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An interesting slice of life!
12 March 2007
Well were do i start, i must say Tracy beaker is a great show, good acting, believable story lines and a good lot of characters.

This show is basically about a 10 year old girl named Tracy beaker, she is artistic, imaginative, outgoing and extremely bright for a child with quite heavy behaviour problems, this show follows the lives of her, her enemy Justine littlewood, her ex best friend Louise, a journalist and hope to be foster mum for Tracy called cam, whom she tends to fall in and out with along the duration of the shows run, and a whole lot of other children and careworkers that come into the care home (Which the children tend to call the "Dumping ground" as the series goes on.

Well about the acting..not to over the top, not to boring, just good, but i wouldn't give this show high marks for its acting as I've seen better, yet again, this is a fun show with kids acting for fun, not a show the cast will win an Emmy for.

Well the story lines.. there believable and strong and sometimes quite moving..yet there are some in which can be pointless and boring at times such as the ones which Tracy weren't in, these being ones from the last series, and it was just about the other kids running around and pigs living in the dumping ground and identical twins coming to dumping ground parties and causing havoc, again, none of these having Tracy which was absolutely pointless and by now the show was going downhill.

However, i love this show, especially series 1-3, and am now a proud subscriber to the story of Tracy beaker DVD collecting magazine lol!
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