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No Small Parts (2014-)

The Legacy of Will Smith | 3:54

From hip-hop artist to critically acclaimed dramatic actor, Will Smith's impact on film and television is immeasurable. As Will brings the cast of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" back together for a reunion on HBO Max, "No Small Parts" takes a look at his rise to fame.

Evolved (2018-)

The Evolution of Busy Philipps | 4:05

With shows like "Freaks and Geeks" and "Busy Tonight," Busy Philipps has cemented her status as a pop culture icon. This episode we take a journey through her career from real-life Barbie to talk show host and beyond!

How Well Do You Know Your IMDb Page? (2020-)

We Quiz Malin Akerman on Her IMDb Page | 5:01

How well does Malin Akerman know her own IMDb page? We quiz her on everything from 'Watchmen' to 'Wanderlust,' and chat about her new film 'Chick Fight.'

IMDb on the Scene - Interviews (2017-)

IMDb On The Scene with Pratik Gandhi and Shreya Dhanwanthary | 7:02

Pratik Gandhi and Shreya Dhanwanthary open about their personal passions and career until the release of their critically acclaimed series "Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story". Plus the stars are quizzed on their IMDb credits.

What to Watch (2020-)

The Most Anticipated Movies and TV Shows to Stream in December | 3:16

Discover what to watch this December with a drama generating Oscar buzz for incredible performances from Viola Davis and Chadwick Boseman, a Pixar movie guaranteed to make you laugh and cry (like all Pixar movies do), a series celebrating the Queen of Tejano Music, and a new Stephen King adaptation you won't want to miss.

Films of Hope (2020-)

Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon Share Their Films of Hope for Difficult Times | 8:09

Joining forces with IMDb and the United Nations Refugee Agency, the longtime friends and former "Sex and the City" co-stars reunite to discuss their favorite uplifting dramas and gripping documentaries that inspire hope. They also raise awareness for refugees and other vulnerable communities who have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. If you can help, please make a donation at

IMDb on the Scene - Interviews (2017-)

We Ask Dolly Parton: What Makes a Holiday Movie? | 2:56

Dolly Parton and the cast of 'Dolly Parton's Christmas on the Square' let us know what they think a movie needs to become a holiday classic.

What to Watch (2020-)

What to Watch: Holiday Movies on Prime Video for the Whole Family | 2:09

Prime Video has you covered this holiday season with movies for the family, including a classic that still shines bright after nearly 75 years, a "most wonderful" comedy starring Henry Winkler, and a few reminders that December is peak rom-com season.

Casting Calls (2018-)

What Roles Has Mark Ruffalo Been Considered For? | 3:07

Mark Ruffalo is a three-time Oscar nominee but is probably best known as the Hulk, a role he nearly played even sooner.

What to Watch (2020-)

Kathryn Newton's 5 Reasons to Watch 'Freaky' | 3:07

Kathryn Newton, star of Blumhouse's 'Freaky,' shares why the horror body-swap comedy is relatable whether you're a teenage girl or just want to see Vince Vaughn playing one.

Director's Trademarks (2017-)

A Guide to the Style of Cary Joji Fukunaga | 1:41

From 'Sin Nombre' to 'True Detective,' and the upcoming James Bond film 'No Time to Die,' we track the cinematic trademarks of director Cary Joji Fukunaga through breathtaking locales, kinetic tracking shots and mind-bending dream sequences.

What to Watch (2020-)

5 Reasons to Watch "Alex Rider" With Otto Farrant | 1:33

Whether you're a fan of the "Alex Rider" books or just want to see a British teenager reluctantly become a superspy, the breakout star of IMDb TV's new series breaks down why you're going to want to binge this visually stunning and action-packed series.

IMDbrief (2018-)

"The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special" History Download | 4:48

On this IMDbrief and with some help from C-3PO himself, Anthony Daniels, we download the weird and wild history of the two Star Wars Holiday Specials.

IMDb on the Scene - Interviews (2017-)

"The Crown" Cast Reveal Their Favorite Costumes From Season 4 | 2:41

IMDb sits down with Gillian Anderson, Emma Corrin, and Josh O'Connor to discuss their favorite costumes and the most surprising things they learned about their characters in Season 4 of "The Crown."

IMDb on the Scene - Interviews (2017-)

How Letitia Wright Pushes Director Steve McQueen on "Small Axe" | 2:47

Letitia Wright sits down with IMDb to discuss how her working relationship with filmmaker Steve McQueen developed on the set of his new film anthology, "Small Axe."

IMDb at Toronto International Film Festival (2017-)

'Sound of Metal' Introduced Riz Ahmed to an Inspiring Real-World Community | 11:04

Riz Ahmed and writer/director Darius Marder discuss the real-life inspiration behind 'Sound of Metal,' and the people who helped them form an understanding of how to represent the deaf community with their story of a drummer who beings to experience hearing loss.

No Small Parts (2014-)

The Rise of Saoirse Ronan | 3:38

Four-time Oscar nominee Saoirse Ronan, known for her roles in 'Atonement,' 'Brooklyn,' 'Lady Bird,' and 'Little Women,' stars alongside Kate Winslet in the new romantic drama 'Ammonite.' From child actress to one of the most sought-after performers in modern film, "No Small Parts" takes a look at her rise to fame.

What to Watch (2020-)

What to Watch While You Wait for 'No Time to Die' | 2:40

If the wait for 'No Time to Die' feels endless, we have three titles to make the time go by, including a heist film where Daniel Craig delivers both the action and delightful puns, a classic Bond title where the women don't pull any punches, and a trippy miniseries from 'No Time to Die' director Cary Joji Fukunaga.

The IMDb Show (2017-)

Take 5 With Maria Bakalova of 'Borat Subsequent Moviefilm' | 1:57

The breakout star of 'Borat Subsequent Moviefilm,' Maria Bakalova shares her current TV show obsessions, the "very nice" celebrity she would love to safely get dinner with, and the TV character who she thinks would make a great bestie.

IMDb Supercuts (2018-)

Martin Scorsese | Director Supercut | 2:21

From 'Taxi Driver' to 'The Wolf of Wall Street,' we take a look back at his legendary career in movies and television. What's your favorite Scorsese film?

Director's Trademarks (2017-)

A Guide to the Films of Martin Scorsese | 2:06

You talkin' to me? For the past 50 years, Academy Award-winning filmmaker Martin Scorsese has challenged and delighted audiences with iconic and uncompromised films like "Taxi Driver," "Goodfellas," "The Wolf of Wall Street," and his upcoming epic, "The Irishman."

Pop Trivia (2019-)

'Home Alone' | Pop Trivia | 1:07

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of 'Home Alone,' we take a look at five fun trivia facts from the classic holiday film.

IMDbrief (2018-)

"The Mandalorian" Season 2: Is Boba Fett Back? | 3:28

In this spoiler-filled IMDbrief - presented by USAA - we break down how Boba Fett survives the sarlacc pit, and what we're excited for in Season 2 of "The Mandalorian."

IMDb Supercuts (2018-)

Maggie Gyllenhaal: Movie & TV Moments | 1:44

Take a closer look at the various roles Maggie Gyllenhaal has played throughout her acting career.

IMDb Supercuts (2018-)

Memorable Military Moments in Film | 1:27

From 'Saving Private Ryan' to 'Apocalypse Now,' here's a look back at some of the most memorable moments in military films.

IMDbrief (2018-)

Will "Umbrella Academy" Face Sparrow Academy in Season 3? | 3:37

On this spoiler-filled IMDbrief, the cast and creator of "The Umbrella Academy" help us break down Season 2 and preview a little of what Season 3 may have in store.

IMDbrief (2018-)

'Mank' Disputes Who Wrote 'Citizen Kane' | 3:00

On this IMDbrief, we download the classic Hollywood history of 'Citizen Kane' (1941) and uncertain origin story in David Fincher's new film 'Mank' (2020).

No Small Parts (2014-)

The Rise of Pedro Pascal | 3:48

Pedro Pascal, perhaps best known for his performances in "Game of Thrones" and "Narcos," continues to play bounty hunter Din Djarin in season two of "The Mandalorian." "No Small Parts" takes a look at his rise to fame.

What to Watch (2020-)

What to Watch If You Love "The Mandalorian" | 2:33

If you've binged every available episode of the hit Disney+ series, then we've got three picks to keep you entertained including a Japanese film featuring a wandering samurai that inspired "The Mandalorian," a 'Star Wars' series that will get you fully informed on Mandalorian history and characters, and lastly a blasphemous but awesome show also set in space.

Casting Calls (2018-)

What Roles Has Emma Stone Turned Down? | 3:13

Emma Stone is a Hollywood "favourite" now, but her rise to stardom hasn't always been "easy A's." What roles did she miss out on along the way?

IMDb Originals (2015-)

Remembering Sean Connery | 1:38

We pay tribute to Sir Sean Connery, the silver screen legend and Oscar-winning actor best known for 'Goldfinger,' 'The Untouchables,' and 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.'

IMDb Cheat Sheet (2019-)

Cheat Sheet: "The Mandalorian" Season 1 | 8:02

Catch up on everything you missed in Season 1 of "The Mandalorian" in 8 minutes or less! Make sure you're ready for more Baby Yoda before you binge Season 2.

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm (2020)

The Rise of Sacha Baron Cohen | 4:00

Sacha Baron Cohen has spent years interviewing unsuspecting subjects as characters like Ali G, Brüno, and Borat, who returns to the big screen in 'Borat Subsequent Moviefilm.' "No Small Parts" takes a look at Sacha's origins as a television host, as well as his transition to dramatic acting work.

IMDbrief (2018-)

"Star Trek: Discovery" Season 3 Explained | 3:34

On this spoiler-filled IMDbrief - presented by Thrivent - we break down the parallel universes of "Star Trek: Discovery" Season 1, the twisty timelines of Season 2, and a fan theory that might explain what devastated the 32nd Century of Season 3.

Rebecca (2020)

The Rise of Lily James | 3:37

Classically-trained British actress Lily James, known for her roles in 'Cinderella,' 'Baby Driver,' and 'Yesterday,' stars alongside Armie Hammer in the drama 'Rebecca.' "No Small Parts" takes a look at her rise to fame.

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