War in the Middle East

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In recent years, the Middle East has always been under tension. War is also one of the causes of this disintegration and is the subject of many films.

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1. The Queen (2012)

Not Rated | 104 min | Action, Drama, War

During the war between Iran and Iraq, a scout (Milad Keymaram), in the Abadan Oil Refinery, tries to reveal geographical coordinates of Iraqi soldiers' ambushes for Iranian army forces to ... See full summary »

Director: Mohammad Ali Bashe Ahangar | Stars: Hossein Ahangar, Hamid Reza Azarang, Hooman Barghnavard, Homayoun Ershadi

Votes: 168

2. The Face of the Ash (2014)

Not Rated | 98 min | Drama

During the Iraqi-Iranian war, which started in 1980 and lasted for eight years, a Muslim family in a Kurdish village received from the government the corpse of their son, who had been ... See full summary »

Director: Shakhwan Idrees | Stars: Taha Aghajan, Naser Hasan

Votes: 25

3. Kilometre Zero (2005)

Not Rated | 91 min | Comedy, Drama, War

Set during the Iraq-Iran war in the 80s, the film tells of a tragicomic road trip set in Iraq's Kurdistan.

Director: Hiner Saleem | Stars: Nazmi Kirik, Eyam Ekrem, Belçim Bilgin, Ehmed Qeladizeni

Votes: 441

4. Marriage of the Blessed (1989)

75 min | Crime, Drama, War

Haji is severely traumatized by the war with Iraq. Back from the front, he's unable to adapt to civilian life. Despite family opposition, his fiancée stands by him as together they ... See full summary »

Director: Mohsen Makhmalbaf | Stars: Mahmoud Hatamikia, Roya Nonahali, Ebrahim Abadi, Mohsen Zaehtab

Votes: 432

5. Al Qadisiyya (1981)

145 min | History

The movie is about the four days battle of qadisiyya between the Arab army under the command of Saad and the Persian army Andre the command of Rustum in the year 640 AD in Iraq

Director: Salah Abouseif | Stars: Suad Husni, Ezzat El Alaili, Shada Salim, Laila Taher

Votes: 71

6. The Bear (2012)

105 min | Drama

During Iran-Iraq war Noor Aldin who is a carpenter is missing. He is captured by Iraqi army. After 8 years he returns home, but finds out that in his absence his wife is married to another man.

Director: Khosro Masumi | Stars: Parviz Parastui, Merila Zare'i, Farhad Aslani, Akbar Moazezi

Votes: 129

7. Night Bus (2007)

90 min | Drama, Romance, War

Two young Iranian soldiers guard a bus load of prisoners of war on a trip to prison.

Director: Kiumars Poorahmad | Stars: Khosro Shakibai, Mohammad Reza Forutan, Amir Mohammad Zand, Elnaz Shakerdust

Votes: 548

8. Deportees (2007)

107 min | Action, Comedy, Drama

The movie is the story of a gang of men who decide to participate in Iran-Iraq war, also known as First Gulf War, which lasted from September 1980 to August 1988. the main character, Suzuki... See full summary »

Director: Masoud Dehnamaki | Stars: Kambiz Dirbaz, Arzhang Amirfazli, Akbar Abdi, Alireza Oosivand

Votes: 3,100

9. Deportees 2 (2009)

114 min | Action, Comedy, Drama

In this sequel the deportees are now captured by the Iraqis and are living in a camp. On the other hand their families who are going to Mashad are imprisoned when their airplane is hijacked... See full summary »

Director: Masoud Dehnamaki | Stars: Akbar Abdi, Arzhang Amirfazli, Sepand Amirsoleimani, Daryoush Anbarestani

Votes: 3,067

10. Deportees 3 (2011)

112 min | Action, Comedy, Drama

The war is over and the deportees are back to their homes and each is after his life. A TV-show is trying to meet some old veterans of war. One of them who is very sick should go to ... See full summary »

Director: Masoud Dehnamaki | Stars: Akbar Abdi, Kamand Amirsoleimani, Daryoush Anbarestani, Behnoosh Bakhtiari

Votes: 1,141

11. House of Saddam (2008)

TV-MA | 232 min | Biography, Drama, History

A mini-series that explores the inner workings of Saddam Hussein's family and his relationship with his closest advisers.

Stars: Igal Naor, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Makram Khoury, Philip Arditti

Votes: 4,171

12. Standing in the Dust (2016)

98 min | Action, Biography, Drama

Ahmad is an army commander who must confront the enemy at the gates of the Khorramshahr. But his fate is determined far from the Iranian border.

Director: Mohammad Hossein Mahdavian | Stars: Hadi Hejazifar, Mohammad Ahmadi, Mehdi Ahmadpour, Ebrahim Amini

Votes: 1,468

13. Damscus Under Fire (2018)

113 min | Action, Drama, Thriller

Two Iranian pilots are in a special mission to save the people of a small Syrian city who are surrounded by the terrorists. But they have to face many challenges before manage to accomplish their mission.

Director: Ebrahim Hatamikia | Stars: Babak Hamidian, Hadi Hejazifar, Pierre Dagher, Layth Al-Mufti

Votes: 2,063

14. In the Name of the Father (2006)

96 min | Drama, War

This is about a father and his daughter who has been injured from the mines from Iran-Iraq war.

Director: Ebrahim Hatamikia | Stars: Parviz Parastui, Mahtab Nasirpour, Golshifteh Farahani, Kambiz Dirbaz

Votes: 1,671

15. Khake sorkh (2002)

Adventure, Drama, War

A political prisoner in Shaah regime who lost his little girl in Tehran City before his conviction, be released and return to his own city (Khorramshahr) after 15 years. In this time his ... See full summary »

Stars: Laleh Eskandari, Behnaz Jafari, Mahtab Keramati, Parviz Parastui

Votes: 242

17. The Red Ribbon (1999)

110 min | Drama, War

A man and a woman fight over the rights to a property.

Director: Ebrahim Hatamikia | Stars: Azita Hajian, Reza Kianian, Parviz Parastui

Votes: 1,057

18. The Glass Agency (1998)

114 min | Action, Drama, Romance

The Glass Agency is the story of a war veteran living in post war Iran. It depicts veterans who are suffering from social problems after the war. Society does not understand them and the ... See full summary »

Director: Ebrahim Hatamikia | Stars: Parviz Parastui, Reza Kianian, Habib Rezaei, Qasem Zare

Votes: 6,156

19. Minoo Watch Tower (1996)

82 min | Drama, War

Minoo who is married to Moosa recently, is moving to the new house. But Moosa receive a letter in which he being told to get back to the Minoo Island (a border island between Iran and Iraq)... See full summary »

Director: Ebrahim Hatamikia | Stars: Niki Karimi, Ali Mosaffa, Mohamad Reza Sharifinia, Ali Nassirian

Votes: 344

20. The Scent of Joseph's Shirt (1995)

100 min | Drama, War

Ghafoor is a Taxi Driver whose son is saying to be killed during war but he is refusing to believe it. Although all the evidences proves that his son is dead and everyone believe so, he ... See full summary »

Director: Ebrahim Hatamikia | Stars: Niki Karimi, Ali Nassirian, Jafar Dehghan, Shirin Bina

Votes: 1,547

21. From Karkheh to Rhein (1993)

93 min | Drama, War

Saeed who is suffering from injuries that he received in the Iran-Iraq War, is sent to Germany for treatments. In Germany, he meets his sister and her German husband. Saeed and his sister ... See full summary »

Director: Ebrahim Hatamikia | Stars: Ali Dehkordi, Homa Rusta, Hans Noiman, Sadegh Safaie

Votes: 2,634

22. Vasl-e nikan (1992)

85 min | Drama, War

Amir insists on celebrating the wedding ceremony despite the dangerous situation made by Iran-Iraq's war.

Director: Ebrahim Hatamikia | Stars: Hassan Abbasi, Kobra Farrokhi, Habibollah Bahmani, Asghar Naghizadeh

Votes: 82

23. The Scout (1989)

80 min | Drama, War

In Iran-Iraq's war, a young scout joins the front-line to help his comrades single-handed.

Director: Ebrahim Hatamikia | Stars: Gholamreza Ali Akbari, Ebrahim Hatamikia, Mehrdad Solaymani, Esmail Soltanian

Votes: 274

24. The Immigrant (1990)

95 min | Drama, War

A man who controls small airplanes to detect Iraq's front line, is put in danger not being able to return.

Director: Ebrahim Hatamikia | Stars: Seyed Ali Reza Khatami, Seyed Ebrahim Asgharzadeh, Ali Reza Heydari, Asghar Naghizadeh

Votes: 291

25. Identity (1987)

92 min | Drama, War

Nasser Pooyan goes on a trip to the north of Iran with some of his friends. He has an accident with a child hitting him with his motorcycle. Because of his conscience hurting him badly he ... See full summary »

Director: Ebrahim Hatamikia | Stars: Jalil Farjad, Reza Asadi, Ali Gholami

Votes: 63

26. Parental Farm (2004)

90 min | Drama, War

When Mamhoud is invited to a conference to speak about his new war novel, 'Parental farm,' his aim to discuss war literature in general turns into a much more personal journey. Having lost ... See full summary »

Director: Rasool Mollagholi Poor | Stars: Mehdi Ahmadi, Ateneh Faghih Nasiri, Qasem Zare, Ghorban Nadjafi

Votes: 76

28. Heeva (1999)

110 min | Drama, War

Heeva Akbari after 15 years of the disappearance of her husband Hamid in the war decides to visit the old house she was living there by her husband. Amir Karami who is the ambassador of ... See full summary »

Director: Rasool Mollagholi Poor | Stars: Jamshid Hashempur, Golchehre Sajadieh, Atila Pesiani, Farhad Ghaemian

Votes: 109

29. Journey to Chazzabeh (1996)

84 min | War

Vahid is making a movie about the war. He invites a musician friend of himself Ali to compose a theme music for this film. But Ali can not make his mind. So they go to visit the real places... See full summary »

Director: Rasool Mollagholi Poor | Stars: Habib Allahyari, Farhad Aslani, Habib Dehghan Nasab, Mehdi Faghih

Votes: 163

30. The Survivors (1996)

81 min | War

During the war a field hospital is bombard. A group of red crescent helpers bring an injured soldier to take him to the behind lines. But it is not easy at all and in the way they face many difficulties.

Director: Rasool Mollagholi Poor | Stars: Atefeh Razavi, Ali Yaghoob Zadeh, Jamshid Esmailkhani, Peyman Sanandaji Zadeh

Votes: 38

32. Wind and Fog (2011)

74 min | Drama, War

Captivating images from pastoral northern Iran serve as a backdrop for Mohammad-Ali Talebi's enchanting tale of a boy rendered mute after losing his mother in the Iran-Iraq war. Ostracized ... See full summary »

Director: Mohammad-Ali Talebi | Stars: Payam Eris, Masume Shakori, Asadolah Asadnia, Arasto Safinejad

Votes: 13

34. The Flight in the Night (1987)

115 min | Drama, War

During Iran-Iraq war a group of Iranian soldiers are surrounded by Iraqi army. Four soldiers are chose to go get help but only one manages to make it through enemy lines.

Director: Rasool Mollagholi Poor | Stars: Farajollah Salahshoor, Ali Yaghoob Zadeh, Tajbakhsh Fanaiyan, Jafar Dehghan

Votes: 58

35. Balami be soo-ye sahel (1986)


At the end of October 1981, when the Khorramshahr is at risk of collapse, a battalion commander of the Revolutionary Guards to help the warriors of the city of Tehran Morteza, and because ... See full summary »

Director: Rasool Mollagholi Poor | Stars: Khosrow Ziaee, Ataollah Salmanian, Behzad Behzadpour, Jafar Dehghan

Votes: 29

37. The Attack on H3 (1995)

93 min | Action, War

The attack of 8 Iranian F4 planes on the H3 base in Iraq near the border of Jordan. Based on a true story.

Director: Shahriar Bahrani | Stars: Hassan Abbasi, Jafar Dehghan, Habib Haddad, Mohammad Kasebi

Votes: 145

38. In the Alleys of Love (1991)

87 min

We follow a young man reflecting on his life in this thought-provoking tale of childhood. Forced to flee the devastated village of Abadan with his family at the beginning of the war, the ... See full summary »

Director: Khosrow Sinai | Stars: Mehdi Ahmadi, Yousef Jokar, Bahram Zandi, Levon Haftvan

Votes: 23

39. Duel (II) (2004)

133 min | Action, Drama, War

The story of Zeinal, a man who after 20 years of being a POW, tries to clear up his past.

Director: Ahmad Reza Darvish | Stars: Saeed Rad, Pejman Bazeghi, Parivash Nazarieh, Parviz Parastui

Votes: 1,220

40. Kimia (1995)

92 min | Drama, War

During the Iran-Iraq war, Reza's wife gives birth, and dies soon afterward. Reza is taken as POW. Shokooh finds Reza's baby and raises her as her own. Many years later, Reza find's his daughter again...

Director: Ahmad Reza Darvish | Stars: Khosro Shakibai, Bita Farahi, Reza Kianian, Nader Rajabpoor

Votes: 255

41. Lebanon (2009)

R | 93 min | Drama, War

85 Metascore

During the First Lebanon War in 1982, a lone tank and a paratroopers platoon are dispatched to search a hostile town.

Director: Samuel Maoz | Stars: Yoav Donat, Itay Tiran, Oshri Cohen, Michael Moshonov

Votes: 11,149 | Gross: $0.37M

42. The Hurt Locker (2008)

R | 131 min | Drama, Thriller, War

95 Metascore

During the Iraq War, a Sergeant recently assigned to an army bomb squad is put at odds with his squad mates due to his maverick way of handling his work.

Director: Kathryn Bigelow | Stars: Jeremy Renner, Anthony Mackie, Brian Geraghty, Guy Pearce

Votes: 429,098 | Gross: $17.02M

43. Under the Bombs (2007)

TV-14 | 98 min | Drama, Romance, War

In the wake of Israel's 2006 bombardment of Lebanon, a determined woman finds her way into the country convincing a taxi cab driver to take a risky journey around the scarred region in search of her sister and her son.

Director: Philippe Aractingi | Stars: Nada Abou Farhat, Georges Khabbaz, Rawia Elchab, Bshara Atallah

Votes: 1,509

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