news this week that James Mangold will be helming Boba Fett Film as the next Star Wars spin-off, I really hope that Han, Chewie and Lando will be utilised and we start seeing a whole new series of films within Lucas' much loved Universe!!! Solo 10/10. Nothing short of Brilliance!!!!
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Great Beginning for DC
27 March 2016
Hi Chad, as requested: Batman v Superman: The Dawn of Justice Review Spoiler free First the positives Ben Affleck is sensational in the role he was born to play. Gal Gadot is excellent and extremely hot as Wonder Woman. Jeremy Irons is also great as Alfred. Henry Cavill continues to be better than average as Superman but adds nothing new to the character.

The ending sequence is a fanboy's dream come true. One of the Batman sequences is the best ever put on film. Now the negatives. Jesse Eisenberg is overdone and the characterisation of Lex Luthor is not only muddled but his motivation is unclear. There are two different types of sequences that I think there one too many of. It does meander slightly in the middle. Summary All in all it is a gratifying experience that has some great action pieces and makes you look forward to the next chapters to come. Those with little ones who are sensitive are advised to stay away with some horror like imagery. Zack has done a great job of being able to move Batman from the Chris Nolan reality set Dark Knight films to a world that is acceptable with Superman and Wonder Woman that is not absurd thanks to a strong performance of Affleck as the war weary jaded Batman. 9/10
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