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My favourite movie of all time...
16 July 2021
Spike Lee is my favourite director, and it depends on which of his old or new movies I like.

Maybe he has an irregular career, but Spike counts on masterpieces, in his youth and cinematographic maturity.

It was in 1989 when he brought us one of the most relevant movies ever. Do the Right Thing is a film which dyed itself with honor since its conception.

In America, critics and experts feared its release, even before it. Because of its controversy.

But that could not avoid a deserved ton of awards and an unforgettable legacy. It is preserved in the National Film Registry since 1999.

And we should not be.surprised. Maybe we will never watch another coexistence story like this, an ethnic clash disguised under a mask of adult comedy.

Visually, this Joint is beautiful. You can feel the warmest summer day, the sweat and the tension in the air of Bedford-Stuyvesant, where every character in the film lives.

Do the Right Thing touches plenty of topics in human nature, like sex, racism, friendship and more. This includes the title.

Its soundtrack also fits with the movie in an urban harmony.

If you were looking for an iconic and historic movie, do not waste the chance and watch Do the Right Thing. The movie that will always be in the most special place of my inner cinema lover.
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