Israeli documentary films

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1. Underdogs: A War Movie (1996)

85 min | Documentary, Sport

Soccer mania hits Beit She'an, a small working-class Israeli town near the Jordanian border, when the local team prepares for their last crucial game of the season, against the rich, ... See full summary »

Directors: Doron Tsabari, Rino Zror

Votes: 57

2. Homecoming (2010)

60 min | Documentary, Family, News

Homecoming is a journey of immigration, identity and national belonging. Na-to, Auto and German are three young Israeli born children whose parents are immigrant workers from three ... See full summary »

Directors: Noa Maiman, Orna Ben-Dor Niv

3. A Duck's Journey (2009 TV Movie)

72 min | Documentary

The story of the Israeli artist and comic-maker Dudu Geva.

Director: Gavriel Bibliowicz | Stars: Modi Bar-On, Aaron Geva, Dudu Geva, Tammy Geva

4. Children of the Sun (2007)

70 min | Documentary, History

An intimate portrait of the children who were part of Israel's first kibbutzim.

Director: Ran Tal

Votes: 97

5. The Gatekeepers (2012)

PG-13 | 101 min | Documentary, History, War

91 Metascore

A documentary featuring interviews with all surviving former heads of Shin Bet, the Israeli security agency whose activities and membership are closely held state secrets.

Director: Dror Moreh | Stars: Ami Ayalon, Avraham Shalom, Avi Dichter, Yaakov Peri

Votes: 5,388 | Gross: $2.42M

6. Censored Voices (2015)

Not Rated | 84 min | Documentary, History

72 Metascore

The 1967 'Six-Day' war ended with Israel's decisive victory; conquering Jerusalem, Gaza, Sinai and the West Bank. It is a war portrayed, to this day, as a righteous undertaking - a radiant ... See full summary »

Director: Mor Loushy | Star: Amos Oz

Votes: 290 | Gross: $0.03M

7. The Lion Roar Twice (2007 TV Movie)

48 min | Documentary

The film is looking for the parallel between the events of Tel Hai incident (1921) to the Second Lebanon War (2006) event near the cemetery of Kfar Giladi.

Directors: Gavriel Bibliowicz, Anat Zeltzer | Stars: Modi Bar-On, Rona Kenan

8. Checkpoint (2003)

80 min | Documentary

Documentary filmmaker Yoav Shamir's depiction of the checkpoints that the Israel Defense Forces man in the Palestinian Authority.

Director: Yoav Shamir

Votes: 511

9. Almost Friends (2014)

76 min | Documentary, Family, History

Two girls meet through digital educational project. Samar's father comes from the (Palestinian) Occupied Territories. Linor's family was evacuated from a Jewish settlement. Only 67 ... See full summary »

Director: Nitzan Ofir

Votes: 9

10. The Seven Tapes (2012)

56 min | Documentary

A cinematic journey into the world of Yona Wallach, an Israeli poet, whose radical life and poetry ended with her death at an early age, leaving behind a myth and a trail of admirers. More ... See full summary »

Director: Yair Qedar | Star: Yona Wallach

Votes: 9

11. Arab Movie (2015)

60 min | Documentary

The Arab Movie brings to many Israelis the stars and the songs, the convoluted plots, and that fleeting moment when they shared the same cultural heroes as everyone else in the Middle East.

Directors: Eyal Sagui Bizawe, Sara Tsifroni

Votes: 14

12. Rabin in His Own Words (2015)

Not Rated | 110 min | Documentary

69 Metascore

20 years after his assassination, Yitzhak Rabin himself tells his dramatic life story.

Director: Erez Laufer | Star: Yitzhak Rabin

Votes: 28

13. The Balcony (2000)

54 min | Documentary

A moving portrait of Israel Becker, a founder of the first professional Yiddish theatrical company in post-war Germany and writer and star of the 1946 autobiographic feature film Long is ... See full summary »

Director: Ruth Walk

14. Diary 1973-1983 (1983)

330 min | Documentary

Shot over a ten-year period, Diary is not only the political, professional, and personal diary of a man, but is a testimony on the turbulent reality of a war-torn country, Israel. In six ... See full summary »

Director: David Perlov | Stars: David Perlov, Mira Perlov, Yael Perlov, Neomi Perlov

Votes: 122

15. Shi'ur BeKaduregel (2012)

90 min | Documentary, Biography, Family

A film project created by Jewish and Arab teenagers from Israel's outskirts, in collaboration with directors Juliano Mer-Khamis ('Arna's Children'), Ran Tal ('Children of The Sun') and ... See full summary »

Directors: Tomer Heymann, Juliano Mer-Khamis, Ran Tal, Merav Demry

16. Bridge Over the Wadi (2006)

55 min | Documentary

For the first time in Israel, a group of Arab and Jewish parents decide to establish a conjoint bi-national, bi-lingual school inside an Arab village. The film follows the school's first ... See full summary »

Directors: Barak Heymann, Tomer Heymann

Votes: 18

17. Black Over White (2007)

54 min | Documentary, Music

Tomer Heymann followed Israeli pop/world-beat band The Idan Raichel Project on their 2006 concert tour to Ethiopia and emerged with a documentary that rollicks and rocks. The film, part ... See full summary »

Director: Tomer Heymann | Stars: Cabra Casay, Idan Reichel, Avi Wogderess-Vasa

Votes: 5

18. I Shot My Love (2009)

56 min | Documentary

Seventy years after his grandfather escapes from Nazi Germany to Palestine, Israeli documentary director Tomer Heymann returns to the country of his ancestors to present his film "Paper ... See full summary »

Director: Tomer Heymann | Stars: Tomer Heymann, Zvi Heymann, Wieland Speck

Votes: 99

19. My Sweet Canary (2011)

89 min | Documentary

Roza Eskenazi sang the way she lived, with passion, fire and love. This is the story of three young musicians who embark on an exciting musical journey, to tell the story of Greece's best-loved rebetiko singer.

Director: Roy Sher | Stars: Haris Alexiou, Mehtap Demir, Roza Eskenazy, Tomer Katz

Votes: 59

20. Missing Father (2009)

95 min | Documentary

30 years after the death of Lieutenant General David Elazar (Dado), his son, Yair, takes a journey in his footsteps. His aim is to penetrate the web of myths shrouding his father's memory; ... See full summary »

Director: Yair Elazar

21. One Battle Too Many (2013 TV Movie)

90 min | Documentary, Animation, Biography

Movie about the Yom Kippur War's traumatic, final battle, for the town of Suez.

Director: Yoel Sharon

22. My First War (2008)

Not Rated | 82 min | Documentary

In the summer of 2006, at the age of 28, I was suddenly drafted as a reserves soldier in the Second Lebanese War. Instinctively, I grabbed my video camera and thread a shoelace, securing it... See full summary »

Director: Yariv Mozer

Votes: 46

23. Ron Arad: Last Hours of Freedom (2011 TV Movie)

52 min | Documentary

A documentary that takes the testimony of people who were on duty on the day Ron Arad Captured.

Director: Adir Haruvi | Star: Alon Ben David

24. The 81st Blow (1974)

92 min | Documentary

Historical documentary made up of footage and stills shot by the Nazis. A compilation of testimony from witnesses who appeared at the Eichmann trial provides a telling narrative.

Directors: David Bergman, Jacques Ehrlich, Haim Gouri

Votes: 23

25. Aisha (II) (2010)

45 min | Documentary, Comedy, Drama

A special relationship between Aisha, age 96, and her she goat Buba, in the background of failed relationships with her 11 children. As years go by, her animals provide Aisha the only ... See full summary »

Directors: Hila Cohen, Oshri Hayun

26. Strangers No More (2010)

40 min | Documentary, Short

In the heart of Tel Aviv, there is an exceptional school where children from forty-eight different countries and diverse backgrounds come together to learn. Many of the students arrive at ... See full summary »

Directors: Karen Goodman, Kirk Simon

Votes: 183

27. Strung Out (2015)

111 min | Documentary

This film tells the story of a group of young women living on the street, casualties of heroin and prostitution. Robbed of their childhood, they now find themselves trapped in a spiral of ... See full summary »

Director: Nirit Aharoni

Votes: 8

28. Jerusalem Is Proud to Present (2008)

80 min | Documentary

The international World Pride event, planned for Jerusalem in 2006, is disrupted by orthodox Jews, evangelical Christians, and conservative Muslims, who are united by their dislike to LGBT events in the city they consider holy.

Director: Nitzan Giladi

Votes: 33

30. Paper Dolls (2006)

80 min | Documentary

72 Metascore

Paper Dolls is a documentary film by award winning filmmaker Tomer Heymann about a group of transvestite Filipinos who emigrate to Israel to take care of elderly religious Jewish men. On ... See full summary »

Director: Tomer Heymann

Votes: 165 | Gross: $0.04M

31. Happily Forgotten (2009 TV Movie)

45 min | Documentary

Discovery the works of Asher Feldman, an Israeli painter .

Director: Galia Oz

33. A History of Israeli Cinema (2009)

Not Rated | 208 min | Documentary

The first 1933 - 1978 starts with the Zionist movement and ends with the first re-visitation of that history. The second 1978 - 2005 starts at the beginning of the political wave until the ... See full summary »

Director: Raphaƫl Nadjari | Stars: Naftali Alter, Mohammad Bakri, Haim Bouzaglo, Joseph Cedar

Votes: 34

34. The Cemetery Club (2006)

90 min | Documentary

10 oclock, Saturday morning. A group of elderly women and men carry plastic lawn chairs across the Mount Herzl National Cemetery in Jerusalem. In the shade of an old pine tree, they sit ... See full synopsis »

Director: Tali Shemesh | Stars: Lena Bar, Minya Rubin, Tali Shemesh

Votes: 70

35. 17 Beginnings of Talia (2015)

73 min | Documentary, Biography

Through seventeen decisively varying styles of observation, director Yoni Bentovim delves into the essence and meaning of discourse between mother and son.

Director: Jonathan Bentovim | Star: Talia Shapira

36. Life in Stills (2011)

60 min | Documentary, Biography, Drama

A photo shop owner and her grandson join forces to save the shop and the nearly one million negatives that document Israel's defining moments.

Director: Tamar Tal

Votes: 140

38. On the Move (2008)

75 min | Documentary, Biography, Music

Ehud Banai, now Israel's biggest singer-songwriter, got in the music business when he was over thirty. This is the story of his music, his friends, and his musical inspirations - from the beginning.

Director: Avida Livny | Stars: Ehud Banai, Yuval Banai, Mani Bejarano, Shlomi Bracha

Votes: 16

39. Because of That War (1988)

90 min | Documentary

Documentary about the life experience of the Holocaust generation and its own second generation - children born in Israel, who grew up in the shadow of their parents' memories of the Holocaust.

Director: Orna Ben-Dor Niv | Stars: Yehuda Poliker, Ya'ackov Gilad, Yael Birenbaum, Yonatan Birenbaum

Votes: 36

40. Precious Life (2010)

90 min | Documentary, Drama, Family

With the help of a prominent Israeli journalist, Precious Life chronicles the struggle of an Israeli pediatrician and a Palestinian mother to get treatment for her baby, who suffers from an... See full summary »

Director: Shlomi Eldar

Votes: 161

41. Aliza (2014)

58 min | Documentary, Biography, Drama

An encounter between the mythological Israeli actress Aliza Rozen and a young film director

Director: Tomer Heymann | Star: Aliza Rajan

42. The Queen Has No Crown (2011)

52 min | Documentary, Biography

Poignant meditation on family, loss, and the mental maps of homelessness. The film navigates the intimate lives of 5 brothers and their mother, over the course of a decade, through the ... See full summary »

Director: Tomer Heymann | Star: Tomer Heymann

Votes: 31

43. Rock in the Red Zone (2014)

Not Rated | 87 min | Documentary, Music, War

54 Metascore

An intimate portrayal of life on the edge in the war-torn city of Sderot. Once known for its prolific rock scene that revolutionized Israeli music, for thirteen years the town has been the ... See full summary »

Director: Laura Bialis | Stars: Micha Biton, Robby Elmaliah, Knesiyat HaSechel, Kobi Oz

Votes: 29

44. The Unwelcoming (2014)

74 min | Documentary, Drama, History