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Wolf Like Me (2022– )
zany but completely brilliant
17 March 2022
I binged watched this in just over 3 hours from starting it as a spur of the moment choice. It was funny, romantic, heartbreaking and a little scary all at once. Josh Gad was amazing as the emotionally closed down Gary trying to care for his traumatised angry daughter Emma. Mary literally crashes into their lives and things are never the same again. There must be another series of this. It was just so great to watch something as new and fresh as this.
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The Chair (2021– )
Loved it so much I binge watched in one evening
23 August 2021
What a wonderful gem Netflix had give us. Great acting, a wonderful show that is serious and laugh out loud funny with some situations reducing me to tears (of mirth) despite the fact that my husband was asleep in bed besides me. As I had headphones on he thought I was just aimlessly giggling and snorting for about 3 hours. Sandra Oh was fabulous and her daughter Ju-Ju was a real breath of fresh air - young acting talent to watch. I loved Jay Duplass who played a man falling to pieces so believably and sympathetically.

The supporting cast was excellent Holland Taylor, Bob Balaban, Nana Mensa and David Morse to name but a few. Very funny cameo by David Duchovy who plays himself only a over the top caricature (at least I hope it was !!!).

Can't wait for series two.
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Slow starter that finished with a pace hotter than Usain Bolt
10 August 2017
I bought this film because I love Tom Hiddleston, but wasn't really sure whether it would be any good. It started slowly and looked like it might follow a repeat course of many of the other King Kong films, but I was extremely pleasantly surprised that this really picked up the pace and turned into a real corker of a film. It is all about the action with not enough investment in character back stories although that may or may not be remedied in the not too distant future. If you are after a good old fashioned action romp with some nice twists to the story lines to keep the kids and yourself entertained then this is more than worth watching.
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