Silencious Children

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Silent Screen People

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1. Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

Actor | Little Caesar

Although he appeared in approximately 100 movies or TV shows, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. never really intended to take up acting as a career. However, the environment he was born into and the circumstances naturally led him to be a thespian. Noblesse oblige.

He was born Douglas Elton Fairbanks, Jr. in ...

2. Jackie Coogan

Actor | The Kid

Jackie Coogan was born into a family of vaudevillians where his father was a dancer and his mother had been a child star. On the stage by four, Jackie was touring at the age of five with his family in Los Angeles, California.

While performing on the stage, he was spotted by Charles Chaplin, who then...

3. Philippe De Lacy

Actor | Peter Pan

Born in France during a World War I air raid in which his mother was killed, Philippe was adopted by Mrs. Edith DeLacy, who was associated with the Women's Overseas Hospital. After the war ended, Mrs. Lacy brought Philippe to America where his stunning looks soon made him a sought after model for ...

4. Gladys Hulette

Actress | Her New York

The daughter of an opera star turned actress, Gladys Hulette began her career as a three-year old on the stage. On Broadway from 1906, she played juvenile leads in "The Kreutzer Sonata" and "A Doll's House". She was also Tyltyl in "The Blue Bird". A genuine pioneer of the movies, Gladys first ...

5. Marguerite Courtot

Actress | The Swamp Fox

Little-known today but regarded in her time as one of the screen's great beauties, New Jersey-born Marguerite Courtot was sent in 1909, at age 12, to be educated in a European convent. By the time she returned to the US she had blossomed into such a beauty that she soon had a career as a top ...

6. Anita Louise

Actress | The Little Princess

An actress from the age of 6, Anita appeared with Walter Hampden in the Broadway production of Peter Ibbetson. As a juvenile actor, Anita used the name Louise Fremault and made her film debut at 9 in the film The Sixth Commandment (1924). She continued to make films as a child actor, and in 1929, ...

as Anita Fremault

7. Madge Evans

Actress | Dinner at Eight

Lovely Madge Evans was the perennial nice girl in films of the 1930's. By then, she had been in front of the camera for many years, starting with Fairy Soap commercials at the age of two (she sat on a bar of soap holding a bunch of violets with the tag line reading "have you a little fairy in your ...

8. Sally Blane

Actress | Forbidden Company

Although this lovely, light brown-haired leading lady would wind up better known as one of Loretta Young's three acting sisters, Sally Blane nevertheless enjoyed a lively albeit modest "B" film career during the late '20s and '30s. The resemblance to her "A"-level sister was very strong--the same ...

9. Dolores Costello

Actress | Little Lord Fauntleroy

Dolores Costello was once known as the Goddess of the Silent Screen but is probably best remembered today as Drew Barrymore's grandmother. She was born in 1905 to actors Maurice Costello and Mae Costello. Her father began his film career in 1908. He would soon become the most popular matinée idol of...

10. Helene Costello

Actress | The Fatal Warning

Some of Helene Costello's films available on video are Her Crowning Glory (1911), Lulu's Doctor (1912) and Lights of New York (1928), the first all-talking feature. She worked for a time as a reader for 20th Century Fox in the early 1940s. Miss Costello died on January 26, 1957, in California's ...

11. Mary McAllister

Actress | On Trial

Mary McAllister was born on May 27, 1909 in Los Angeles, California, USA. She was an actress, known for On Trial (1917), The Devil's Skipper (1928) and The Ace of Spades (1925). She died on May 1, 1991 in Del Mar, California.

12. Frankie Darro

Actor | On the Spot

Born into a show-business family - his parents were circus aerialists - Frankie Darro appeared in his first film at age six. Due to his small size and youthful appearance, he played teenagers well into his 20s. Always a physical performer, Darro often did his own stunts, many times out of necessity...

13. Bobby Connelly

Actor | Humoresque

Child star Bobby Connelly, the son of vaudeville actors, was born April 4, 1909 in Brooklyn, New York. He made his first screen appearance in 1912. In 1913, he joined the Vitagraph Company, whose studio was just a short distance from his home. While at Vitagraph, he starred in a series of shorts as...

14. Lucille Ricksen

Actress | Judgment of the Storm

Lucille Ricksen was born Ingeborg Erickson on August 22, 1910, in Chicago, Illinois. She worked a child model and made her film debut at the age of five. Her parents separated and her mother took her to Hollywood in 1920. Ten year old Lucille was offered a contract with Samuel Goldwyn and starred ...

15. Virginia Lee Corbin

Actress | Hands Up!

Virginia Lee Corbin was born on December 5, 1910 in Prescott, Arizona, USA as Virginia LaVerne Corbin. She is known for her work on Hands Up! (1926), The Forbidden Room (1919) and Bare Knees (1928). She was married to Charles Jacobson and Theodore Elwood Krol. She died on June 5, 1942 in Winfield, ...

16. Zoe Rae

Actress | Danger Within

Zoe Rae was born on July 13, 1910 in Chicago, Illinois, USA as Zoë Rae Palmiter Bech. She was an actress, known for Danger Within (1918), The Kaiser, the Beast of Berlin (1918) and The Star Prince (1918). She was married to Ronald Foster Barlow. She died on May 20, 2006 in Newberg, Oregon, USA.

17. Adele DeGarde

Actress | Lights of New York

Adele DeGarde was born on May 3, 1899 in Brooklyn, New York, USA as Adelaide De Gard. She was an actress, known for Lights of New York (1916), Within the Law (1917) and And a Little Child Shall Lead Them (1909). She was married to Harris N. Jespersen. She died on January 7, 1966 in Valley Stream, ...

18. Clara Horton

Actress | Tom Sawyer

Clara Horton was born on July 29, 1904 in Brooklyn, New York, USA as Clara Marie Horton. She was an actress, known for Tom Sawyer (1917), The Girl from Outside (1919) and Huck and Tom (1918). She was married to Hyman Brand. She died on December 4, 1976 in Encino, California, USA.

19. Jack Pickford

Actor | Brown of Harvard

Nepotism certainly has had its advantages in Hollywood, none more so than in the cinematic career of Jack Pickford, whose famous older sis, "America's Sweetheart" Mary Pickford, saw to it that Jack had every advantage her star weight could muster. In Jack's case, it only added fuel to a ...

20. Lewis Sargent

Actor | Huckleberry Finn

Lewis Sargent was born in Los Angeles August 19, 1903. He had 8 brothers and sisters. His father Lewis was a carpenter, and his older bother, Don Sargent, was a Cinematographer in Hollywood for over 40 years. He was an early friend of James Wong Howe. Lewis' ancestor, William Sargent, came to ...

21. Matty Roubert

Actor | Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp

Matthew Roubert was born in New York in 1907 was a child star from about 1910-1921, and his father William L. Roubert was involved with "Little Matty Roubert" and his silent screen adventures. Matty's earliest film appearances were at Vitagraph and Biograph. He was one of the kids in "John ...

22. Wesley Barry

Producer | Racing Blood

A Hollywood native (born there in 1907), seven-year-old Wesley Barry was spotted by a director at Kalem who was taken with the boy's face full of freckles, and he went on to become one of the most popular child actors in the business. Barry had been making picture for several years when director ...

23. Spec O'Donnell

Actor | Vamping Venus

Spec O'Donnell was born on April 9, 1911 in Fresno, California, USA as Walter Davis O'Donnell. He was an actor, known for Vamping Venus (1928), Accidents Will Happen (1938) and Kentucky Blue Streak (1935). He was married to Inez Hixson. He died on October 14, 1986 in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, ...

24. Frank Coghlan Jr.

Actor | Adventures of Captain Marvel

The son of a railroad clerk/pro boxer, Frank Coghlan Jr. was born in Connecticut and soon moved with his parents to California, where all three did extra work in silent pictures. Freckle-faced Coghlan was soon one of the era's most popular child actors, but with the advent of sound (and the ...

25. Mickey McBan

Actor | Beau Geste

Mickey McBan was born on February 27, 1919 in Spokane, Washington, USA. He was an actor, known for Beau Geste (1926), Peter Pan (1924) and Sorrell and Son (1927). He died on October 30, 1979 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

26. Ben Alexander

Actor | All Quiet on the Western Front

Starting out as a child actor in 1915, Ben Alexander's first roles were in the films of such directors as Cecil B. DeMille and D.W. Griffith. He later graduated to juvenile leads and supporting parts in sound films, most notably in All Quiet on the Western Front (1930). When his acting career ...

27. Francis Carpenter

Actor | Treasure Island

Francis Carpenter was born on May 9, 1910 in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, USA as Francis Wilburn Carpenter. He was an actor, known for Treasure Island (1917), Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp (1917) and Jack and the Beanstalk (1917). He died on May 18, 1973 in Santa Maria, California, USA.

28. Bobby Nelson

Actor | Oliver Twist

Bobby Nelson was born on January 17, 1922 in Santa Monica, California, USA as Robert John Nelson. He was an actor, known for Oliver Twist (1933), Custer's Last Stand (1936) and Roaring Ranch (1930). He died on December 5, 1974 in Los Angeles, California.

29. Helen Badgley

Actress | The Fires of Youth

Helen Badgley was born in Saratoga Springs, New York, in 1910. She made her film debut a year later in Brother Bob's Baby (1911) as "the baby". She became popularly known as "The Thanhouser Kidlet" and appeared in many films as a child.

She "retired" from the film business when she turned six years ...

30. Mary Jane Irving

Actress | The White Lie

Mary Jane Irving was born on October 20, 1913 in Columbia, South Carolina, USA. She was an actress, known for The White Lie (1918), Scotty of the Scouts (1926) and The Godless Girl (1928). She was married to Robert Carson. She died on July 17, 1983 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

31. Helen Connelly

Actress | My Official Wife

Helen Connelly was born on October 7, 1907 in Brooklyn, New York, USA as Helen E. Connelly. She was an actress, known for My Official Wife (1914), Her Right to Live (1917) and Humoresque (1920). She was married to Anthony Merse. She died on November 17, 1993 in Newton, New Jersey, USA.

32. 'Baby' Carmen De Rue

Actress | The Squaw Man

'Baby' Carmen De Rue was born on February 6, 1908 in Pueblo, Colorado, USA. She was an actress, known for The Squaw Man (1914), Cheerful Givers (1917) and Brewster's Millions (1914). She was married to Fred Vincent Schrott. She died on September 28, 1986 in North Hollywood, California, USA.

33. Baby Peggy

Actress | Captain January

Silent moppet star Jackie Coogan, immortalized as Charles Chaplin's The Kid (1921), had only one screen rival during the early 1920s, and that was none other than Baby Peggy. She was "discovered" while visiting the Century Studios lot on Sunset Boulevard with her mother when she was a mere 19 ...

34. Baby Lillian Wade

Actress | Little Orphant Annie

Baby Lillian Wade was born on July 7, 1907 in Denver, Colorado, USA as Mary Lillian Wade. She was an actress, known for Little Orphant Annie (1918), When Lillian Was Little Red Riding Hood (1913) and The Lipton Cup: Introducing Sir Thomas Lipton (1913). She died on May 5, 1990 in Los Angeles, ...

35. Baby Early Gorman

Actress | Snow White

Early Gorman better known as 'Baby Early' was born in New Jersey in 1906. Pretty blonde child star who made her film debut at the age of 5 appearing in nearly 50 short silent comedy and drama films, first under the direction of Harry C. Mathews in 'When First We Met' at the Powers Picture Plays ...

36. Josephine Adair

Actress | More to Be Pitied Than Scorned

Josephine Adair was born on June 27, 1916 in Lamar, Prowers County, Colorado, USA as Josephine Ann Johnson. She was an actress, known for More to Be Pitied Than Scorned (1922), Only a Shop Girl (1922) and Children of Dust (1923). She died in 1966 in Miami, Florida, USA.

37. Loni Nest

Actress | Ein Erpressertrick

Loni Nest was born on August 4, 1915 in Berlin, Germany as Eleonore Nest. She was an actress, known for Ein Erpressertrick (1921), Schwarze Erde (1923) and Die Heilige und ihr Narr (1928). She died on October 2, 1990 in Nice, Alpes-Maritimes, France.

38. Alma Taylor

Actress | Trelawny of the Wells

Brown-haired, blue-eyed, round-faced British actress of great charm who started as a child in the early silents, and continued the child-like roles into her late teens. Best remembered for her roles in the long-running 'Tilly the Tomboy' series. Her output and popularity began to fall away in the ...

39. Simone Genevois

Actress | La merveilleuse vie de Jeanne d'Arc

Simone Genevois was born on February 13, 1912 in Paris, Ile-de-France, France as Simone Rolande Marthe Genevois. She was an actress, known for Saint Joan the Maid (1929), Simone (1918) and Napoleon (1927). She was married to André Conti and Jacques Pathé. She died on December 16, 1995 in Ascona, ...

40. Gertrude Messinger

Actress | A Bit o' Heaven

Gertrude Messinger was born on April 28, 1911 in Spokane, Washington, USA as Gertrude Dolores Messinger. She was an actress, known for A Bit o' Heaven (1917), Rip Van Winkle (1921) and Penrod and Sam (1923). She was married to Schuyler A. Sanford, Henry Walsh Knight and David Sharpe. She died on ...

41. Gertrude Short

Actress | Love Birds

Married to director/writer Scott Pembroke, daughter of actor Lew Short and sister of actress Florence Short. Gertrude Short was in vaudeville for five years then moved to the legit stage and onto Hollywood in 1922. From 1924 to 1925, Short played in a series of "Telephone Girl" comedies, directed ...

42. Violet La Plante

Actress | Battling Buddy

Violet La Plante was born on January 17, 1908 in St. Louis, Missouri, USA as Violet La Plant. She was an actress, known for Battling Buddy (1924), The Clean Heart (1924) and My Home Town (1928). She was married to Mr. Benson. She died on June 1, 1984 in La Jolla, California, USA.

43. Jack Morgan

Actor | Uncle Bim's Gifts

Jack Morgan was born on July 7, 1916 in Aberdeen, South Dakota, USA. He was an actor, known for Uncle Bim's Gifts (1923), Dumb Luck (1926) and Aggravatin' Mama (1923). He died on July 25, 1981 in Brea, California, USA.

44. Georgie Stone

Actor | Just Pals

Georgie Stone was born on September 3, 1909 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. He was an actor, known for Just Pals (1920), Gretchen the Greenhorn (1916) and Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (1918). He died on April 25, 2010 in Denver, Colorado, USA.

45. Pat Moore

Actor | The Lover of Camille

Pat Moore was born on October 20, 1912 in Bristol, England as Patrick William Sheffield. He is known for his work on The Lover of Camille (1924), The Ten Commandments (1923) and The Squaw Man (1918). He was married to Irmgard Bachler. He died on April 25, 2004 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

46. Jane Lee

Actress | Swat the Spy

Jane Lee was born in 1912 in Glasgow, Scotland. She was an actress, known for Swat the Spy (1918), American Buds (1918) and Doing Their Bit (1918). She died on March 17, 1957 in New York City, New York, USA.

47. Katherine Lee

Actress | The Bludgeon

Katherine Lee was born on February 6, 1909 in Glasgow, Scotland. She was an actress, known for The Bludgeon (1915), A Daughter of the Gods (1916) and American Buds (1918). She was married to Ray Miller. She died on October 22, 1968 in Flushing, New York, USA.

48. Nancy Caswell

Actress | Custer's Last Stand

Nancy Caswell was born in Hollywood, California to English-born parents, Edward Caswell and Minnie Olive Hopkins. She began her stage career at age two performing as a child in numerous stage plays around the country. Minnie took her beautiful and talented daughter Nancy at age three to audition ...

49. Marie Eline

Actress | Jane Eyre

Marie Eline was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on February 27, 1902. She got her start in the film business at an early age--7, to be exact--with the Thanhouser Co. in New York with A 29-Cent Robbery (1910), which came out the year after she signed the contract. She was one of the few actresses who ...

50. Miriam Battista

Actress | At the Stage Door

Miriam Battista was born in New York City on July 14, 1912, the youngest of three children, to immigrant parents from Italy. Her father was Raphael Battista from Oliveto Citra, Italy, and her mother was Cleonice (Clara) Rufolo. Clara was related to many old Neapolitan families of noble blood, and ...

51. Gladys Egan

Actress | The Adventures of Dollie

Gladys Egan was born on May 24, 1900 in Manhattan, New York, USA. She was an actress, known for The Adventures of Dollie (1908), After Many Years (1908) and An Awful Moment (1908). She was married to John Edward Jacoby. She died on March 8, 1985 in Lemon Grove, California, USA.

52. Marie Osborne

Actress | Milady o' the Beanstalk

Marie Osborne was born on November 5, 1911 in Denver, Colorado, USA as Helen Alice Myres. She is known for her work on Milady o' the Beanstalk (1918), Twin Kiddies (1917) and The Godfather: Part II (1974). She was married to Murray F. Yeats and Frank J. Dempsey. She died on November 11, 2010 in San...

53. Mae Giraci

Actress | Jinx

Born in Los Angeles, California in 1910 of Italian parents Santo Giraci and Anna De Nubila. Discovered by Cecil B. DeMille. Worked as child star in silent films. Original film name was Tina Rossi. Birth name was May Giraci. Attended Hollywood High School. After graduation changed name to May Giraci...

54. Kittens Reichert

Actress | House of Cards

Kittens Reichert was born on March 3, 1910 in Yonkers, New York, USA as Catherine Alma Reichert. She was an actress, known for House of Cards (1917), Les Misérables (1917) and Heart and Soul (1917). She was married to Richard Plummer Lundy Sr. She died on January 11, 1990 in Louisville, ...

55. Carmencita Johnson

Actress | These Three

When just a few month old, Carmencita Johnson started appearing in the "Our Gang" shorts. As a child she appeared in some of the better known silent features such as The Way of All Flesh (1927), The Winning of Barbara Worth (1926), and The Wind (1928). She worked in many films in the 30's, and in ...

56. Lina Basquette

Actress | Hello Trouble

Journalist Adela Rogers St. Johns once dubbed Lina Basquette "The Screen Tragedy Girl." In retrospect, Lina's private life bore a similar description. While six of her eight marriages ended up "I Don'ts" (she was widowed twice), she would also have to contend with a flurry of legal confrontations, ...

57. Mildred Harris

Actress | The Doctor and the Woman

Mildred Harris was born on November 29, 1901 in Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA. She was an actress, known for The Doctor and the Woman (1918), For Husbands Only (1918) and The Price of a Good Time (1917). She was married to William Peter Fleckenstein, Everett Terrence McGovern and Charles Chaplin. She died...

58. Kenneth Casey

Soundtrack | The Counselor

Songwriter ("Sweet Georgia Brown"), composer, conductor, publisher, author, producer and child actor, educated at Marquand Preparatory and New York University. He studied piano with Vincent Lopez, and organized his own band, later conducting on radio and records. He was the president of publishing ...

59. Jeanne Carpenter

Actress | Through the Back Door

Jeanne Carpenter was born on February 1, 1916 in Kansas City, Missouri, USA as Theo-Alice Jeanne Carpenter. She was an actress, known for Through the Back Door (1921), Fighting Fate (1921) and A Man from Nowhere (1920). She was married to Robert Alvin Grimes and Robert Drysdale. She died on January...

60. Gordon Griffith

Actor | Huckleberry Finn

Who was the first screen Tarzan? The standard answer is Elmo Lincoln star of the first Tarzan movie (1918). But the first third of that movie shows Tarzan as a boy, frolicking in the nude with real chimps (unlike the grown-up Lincoln who cavorted clothed with athletes wearing monkey suits). The ...

61. Yale Boss

Actor | The Ransom of Red Chief

Yale Boss was born on October 18, 1899 in Utica, New York, USA. He was an actor, known for The Ransom of Red Chief (1911), A Question of Hats and Gowns (1914) and A Youthful Knight (1913). He died on November 16, 1977 in Augusta, Georgia, USA.

62. Don Marion

Actor | Percy

Born in the film capital of the world near the end of World War I, he made his film debut under the name John Henry Jr. in a Valentine's Day film short. During the 1920s he was considered to be one of the most popular film stars of the decade, alongside Mickey Rooney, Peggy Montgomery, and the many...

63. Sunny Jim McKeen

Actor | Brother for Sale

Young "Sunny Jim" McKeen was featured in 39 "Newlyweds and Their Baby" shorts in the late 1920s, then went on to make a series of six sound shorts on his own. A very blond little boy, he was a contemporary of the child actors such as Allen 'Farina' Hoskins and Jackie Cooper, Davey Lee and Shirley ...

64. Robert Harron

Actor | Intolerance: Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages

Today screen actor Robert (Bobby) Harron is one of Hollywood's forgotten souls, although he was a huge celebrity in his time and graced some of the silent screen's most enduring masterpieces. A talented, charismatic star in his heyday, Bobby had everything going for him but died far too young to ...

65. Zena Keefe

Actress | La vie de Bohème

Zena Keefe was born in San Francisco, California, on June 26, 1896. The actress who was to make a total of 28 films started her career at the age of 16 when she played a bit part in The Hieroglyphic (1912). After The Gamblers (1912) later that year, four years elapsed before she would appear ...

66. Lassie Lou Ahern

Actress | The Forbidden Woman

Lassie Lou Ahern, who enjoyed a substantial career in 1920s Hollywood working with the likes of Will Rogers, Charley Chase, Helen Holmes, and the team of Ronald Colman and Vilma Banky, has passed away in Prescott, Arizona, USA, due to complications of the flu. After decades of relative obscurity, ...

67. Baby Ivy Ward

Actress | Cyclone Higgins, D.D.

Ivy Ward (born 1914) is a retired American actress. Ward is a Belgian orphan. Her father was killed during World War I and her mother died shortly after her birth. She was sent to a French orphan asylum. She was adopted by Agnes Allen who brought her to United States and educated her. In the movie ...

68. Jean Darling

Actress | Jane Eyre

Having toured the world with husband, Kajar the Magician's Show 'Magicadabr', Jean Darling settled in Dublin and became an author of dozens of short mysteries for Ellery Queen, Alfred Hitchcock, Mike Shayne Mystery Magazines and Horror Fantasy for Whispers Magazine, etc. In 1980 she became Aunty ...

69. Peggy Ahern

Actress | Not So Long Ago

Peggy Ahern was born on March 9, 1917 in Douglas, Arizona, USA as Peggy Lenore Ahern. She was an actress, known for Not So Long Ago (1925), The Vanishing American (1925) and The Sun Down Limited (1924). She died on October 24, 2012 in Culver City, Los Angeles, California, USA.

70. Peggy Cartwright

Actress | A Lady of Quality

Peggy Cartwright was born on November 14, 1912 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She was an actress, known for A Lady of Quality (1924), Magic Night (1932) and The Third Generation (1920). She was married to Bill Walker and Phil Baker. She died on June 13, 2001 in Victoria, British Columbia.

71. Joe Cobb

Actor | Good Cheer

Joe Cobb was born on November 7, 1916 in Shawnee, Oklahoma, USA. He was an actor, known for Good Cheer (1926), Uncle Tom's Uncle (1926) and The Buccaneers (1924). He died on May 21, 2002 in Santa Ana, California, USA.

72. Jackie Condon

Actor | Jinx

Jackie Condon was born on March 25, 1918 in Los Angeles, California, USA as John Michael Condon. He was an actor, known for Jinx (1919), Big Business (1924) and Good Cheer (1926). He was married to Shirley. He died on October 13, 1977 in Inglewood, California.

73. Mickey Daniels

Actor | The Little Minister

Mickey Daniels was born on October 11, 1914 in Rock Springs, Wyoming, USA as Richard Daniels Jr. He was an actor, known for The Little Minister (1922), Roaring Roads (1935) and Good Cheer (1926). He died on August 20, 1970 in San Diego, California, USA.

74. Allen 'Farina' Hoskins

Actor | Moan & Groan, Inc.

Allen 'Farina' Hoskins was born on August 9, 1920 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA as Allen Clayton Hoskins. He was an actor, known for Moan & Groan, Inc. (1929), The Buccaneers (1924) and Love Business (1931). He was married to Frances. He died on July 26, 1980 in Oakland, California, USA.

75. Mary Kornman

Actress | College Humor

Born in Idaho in 1915, perky blonde Mary Kornman's acting career began at age five. She made her "name" as the cute, spunky little girl in the 1920s' "Our Gang" shorts, and was often paired with Mickey Daniels. The two returned to the screen as a pair again several years after leaving the "Rascals"...

76. Mary Ann Jackson

Actress | Boxing Gloves

Mary Ann Jackson was born on January 14, 1923. She was one of the earliest child stars of the twenties and thirties. Although she was better known as one of the child performers from the famed "Our Gang" comedies that are still popular today, Mary Ann began her film career at the age of four in ...

77. Bobby 'Wheezer' Hutchins

Actor | Love Business

Robert E. Hutchins was born March 29th, 1925, in Tacoma, Washington. He was born to James Hutchins and Olga Hutchins (nee Roe). Robert was a very outgoing boy with a charming personality, because friends persuaded James and Olga to go to a Hollywood photographer and get his picture taken. The ...

78. Maurice Murphy

Actor | Tailspin Tommy

Maurice Murphy was born on October 3, 1913 in Seattle, Washington, USA as Maurice Meehan Murphy. He was an actor, known for Tailspin Tommy (1934), Beau Geste (1926) and Peter Pan (1924). He died on November 23, 1978 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

79. Billy Butts

Actor | Are These Our Children

A tow-headed, delicate-looking child actor of the 1920s, Billy Butts (born William Charles Allen Butts) enjoyed some popularity as a young sidekick of western stars Fred Thomson and Rex Bell. He later took over from Jack Morgan in the popular "Gumps" two-reel comedies, but his waif-like qualities ...

80. Frankie Lee

Actor | Jinx

Frankie Lee was born on December 31, 1911 in Gunnison, Colorado, USA as Frank H. Lea. He was an actor, known for Jinx (1919), The Bronze Bride (1917) and The Right to Be Happy (1916). He died on July 29, 1970 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

81. True Boardman

Writer | Keep 'Em Flying

True Boardman was born on October 25, 1909 in Seattle, Washington, USA as William True Boardman Jr. He was a writer and actor, known for Keep 'Em Flying (1941), Michael O'Halloran (1923) and Arabian Nights (1942). He was married to Kathleen Gilmour and Thelma Boardman. He died on July 28, 2003 in ...

82. Andy Shuford

Actor | Ghost City

Andy Shuford was born on December 16, 1917 in Helena, Arkansas, USA as William Andrew Shuford. He was an actor, known for Ghost City (1932), Law of the North (1932) and Ten Years Old (1927). He died on May 19, 1995 in Monteagle, Tennessee, USA.

83. Malcolm Sebastian

Actor | Bachelors' Babies

Malcolm Sebastian was born on November 4, 1923 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Malcolm W. Sabiston. He was an actor, known for Bachelors' Babies (1925), Atta Baby (1927) and The Gloom Chaser (1928). He died on July 18, 2006 in Oceanside, California.

84. Mary Miles Minter

Actress | Anne of Green Gables

Little Mary Miles Minter was a child star who was dominated by her mother. At the age of 5 she first appeared on the stage in the play "Cameo Kirby". From that time on she worked steadily without a single vacation. Her greatest stage success was in "The Littlest Rebel", with William Farnum and ...

85. Lorna Volare

Actress | The Girl with the Green Eyes

Lorna Volare was born on October 10, 1911 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. She was an actress, known for The Girl with the Green Eyes (1916), The Spell of the Yukon (1916) and The Barricade (1917). She was married to William Kenneth Ostrander. She died on April 19, 1998 in Tucson, Arizona, USA.

86. Muriel Frances Dana

Actress | Hail the Woman

Muriel Frances Dana was born on October 14, 1916 in Clinton, Iowa, USA. She was an actress, known for Hail the Woman (1921), White Hands (1922) and Skin Deep (1922). She died on August 25, 1997 in Thousand Oaks, California, USA.

87. Bebe Daniels

Actress | 42nd Street

Bebe Daniels already had toured as an actor by the age of four in a stage production of "Richard III". She had her first leading role at the age of seven and started her film career shortly after this in movies for Imperial, Pathe and others. At 14 she was already a film veteran, and was enlisted ...

88. Helen Rowland

Actress | The Empty Cradle

Helen Rowland was born on October 23, 1918 in New York, New York, USA. She was an actress, known for The Empty Cradle (1923), Silas Marner (1922) and The Perfect Sap (1927). She died on May 13, 1978 in Darien, Connecticut, USA.

89. Thelma Salter

Actress | The Wasted Years

Thelma Salter was born on January 15, 1908 in Los Angeles, California, USA. She was an actress, known for The Wasted Years (1916), Huckleberry Finn (1920) and The Crab (1917). She was married to Edward Kaufman. She died on November 17, 1953 in Hollywood, California.

90. Marion Fairbanks

Actress | The Legend of Snow White

Marion and her twin sister Madeline Fairbanks were born on November 15, 1900 in New York City. Their mother, 'Jennie (known professionally as Jane) Fairbanks' was also an actress and their father was the son of a Civil War veteran. The twins began their career on the stage in such productions as "...

91. Madeline Fairbanks

Actress | The Million Dollar Mystery

Madeleine (known professionally as Madeline) Fairbanks was born on November 15, 1900, in New York City. Along with her twin sister Marion Fairbanks, she began her acting career on the stage, starring in such productions as "Claudia", "The Prince Chap", "Mary Jane's Pa", "The Piper", "Snow White", "...

92. Martin Herzberg

Actor | Store forventninger

Martin Herzberg was born on January 15, 1911 in Berlin, Germany. He is an actor and writer, known for Store forventninger (1922), David Copperfield (1922) and Paganini (1923).

93. Michael D. Moore

Assistant_director | The War of the Worlds

Michael D. Moore was born on October 14, 1914 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada as Michael Sheffield. He was an assistant director and actor, known for The War of the Worlds (1953), Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) and Willow (1988). He was married to Esther McNeill and ...

94. Elmo Billings

Editor | Silver City

Elmo Billings was born on June 24, 1912 in Los Angeles County, California, USA as Elmo G. Ludwick. He was an actor and editor, known for Silver City (1951), Terry and the Pirates (1952) and Fire Fighters (1922). He died on February 6, 1964 in Los Angeles, California.

95. Jean Forest

Actor | Visages d'enfants

Jean Forest was born on September 25, 1912 in Paris, France. He was an actor, known for Mother (1925), Tovaritch (1935) and Mother of Mine (1926). He died on March 27, 1980.

96. Paul Kelly

Actor | Crossfire

Lean, red/auburn-haired, athletically-inclined Paul Michael Kelly grew up on the tough streets of Brooklyn, New York. Born August 9, 1899, the ninth of ten children in a Roman Catholic family of Irish descent. The siblings' father, Michael, owned a bar called Kelly's Cafe. He died while Paul was ...

97. Audrey Berry

Actress | The Jarr Family Discovers Harlem

Audrey Berry was born on October 23, 1906 in Massachusetts, USA as Audrey Clayton Berry. She was an actress, known for The Jarr Family Discovers Harlem (1915), Mrs. Jarr and the Beauty Treatment (1915) and Mr. Jarr Takes a Night Off (1915). She died on March 20, 1996 in Vero Beach, Florida, USA.

98. Inge Landgut

Actress | M - Eine Stadt sucht einen Mörder

Inge Landgut was born on November 23, 1922 in Berlin, Germany. She was an actress, known for M (1931), Emil and the Detectives (1931) and Hanneles Himmelfahrt (1934). She was married to Werner Oelschlaeger. She died on May 29, 1986 in West Berlin, West Germany.

99. Buzz Barton

Actor | Pals of the Prairie

Buzz Barton was born on September 3, 1913 in Gallatin, Missouri, USA as William Andrew Lamoreaux. He is known for his work on Pals of the Prairie (1929), The Bantam Cowboy (1928) and Rough Ridin' Red (1928). He was married to Thelma Doyle. He died on November 20, 1980 in Reseda, California, USA.

100. Mickey Rooney

Actor | It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World

Mickey Rooney was born Joe Yule Jr. on September 23, 1920 in Brooklyn, New York. He first took the stage as a toddler in his parents vaudeville act at 17 months old. He made his first film appearance in 1926. The following year, he played the lead character in the first Mickey McGuire short film. ...

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