Wigging Out With The Americans

by yrnej | created - 30 May 2018 | updated - 20 Jun 2018 | Public

The critically acclaimed FX series The Americans (2013) has just ended. The show followed the exploits of two Soviet spies masquerading as a boring American couple in 1980s Washington, DC. In order to keep their spy covers (as well as those '80s looks), the actors, particularly Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys playing Elizabeth and Philip Jennings, had to sport several wigs in all styles and colors. In fact, as Keri Russell said during a panel, "We name them all; among our favorite of Matthew's is one in particular we call Fernando. And he speaks with a very low Spanish accent."

Regardless of their names, which of these choice wigs worn by The Americans best captured the "Spirit of the 80s"?

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