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Gladiator (2000)
An Essential Revenge Movie!
23 June 2020
Both my Dad and my Brother say this movie's overrated, I don't. Gladiator is everything I could ever ask for and more. I find the most common complaint is that the story is too simple and basic, but there's nothing wrong with that. Sure it's always great to see movies subvert genre conventions, but if there was any movie that did the basic tale of revenge to such an epic level, it was Gladiator.

The characters are iconic, supported by powerful performances. Crowe's Oscar for best actor is well deserved and I will always remember Joaquin Phoenix as Commodus, the action scenes are intense and spectacular, the visuals are astonishing and the music is breathtaking, creating an overall epic and emotional experience like no other.

Not only is this my favourite Ridley Scott movie, but it's simply one of my favourite movies of all time. If you haven't yet, watch Gladiator.
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How to do everything right in a film.
14 August 2019
If somebody was to ask me what a truly phenomenal film was, this might just be the example I would give. Everything in this film is literally perfect and I don't think I need to justify that point. Just read almost any other review of this film and you will understand. There isn't really anything else to say, as it's all been said over and over, yet I still must emphasize how perfect this film is because it really does deserve it's endless praise. It's a film I would recommend to anyone and everyone so just watch it if you haven't already, I can honestly say you will not regret it. One of the best films ever!
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