Know-It-All, Busy-Body Neighbors

by yrnej | created - 15 Nov 2018 | updated - 30 Nov 2018 | Public

An oft-used TV trope is the nosy, superior neighbor(s). The ones who want to know everybody's business and expect you to do things exactly the way they want, because they think they are always right and know the best way to do everything.

Harriet Oleson was one such character. Played with aplomb by seasoned Broadway actress Katherine MacGregor, Mrs. Oleson (always called Mrs. Oleson, never Harriet except by her long-suffering husband Nels) was the best-known and longest-running character on Little House on the Prairie (1974) outside of the Ingalls family.

Scottie MacGregor, as she was known most of her career, recently passed away at age 93, after living for many years at the Motion Picture Fund Long Term Nursing Care facility in Woodland Hills, CA. She was a devout Hindu and was known by the actors from Little House, particularly the children, as a caring, funny mentor.

In honor of Scottie MacGregor and the perfectly horrible Harriet Oleson, which of these know-it-all, busy-body nosy TV neighbors would you most hate to live next to?

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