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Bonehill Road (2017)
Astonished at the high reviews
28 October 2020
When I started reading other reviews (that gave it a terrible score) that questioned how this movie got so many 8, 9, 10 star reviews I was positive those were going to be the type that said this was great in the way The Room or Sharknado is great. So over the top terrible that it's very entertaining. But no those high score reviews really thought it was a good horror movie. Horror movies are often known for bad acting, this movie made 95% of all B horror movies I've seen look like they had an academy award winning cast. They complimented the old school non CGI effects. These werewolves looked like lifeless dolls with weird stumpy feet. The writing was again atrocious even when judging it by B horror movie standards. All the glory scenes just jumped to the same close up of guts no matter who was getting attacked or what they were getting attacked by. This was a pityful embarrassment of cinema even if you're looking for so bad it's good
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Embarrassingly bad ending ruins the entire build
13 October 2020
I honestly can't believe how many people forgive one of the weakest climaxes ever produced in a horror movie (which is saying a lot because there are a lot of terrible horror climaxes) just because the slow tense build is phenomenal. It's like giving a restaurant a good review because the ambiance is very nice even if the food taste like an old shoe. This movie builds tension and intrigue like few I've ever seen. But when the ending is practically non-existent it can't be forgiven because the build was great. When a great build leads to nothing but excruciating disappointment it's like giving a an architect credit for a beautiful framework even if it completely collapses when the final few bricks are placed. That's the best way to describe this film. The bad bad ending destroys all that came before
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