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Bold Ideas, Bad Execution
19 February 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Before I get to why this movie didn't work for me, I should mention that I adored the opening scene set in Athens. Athens has never looked better, it was really well paced and it gave me a Dark Knight vibe. It was an incredibly opening and made me very hyped for the rest of the film

Boy, I was in for a shock!

The pacing of the film almost instantly dies after we cut to the island where most of it is set. Very little happens for the first half of the movie and in the midst of all these rather dull scenes of people doing very little are random biblical recreations that just come across as pretentious for the sake of being pretentious.

The main character, Elizabeth, is incredibly unlikable despite a good performance from the actress.

Then about halfway through, stuff starts happening when one of the characters mysteriously seems to have committed suicide on a beach. Its a good hook for the story however it happens way too late into the film and all the investigation really is, is Elizabeth finding a DVD explaining EVERYTHING (including some rather unpleasant and graphic sex scenes) and her reaction is to threaten a sexually abused women on a beach with a gun.

The idea of a classic murder mystery with a damaged protagonist and a darker twist dealing with dark themes like sexual assault is not inherently a bad idea for a film but it is poorly handled and very unpleasant as well as badly written and downright odd in some cases (like a random scene where Elizabeth's son is harassed by a guy and then is never brought up again.....what!!!)

Some may like it, I didnt!
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