2020 TV Guide: The Best Shows Coming This Year

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All the new and returning TV shows you can't miss, premiering September through December 2020.

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Amanda Collin, Abubakar Salim, and Winta McGrath in Raised by Wolves (2020)

"Raised by Wolves" | HBO Max

Premiere Date: Thursday, Sept. 3

Ridley Scott is finally bringing his directing superpowers to the small screen in the distant-future sci-fi series "Raised by Wolves." So far the trailers seem to lean towards an atheist androids vs. space crusaders story, but we have a feeling that only scratches the surface.

Richard Dillane and Adam Pålsson in Young Wallander (2020)

"Young Wallander" | Netflix

Premiere Date: Thursday, Sept. 3

Before Kurt Wallander was the world-weary, existentialist detective played by Kenneth Branagh or Krister Henriksson (in the original Swedish series), he was just a rookie cop. Netflix takes on this iconic TV detective origin story in "Young Wallander."

Dominique McElligott, Antony Starr, Jessie T. Usher, Chace Crawford, Aya Cash, and Erin Moriarty in The Boys (2019)

"The Boys" | Prime Video

Premiere Date: Season 2 premieres Friday, Sept. 4

We often feel unsatisfied with the bad guys of the superhero movies, but Homelander (Antony Starr) freaks us out on so many levels, we can't wait to see what he does in Season 2.

Hilary Swank, Mark Ivanir, Vivian Wu, Ato Essandoh, and Ray Panthaki in Away (2020)

"Away" | Netflix

Premiere Date: Friday, Sept. 4

We’ve had a steady run of space dramas with "The First" in 2018 and the campy "Another Life." Upcoming series "Away" looks to lean heavy on both the family drama and the dangers of space.

American Ninja Warrior (2009)

"American Ninja Warrior" | NBC

Premiere Date: Season 12 premieres Monday, Sept. 7

Does any other show have officially sanctioned gyms across the world? As "ANW" returns for its 12th season, we're ready to watch our favorite contestants — like pro stuntperson Jessie Graff and metalhead R.J. Roman — beat that wall.

Woke (2020)

"Woke" | Hulu

Premiere Date: Wednesday, Sept. 9

Keef Knight (Lamorne Morris), a Black cartoonist who aims to remain non-controversial, gets a wake-up call after a run-in with the police in "Woke," which looks to delve into systemic racism and police brutality, but with a surreal twist that brings animation and humor to the mix.

Jordan Kristine Seamón and Jack Dylan Grazer in We Are Who We Are (2020)

"We Are Who We Are" | HBO

Premiere Date: Monday, Sept. 14

This series from director Luca Guadagnino (I Am Love, Call Me by Your Name), which explores contemporary themes in a modern setting, is certain to enhance our infatuation with all things Italian.

Amer Chadha-Patel, Mark Lewis Jones, John Dagleish, Börje Lundberg, and Sonera Angel in The Third Day (2020)

"The Third Day" | HBO

Premiere Date: Monday, Sept. 14

The Wicker Man/Midsommar vibes of this limited series make it a late-night must-watch. Have we ever had the opportunity to watch a nightmare scenario unfurl, then double back to (potentially) claim a second soul?

Sarah Paulson, Cynthia Nixon, and Kiersten Kay in Ratched (2020)

"Ratched" | Netflix

Premiere Date: Friday, Sept. 18

Brazen move on Ryan Murphy's part to fashion the backstory for Nurse Ratched, a role that earned Louise Fletcher her Best Actress Oscar in 1976. We have high hopes for his take on this Hollywood horror story and latest partnership with Sarah Paulson.

Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman in Long Way Up (2020)

"Long Way Up" | Apple TV +

Premiere Date: Friday, Sept. 18

Following their 2004 motorcycle trip from New York to London, "Long Way Round" and their 2014 adventure from Scotland to South Africa, "Long Way Down," Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman are on the road again. This time the besties have set their sights on a 13,000 mile journey from Argentina to Los Angeles on electric Harley Davidsons to promote sustainable travel. Will they find enough charging stations along the way? We’re excited to see how this plays out.

Jessica Rothe, Desmin Borges, and Ashleigh LaThrop in Utopia (2020)

"Utopia" | Prime Video

Premiere Date: Friday, Sept. 25

Showrunner Gillian Flynn might be going in a new direction with her adaptation of the UK cult TV show. Flynn looked more to paranoia thrillers of the 1970s instead of the original series, which makes us eager to see if Jessica Hyde messes with the narrative in unexpected ways.

Bob's Burgers (2011)

"Bob's Burgers" | FOX

Premiere Date: Season 11 premieres Sept. 27

While we contain our excitement about seeing the Belchers on the big screen in Bob’s Burger’s: The Movie, we’ll happily devour the slew of new episodes coming our way. This infinitely weird family steals our hearts over and over again, so it’s no surprise that Season 11 will bring with it the 200th episode. Fingers crossed for a hilarious musical number or two.

Chris Rock in Fargo (2014)

"Fargo" | FX

Premiere Date: Season 4 premieres Sept. 27

We're happy that someone finally realized that Chris Rock hadn't been a TV show lead since his "SNL" days and remedied that injustice by plugging him into the best anthology series around. The fourth season of "Fargo" is daring to be its most topical yet.

Lee Charles and Sope Dirisu in Gangs of London (2020)

"Gangs of London" | AMC

Premiere Date: Thursday, Oct. 1

On the surface this looks like another TV crime drama in the vein of "Peaky Blinders," "Boardwalk Empire," or any number of great series. But creator Gareth Evans made a name for himself with relentless action and suspense in his Raid films, so we're excited to see how much of that carries over to a complex story of warring factions in London's criminal underworld.

Lily Collins in Emily in Paris (2020)

"Emily in Paris" | Netflix

Premiere Date: Friday, Oct. 2

"Sex and the City" creator Darren Star's new show feels like a marriage between the climatic "SATC" episodes where Carrie was defeated by Paris and the whole thing with Andy in the City of Lights in The Devil Wears Prada. After watching the trailer, our main question is: Emily is supposed to be likable, right?

Kaitlyn Dever in Monsterland (2020)

"Monsterland" | Hulu

Premiere Date: Friday, Oct. 2

There's always room for more horror anthologies, especially in October. Showrunner Mary Laws has created an 8-episode anthology series out of Nathan Ballingrud's acclaimed short story collection, North American Lake Monsters. Laws previously work includes "Preacher" and The Neon Demon, and we can't wait to see what she does with the rich source material.

Lin-Manuel Miranda in Song Exploder (2020)

"Song Exploder" | Netflix

Premiere Date: Friday, Oct. 2

Regardless of whether you’re a devout music lover, listen to a few episodes of the Song Exploder podcast and you’ll find yourself enamored with the process of layering sound, introducing unique instruments and crafting just the right lyrics to create a song that speaks to the soul. We can’t wait to see what a visual adaptation of the concept looks like, featuring Alicia Keys, R.E.M., and Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Andrew Koji in Warrior (2019)

"Warrior" | Cinemax

Premiere Date: Season 2 premieres Saturday, Oct. 3

As "Warrior" was sadly canceled before the Season 2 premiere, you should go in with the knowledge the show might end without a sense of closure, but that doesn’t mean this gritty, Bruce Lee-inspired crime drama is not worth investing in. The fights alone are worth your time.

Primal (2019)

"Primal" | Adult Swim

Premiere Date: New episodes premiere Sunday, Oct. 4

Spear and Fang are two of our fave late-night TV characters, and they have yet to grunt a single word of dialogue in Genndy Tartakovsky's animated series that shows the connection between a caveman and a nearly extinct dinosaur. Somehow "Primal" is better than Tartakovsky's legendary "Samurai Jack" — yet it's a way lesser known show. Season 1 will wrap up with the conclusion of these five new episodes, and Adult Swim has ordered a second season of the series.

Ethan Hawke in The Good Lord Bird (2020)

"The Good Lord Bird" | Showtime

Premiere Date: Sunday, Oct. 4

We are all sorts of curious about this satirized historical tale from creator (!) Ethan Hawke, who also stars as John Brown, the abolitionist who led a revolt against a federal armory in 1859 Virginia. Hawke wisely puts the narrative focus on a fictional character named Onion (played by up-and-comer Joshua Caleb Johnson) who becomes a member of Brown's family.

The Walking Dead (2010)

"The Walking Dead" | AMC

Premiere Date: Season 10 returns Sunday, Oct. 4

For the first time in the show’s history, "The Walking Dead" will not unleash a new season this October. However! Despite coronavirus-related delays, the Season 10 finale will air, and S10 is getting six extra hour-long episodes in early 2021. Production has not begun on Season 11, so that premiere is still TBD, though we’re keeping our hopes up for an Oct. 2021 debut.

Hal Cumpston and Alexa Mansour in The Walking Dead: World Beyond (2020)

"The Walking Dead: World Beyond" | AMC

Premiere Date: Sunday, Oct. 4

This brand-new series will let fans watch what unfolds for the first generation children of the zombie apocalypse. We're intrigued by the POV shift to the youngest characters impacted by the zombie takeover and ready for flashbacks to "The Night the Sky Fell."

Mackenzie Crook in Britannia (2017)

"Britannia" | EPIX

Premiere Date: Season 2 premieres Sunday, Oct. 4

This is not a historically accurate retelling of the 43 AD Roman invasion, but if you don’t mind 60s-era, psychedelic fantasy mixed with your historical dramas this is one to check out. Season 1 was delightfully crazy, full of world-ending prophecies, strong female protagonists, colorful costumes, and scene-chewing magical Druids, and we can’t wait to see where this story goes.

Patrick Dempsey and Alessandro Borghi in Devils (2020)

"Devils" | The CW

Premiere Date: Wednesday, Oct. 7

Intrigued we are by the thought of McDreamy from "Grey's" (Patrick Dempsey) taking on the role of villain, and this corporate thriller series based on Italian author Guido Maria Brera’s novel promises to bring something new and different to The CW’s teen drama-driven roster.

Victoria Pedretti and Benjamin Evan Ainsworth in The Haunting of Bly Manor (2020)

"The Haunting of Bly Manor" | Netflix

Premiere Date: Friday, Oct. 9

Creator Mike Flanagan follows up his successful "The Haunting of Hill House" by taking cues from Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story, bringing back actors from the first series to tell a new story (based on Henry James' "Turn of the Screw"). As fans of the first season, we're primed for more chills, more engaging family dynamics, and maybe another jump scare that rivals the one in Episode 8 from Season 1.

The Right Stuff (2020)

"The Right Stuff" | Disney Plus

Premiere Date: Friday, Oct. 9

This original scripted series, coming soon to Disney Plus, highlights the Mercury space program in Season 1. Executive producer Jennifer Davisson has shared that she's keen to surface other untold stories and get into the complexity of racial issues in 1950s/1960s America in future seasons.

Lennie James, Alycia Debnam-Carey, and Danay Garcia in Fear the Walking Dead (2015)

"Fear the Walking Dead" | AMC

Premiere Date: Season 6 premieres Sunday, Oct. 11

As some of the cast members have described the upcoming season as "daring," "deceptive," and "a look at the other side of everyone," we're excited to see what this darker season will bring when "FTWD" returns for Season 6, which may have time jumps in store.

Anson Mount, Rachael Ancheril, and Sonequa Martin-Green in Star Trek: Discovery (2017)

"Star Trek: Discovery" | CBS All Access

Premiere Date: Season 3 premieres Thursday, Oct. 15

2020 has been a great year for Star Trek Universe fans with CBS All Access rolling out "Picard," the animated-comedy "Lower Decks" and now "Discovery" returns for a third season, taking us quite literally where no Star Trek crew has gone before. If you haven’t watched the first two seasons we won’t spoil where or when Michael Burnham and the Discovery crew are headed, but you might want to catch up on the previous seasons to be ready to jump in.

Amalia Yoo in Grand Army (2020)

"Grand Army" | Netflix

Premiere Date: Friday, Oct. 16

This could be Netflix's breakout show of the season. "Grand Army" has earned instant and favorable comparisons to "Skins," and creator Katie Cappiello has explored this high school territory in her plays Slut and Now That We're Men.

Tom Austen and Sydney Lemmon in Helstrom (2020)

"Helstrom" | Hulu

Premiere Date: Friday, Oct. 16

"Helstrom" sure doesn't look like any other Marvel TV show. All ten episodes, which focus on brother-sister duo Daimon and Ana Helstrom as they track down the worst of humanity, will drop on Hulu, and we have our eye on how the show will fare.

Unsolved Mysteries: Missing Witness (2020)

"Unsolved Mysteries" | Netflix

Premiere Date: New episodes available Saturday, Oct. 19

"Stranger Things" executive producer Shawn Levy shares six new episodes in the same unsettling format of the original '90s series, with detectives, journalists, witnesses, and family members speaking about eerie cases that were never quite cracked.

Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant in The Undoing (2020)

"The Undoing" | HBO

Premiere Date: Sunday, Oct. 25

"Big Little Lies" creator David E. Kelley trades Monterey for the upper echelon of Manhattan in another suspenseful HBO limited series, featuring Nicole Kidman, Hugh Grant, Edgar Ramírez and Donald Sutherland.

Nick Frost in Truth Seekers (2020)

"Truth Seekers" | Prime Video

Premiere Date: Friday, Oct. 30

Watching Nick Frost and Simon Pegg reunited in the first trailer, we're looking forward to the perspective Shaun of the Dead duo will bring to their latest horror comedy this Halloween.

Pedro Pascal in The Mandalorian (2019)

"The Mandalorian" | Disney+

Premiere Date: Season 2 premieres Wednesday, Oct. 30

Any of the following would be a reason why Season 2 of "The Mandalorian" is on the top of our Watchlist: Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka Tano, Timothy Olyphant, Katee Sackhoff, Michael Biehn, guest director Robert Rodgriguez, a Boba Fett appearance, AND more Baby Yoda. How do you whip your fans in a frenzy? This is the way.

Sterling K. Brown and Justin Hartley in This Is Us: New York, New York, New York (2020)

"This Is Us" | NBC

Premiere Date: Season 5 premieres Thursday, Nov. 10

Get ready for your weekly cry with the return of our favorite multi-era family drama "This Is Us." Yes, we know our feelings are being expertly manipulated, but we are so invested in the lives of all of the Pearsons that we are more than happy to weep through 45 minutes each week to find out if The Big Three (and everyone in their orbit) are going to be okay.

Olivia Colman in The Crown (2016)

"The Crown" | Netflix

Premiere Date: Season 4 premieres Sunday, Nov. 15

November brings us another glorious season of "The Crown" and Olivia Colman's final season as Queen Elizabeth II before Imelda Staunton takes on the role. Spanning the 1980s, Season 4 also brings the introduction of Diana, Princess of Wales played by newcomer Emma Corrin and Gillian Anderson joins the cast as Margaret Thatcher.

Odessa Young in The Stand (2020)

"The Stand" | CBS All Access

Premiere Date: Thursday, Dec. 17

This is the event of the year for anyone who went to school with a copy of Stephen King's 800-page novel weighing down their backpack. Expect plenty of thinkpieces on the themes of weaponized viruses and opposing forces of good and evil, but really we're wondering if the limited series will debut on CBS All Access in December, or whether CBS will import it for a wider primetime audience. Also, we think Odessa Young, who plays Frannie Goldsmith, is totally underrated as an actor.

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