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Attack on Titan: Midnight Sun (2019)
Season 3, Episode 18
This episode jumped the shark for me
6 October 2020
Warning: Spoilers
A brilliant plan by Armin for a sacrifice that ultimately..... isn't a sacrifice at all, apparently.

Burned alive, and falls 300 feet (100 meters?) to the ground, still breathing and chosen to be revived over the commander of the entire Corp because....

plot armor.

Unfortunately this just leaves a bad taste in my mouth similar to Armin watching Eren get swallowed back in early S1; an emotionally manipulative "gotcha!". It's difficult to feel a sense of concern for the main characters after this point. Any time they come into apparent danger, they get pedestaled by more interesting characters that just get killed off so that they can develop more, but therein also lies a problem. I don't feel like Armin developed from this even after this episode. He will internally monologue guilt and fear and continue to come up with brilliant plans, and the show.... goes on I suppose.

On that note, RIP to Bertholdt, who along with Reiner I actually felt were more interesting characters as they showed internal conflict over whether they were doing the right thing, and going mad over it; there was genuine concern for the characters in the Scout regimen they were with and a sense of bonding and friendship threatening to tear them away from their ultimate goal of capturing Eren. Erwin had a purpose and a drive and a sense of selflessness to him to be the moral compass for other characters as they figures it all out. But, goodbye to them for the noble 3 mainstays who will likely continue to respectively be Inpulseive/Angry, Quiet/Motherly, and Afraid/Brilliant as they do.

I hope the rest of the story proves me wrong, but I think I'll get off the ride here now that I've gotten to the end of S3.
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The Walking Dead: Open Your Eyes (2019)
Season 10, Episode 7
This show is starting to feel like an M Night Shymalan Movie
19 November 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Yes they have a good story -- yes it's welll shot and yes the actors are phenomenal. But this episode kind of epitomizes why everyone disliked the midseason finale of season 2. For the sake of "what a twist!" , the show writers decided to drop a character that was the very reason Karl died, virtually severing his memory from the show.

Goodbye Siddiq, you deserved better.

P.S. they really need to come up with a better telegraph of who's going to die, because it always ends up being the one they focus the episode on while they turn over a new leaf.
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Peaky Blinders (2013– )
Good start, gets formulaic
18 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Well acted, cinematography is brilliant, but the writing is as formulaic as House. Main characters seem to have divine intervention occur in every situation that would otherwise see them in trouble. Any time you think something bad has happened it just turns out it was all part of the main mastermind's plan after all. Like watching a magician try to pull the same trick on you over and over again, I hope it wraps up soon because it is getting very predictable.

On another note, I can appreciate the Citizen Kane nature of the main character, however there doesn't seem to really be any redeemable arc for him. He starts as a scheming antihero that will trade his own family in to gain power and it doesn't ever seem to deviate, which I feel kind of hamstrings any character growth of the other, more relate-able characters.
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Warrior (2011)
Great start, awful finish
29 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Spoiler Alert Movie Synopsis:

Man who makes poor financial planning decisions steps on his own military veteran brother's neck to pay a mortgage. Also his veteran brother was fighting to support a war widow.
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