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TV Shows Released or Ready To Release In 2018

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1. Birds of Feather

Action, Adventure, Crime

Follows some of Gotham City's most notorious and exceptionally skilled criminals, insurgents, vigilantes, and idealists, each one trying to seek their own calling in the lifestyles they ... See full summary »

Stars: Veronica Holley, Jacob Anton

2. Witches (TV Movie)

Adventure, Drama, Fantasy | Pre-production

The broken Black family is forced to reconnect when a hidden gene in their bloodline is revealed, unexpectedly compelling them into a desperate search for a secret their ancestors have protected over thousands of years.

Stars: Joshua Diaz, Jodi Haigh, Alexis Watt, Georgia Walters

3. Endeavor (2019– )


Earth hit by meteor. Space ships leave to go to possible inhabitable planets. Focus on spaceship pegasus and crew. Survival of remaining earth inhabitants depend on them being successful

Stars: Sean Sprawling, Chalet Lizette Brannan, Courtney Oliviér, Mercedes Papalia

Votes: 47

4. Edgers

Sci-Fi | Announced

"Edgers", people on the fringe of society who hire out their specialist skills as they try to build a better life in a post apocalyptic world in 2060.

5. Breathe (II)

4 min | Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller | Pre-production

Worldwide pollution has made breathable air a precious commodity and Global Air Corp has mankind by it's throat. But when toxic air kills the daughter of Solomon, a broke ex-boxer, he seeks revenge and unintentionally sparks a revolution.

6. Programmed Series: Aznek (2019)

Action, Mystery, Sci-Fi

A secret organization named Aznek are using their own technology to program humans in order to over throw governments around the world and obtain global dominance.

Director: Kodjo Somana | Stars: McKenna Bintz, Cedric Gegel, Kira L. Wilson, Brittany Picard

Votes: 6

7. Buds (I)


A group of friends, on their last Christmas break home together before college, attempts to prank their small town, while the local police chief, suffering from chronic back pain, struggles... See full summary »

Director: Matthew Parcher | Stars: Steven Lu, Galen Hamilton, Mitch Hoover, Kevin Scruggs

8. Brooklyn Animal Control (2015– )

Action, Crime, Drama

A secret subdivision of the NYPD that functions as social services for the city's most unique citizens - werewolves.

Stars: Jane Alexander, Usman Ally, Joey Auzenne, Jeanine Bartel

9. Adults Only

23 min | Animation, Comedy | Announced

The satiric adventures of a virgin writer working in California's changing Adult Film industry.

Stars: Blake Anderson, Jason Mewes, Christa B. Allen, Debra Wilson

10. Havana Quartet

Crime, Drama | Pre-production

Cuban Police Detective Mario Conde longs to be a writer but settles for a job as a detective.

12. Untitled Marcel Herrera Dios and Ron Goodman Project

Drama | Announced

An epic war tale.

14. Untitled Jenny Lumet Project (2017 TV Movie)


An elite team of investigators for the Northeast Regional U.S. Hate Crimes Unit solve a myriad of crimes against humanity as they confront their own biases.

Director: Richard Shepard | Stars: Brad William Henke, Yadira Guevara-Prip, Sharon Leal, Jake Cannavale

15. Distefano (2017 TV Movie)


Izzy and Chris are twenty-somethings raising their newborn daughter and merging their loud families - one Puerto Rican, one Italian.

Director: Pamela Fryman | Stars: Annie Potts, Diane Guerrero, Chazz Palminteri, Diana Maria Riva

Votes: 6

16. The Fallen (I)


A group of Bikers in the small town of Buford Georgia turn out to be more Archangels than scumbags in this sleepy town outside of Atlanta. Misunderstood by most, they are the line between ... See full summary »

Stars: Brett Davis, John Kap, Brian Stapf, James Edward Thomas

17. 86 Zombies (2022)

90 min | Horror | Announced

In the wake of a deadly virus, a waitress and her co-workers must turn the tables on a horde of zombie townies and stay a step ahead of The Butcher who has returned for his pound of flesh.

Stars: Tony Devon, Greg Pronko, Julia Parker, Rod Knoll

18. Snowpiercer (2020– )

TV-MA | 60 min | Action, Drama, Sci-Fi

Seven years after the world has become a frozen wasteland, the remnants of humanity inhabit a perpetually-moving train that circles the globe, where class warfare, social injustice and the politics of survival play out.

Stars: Daveed Diggs, Iddo Goldberg, Mickey Sumner, Alison Wright

Votes: 29,363

19. Rain (III)

Action, Thriller | Announced

An assassin specializes in making his hits look like they've died from natural causes.

Star: Keanu Reeves

20. Tough Cookie (2015 TV Short)

21 min | Short, Comedy

Follows a young mother who's not ready to parent her daughter but doesn't want to be parented herself.

Director: Lauren Iungerich | Stars: Frankie Shaw, Rick Gonzalez, Mallory James Mahoney, Arturo Del Puerto

21. We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves

Drama, Mystery | Announced

A college student laments the loss of a chimpanzee she claims is her "twin sister".

Star: Natalie Portman

22. Shatter Me

Romance, Sci-Fi, Thriller | Announced

Set in a dystopian future, "Shatter Me" follows the life of 17-year-old Juliette Ferrars, who has been locked away for a crime she never intended to commit--a crime caused by her peculiar "... See full summary »

23. Dark-Hunter

Fantasy | Announced

Ancient warriors who sold their souls to a Greek goddess for vengeance, who now fight hard to protect mankind from the preternatural predators out to add us to their menus.

24. Line of Separation (2015–2018)

92 min | Drama, History

A story of one village in Germany at the end of WW2.

Stars: Johanna Bittenbinder, Jonathan Berlin, Henriette Confurius, Heiner Lauterbach

Votes: 946

25. Hypno

Action, Crime, Mystery | Announced

A TV mentalist becomes the main suspect in a series of horrifying crimes that increase the rating.

Stars: John Leguizamo, Andrés Parra, Laura Londoño, Jennifer Steffens

26. Ratched (2020– )

TV-MA | Crime, Drama, Mystery

In 1947, Mildred Ratched begins working as a nurse at a leading psychiatric hospital. But beneath her stylish exterior lurks a growing darkness.

Stars: Sarah Paulson, Finn Wittrock, Cynthia Nixon, Judy Davis

Votes: 39,274

27. The 5th Quarter (2016– )


Mockumentary series chronicling the greatest untold and untrue stories in sports history.

Stars: Kenny Mayne, Jake Green, Jim Ross, Mark Cuban

Votes: 11

29. Strange Ones


An abused high school girl accidentally conjures forth a demon that decides to take revenge on those who wronged her.

Stars: Stephanie C. Allen, Kirk Baltz, Kimmy Caruso, Bojesse Christopher

Votes: 7

30. American Lion

Biography, Drama, History | Announced

The story of Andrew Jackson, the seventh President of the United States.

Star: Sean Penn

31. The Fault Line

Fantasy | Announced

Two Seraphim hunt down a young woman, after discovering she is the daughter of an Archangel, a halfcast.

Stars: Madeleine Kennedy, Dave Beamish, Liam Hall

32. Blooms

42 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery | Announced

About 2 twin brother, Andrew and Elliot Bloom, who learn more about their fathers death.

Star: Max Carver

33. The Continental

Action, Crime, Thriller | Announced

The Continental is a chain of hotels located all around the world that function as a neutral territory for members of the criminal underworld. They are frequented by many hitmen and notorious murderers.

34. Can't Go Home (2021– )

Action, Crime, Thriller | Pre-production

Fugitive recovery agents Tom Desjadon and his partner, KD Williams, are in too deep. The gangsters of Boston's underground have been wronged and two ballsy bounty hunters choose a life of ... See full synopsis »

Stars: Tom Mariano, Michele Dawson, Leigh Faith, Steven O'Broin

35. Locke & Key (2020– )

TV-14 | 48 min | Drama, Fantasy, Horror

After their father is murdered under mysterious circumstances, the three Locke siblings and their mother move into their ancestral home, Keyhouse, which they discover is full of magical keys that may be connected to their father's death.

Stars: Darby Stanchfield, Connor Jessup, Emilia Jones, Jackson Robert Scott

Votes: 42,066

36. Big Dogs (2020– )

TV-MA | 52 min | Action, Crime, Mystery

BIG DOGS exists in an alternate reality of New York City. Businesses are shuttered, crime is rampant, black markets thrive. Drug are run via taxis and NYPD detectives use taxis for undercover teams trying to rein in the chaos.

Stars: Brett Cullen, Manny Perez, Michael Rabe, Louis Carbonneau

Votes: 247

37. Murphy Brown (1988–2018)

TV-PG | 30 min | Comedy

The personal and professional misadventures of an opinionated but beloved woman working as a television journalist.

Stars: Candice Bergen, Grant Shaud, Robert Pastorelli, Faith Ford

Votes: 8,463

38. Paige One

Comedy | Announced

this single-camera comedy follows the insulated life of a children's book author who hates children. Her life is turned upside down when her brother shows up on her door with his two young daughters.

39. The Notebook (2021 TV Movie)

Drama, Family, Romance | Announced

A TV adaptation of Nicholas Spark's 'The Notebook'.

40. Front Man (TV Movie)

Comedy | Announced

A man in his early thirties moves out of his overindulging parents' house and finds work as a wedding singer.

Director: Elizabeth Banks

41. Elisabeth (TV Movie)

Drama, Romance | Announced

A romantic drama set in the world of international politics.

Director: Ruba Nadda | Star: Patricia Clarkson

42. Clock (TV Movie)

Comedy, Drama, Fantasy | Announced

TV Series Pilot - A romantic-dramedy in the vein of Moonlighting, Quantum Leap and Touched by an Angel.

43. The Legend of Spacelord Mo Fo (TV Movie)

Animation, Action, Romance | Announced

TV Series Pilot - Set after a galactic apocalypse - or three, this is the story of the Legend of Spacelord Mo Fo, the most dangerous individual in the galaxy.

44. Black or White, Never Gray

Action, Crime, Drama | Announced

In 1989 a bunch of novice thieves get away with the perfect hit to a government bank.

Stars: Edgar Ramírez, Jesús Ochoa, Waldo Urrego, Luis Fernando Montoya

45. The Black Rose Anthology


Explores humanity's deepest fears through a modern and distinctly feminine lens.

46. Quantum and Woody

Action, Adventure, Comedy | Announced

Television adaptation of the comic book series about a pair of childhood friends who team up together to avenge the death of their fathers.

Star: Joel McHale

47. Super Sad True Love Story

Comedy, Romance | Announced

The son of a Russian immigrant falls in love with a young woman via social media in a dystopian New York dominated by media and commercialism.

48. Major Pettigrew's Last Stand

Comedy, Drama, Romance | Announced

About a British gentleman's unlikely friendship with a Pakistani shopkeeper.

49. Heartthrob

Drama, Romance | Announced

Callie, after gaining a new lease on life thanks to a heart transplant procedure, meets and falls in love with a mysterious master thief who also happens to be her heart donor.

50. Vienna Bay

Drama, Romance | Announced

Take the journey with eleven high school students as they make their way through high school, encountering all of the craziness it has to offer along the way.

51. Buffy Jr on the Run

Drama, Horror, Romance | Announced

It's all about Buffy's daughter Jr Summers. She's next in the slayer generations. And to fully understand her own destiny, following her mother's footstep, but to fully understand her own ... See full summary »

52. You & Me Forever

Romance | Announced

The TV serial You and Me Forever acts out various role play and scenarios around the theme of love and interrelationships between a man and a woman. A cast of fourteen different ... See full summary »

53. The Camp (I)

Action, Comedy, Drama | Announced

A recent college dropout with DJ aspirations moves back home and links up with his four buddies after realizing school wasn't for him.

54. American Girl in Rome

Comedy, Romance | Announced

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55. Gio

Crime, Drama, Romance | Announced

In the 1970's, an FBI agent does unspeakable things in order to build a case against the most notorious gangster in New York.

56. Awesome Queens

Adventure, Drama, Romance | Announced

A spin-off "Awesome Kings" TV series about the extraordinary Queens lives, lovers, scandals, and conquests.

57. Queen of Beverly Hills

30 min | Romance | Announced

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58. Soulmate's

Romance | Announced

Soulmate's are people search of friendship, trust and the elements of the global love that only exist as meaning. The T.V. series Soulmate's acts out various role plays and scenarios set ... See full summary »

59. After Days

Action, Adventure, Romance | Announced

Will humanity survive the after math.

Star: Matthew Ryan Anderson

60. Fleeing Winter

Romance | Announced

Danielle (32) and Jeremiah (27) are in love and happy in their respective careers. And like so many couples, they dream of leaving it all behind to see the world together. But unlike so many other couples, they decide to actually do it.

62. Party of Five (2020)

45 min | Drama, Family, Romance

Party of Five follows the five Acosta children -- Emilio, Lucia, Beto, Valentina and baby Rafael -- as they navigate daily life struggles to survive as a family unit after their parents are suddenly deported to Mexico.

Stars: Brandon Larracuente, Niko Guardado, Emily Tosta, Elle Paris Legaspi

Votes: 1,046

63. The Beating Hearts Chronicles


Throughout the world, rebellious and marginal youths meet, love and tear each other. Stories from the points of view of women and learers, in search of experiences that will forever change their lives.

Stars: Astrid Roos, Dounia Coesens, Eric Pucheu, Malin Barr

64. The Immortal Man

Action, Adventure, Romance | Pre-production

After a 1000 years of sitting in the shadows, Alexander makes a mistake causing a suspicion to arise in the supernatural community of his return. His mistake was allowing love to cloud his judgment.

Stars: Daniel Cutts, Gillie Jones, Vernes Kozlic, Rock Chasse

66. Dating Unlocked

TV-14 | 12 min | Romance | Announced

What if on a first date you were given a key to unlock parts of each other's lives that might otherwise be kept hidden for months, years or possibly forever?

Stars: Brittany Barrett, Richard Barrett, Anisha Joshi, Serge Ohanian

67. The Creation of Love

Romance | Announced

Love, who has the right to it.

68. Single?

Comedy, Drama, Romance

Follow the ladies as they adjust to a new city and new lives in Atlanta. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose in love and life but to play the game is the real adventure.

Star: Shaquita Smith

69. Perry Mason (2020– )

TV-MA | 60 min | Crime, Drama

In booming 1932 Los Angeles, a down-and-out defense attorney takes on the case of a lifetime.

Stars: Matthew Rhys, Juliet Rylance, Chris Chalk, Shea Whigham

Votes: 14,215

70. Salt (TV Movie)

Action, Crime, Mystery | Announced

The continuing adventures of CIA agent Evelyn Salt.

71. Gone Baby Gone (2018 TV Movie)

Crime, Drama

Two cops patrol the Boston working-class neighborhoods they grew up in. TV show based on characters in the Dennis Lehane novel, 'Gone Baby Gone.'

Director: Phillip Noyce | Stars: April Bowlby, Peyton List, Joseph Morgan, Laysla De Oliveira

72. Goodfellas (TV Movie)

Biography, Crime, Drama | Announced

Planned TV series based on the 1990 film 'Goodfellas', which follows gangster Henry Hill and his friends as they move up the mob hierarchy.

73. Busted (TV Movie)

Crime, Drama, Thriller | Announced

A pair of reporters work to expose a massive police corruption scandal.

Director: David Frankel | Star: Sarah Jessica Parker

74. Family Crimes (TV Movie)

Crime, Drama | Announced

In order to save her family, a woman must learn how to make her way through a criminal underworld.

75. Luther (TV Movie)

Crime, Drama | Pre-production

US version of the BBC program, "Luther", about an obsessed detective, who returns to active duty after suffering a nervous breakdown while trying to capture a serial killing kidnapper.

Star: Anthony McKenzie

76. The Godmother (IV)

Crime, Drama | Pre-production

A look at the rise and fall of the late drug lord Griselda Blanco.

Director: Reed Morano | Star: Jennifer Lopez

77. O.C.T.: Occult Crimes Taskforce (TV Movie)

Action, Crime, Drama | Announced

A New York City detective is recruited for a covert squad that uses sorcery to track down and kill evil spirits. Based on Rosario Dawson's comic book series, "O.C.T.: Occult Crimes Taskforce".

Star: Rosario Dawson

78. Beat the Reaper (TV Movie)

Crime, Drama, Thriller | Announced

ER doctor Peter Brown's life is turned upside down when he crosses paths with a mobster who appears to know him from his former life as a hitman.

Directors: Brian Koppelman, David Levien | Stars: Sebastian Stan, Jimmie Chiappelli

79. Fault (TV Movie)

Crime, Drama | Completed

Lonny Stevens Presents A Film Feature Starring Jill S.

Directors: Alex Marino, Lonny Stevens | Stars: Jill Schoelen, Ryan Bartley, Kathy Coleman, Kelsey Griswold

80. Cheating Destiny (TV Movie)

Crime, Drama | Pre-production

A counter-terrorism FBI agent discovers and then tries to recruit, as a means of preventing a planned terrorist attack, a teen with the ability to read the active thoughts of people in her direct proximity.

Director: Kurt DeVries | Stars: Brianna Ward, Liz Lafontant, Tony Senzamici, Pierce Lackey

81. Crimetown (TV Movie)

Crime, Drama | Announced

A look at how organized crime and corruption affect the way of life in Providence, Rhode Island. A TV adaptation of the podcast, 'Crimetown'.

Director: Theodore Melfi

83. Narc (TV Movie)

Crime | Announced

An undercover narcotics officer in Detroit is lured back to the police force. A TV adaptation of the 2002 feature film.

Star: Victor Gojcaj

84. Modern Gothic (TV Movie)

Crime, Drama, Horror | Announced

Set in modern-day New York City, MODERN GOTHIC reimagines Dracula's famed Abraham "Bram" Van Helsing as a disgraced doctor on a crusade for answers behind the mysterious death of his son.

85. Chasing Bandits (TV Movie)

Crime | Pre-production

True stories about bandits who thought they could escape from justice they where Wrong.

86. The Mastermind

Crime, Drama | Announced

An in-depth look at the criminal exploits of Paul Le Roux, a brilliant programmer who became a cartel boss.

87. The Source (TV Movie)

Crime, Drama | Announced

A young investigative reporter teams with an LAPD detective to solve crimes.

88. The Nice Girls (TV Movie)

Comedy, Crime, Drama | Announced

A pair of private eyes from different walks of life take on various cases in Los Angeles.

89. True Crime Addict (TV Movie)

Crime, Drama | Announced

An investigative journalist becomes obsessed with trying to solve cold cases.

90. Echo One (TV Movie)

Crime | Announced

A rag-tag team of FBI agents and law enforcement officials, with one outsider solve cold cases rejected by the crime solving Vidocq Society.

Stars: Martin Kove, David Bertucci

91. High School Noir (2017 TV Movie)


A sleuth hounding the truth for his high school newspaper... A bully with a heart of gold, constantly manipulated by forces outside of his control... An outcast with a mean left hook, made ... See full summary »

Director: Eduard Ordonez | Stars: Tyler Jakes, Sara Neil, Dino Petrera, Eric Lockley

92. City of Angels (TV Movie)

Action, Crime, Sci-Fi | Announced

In a city where crime and injustice is around every corner, a group of unlikely citizens work together to expose the dark secrets that the government has been hiding from the civilians.

Directors: Elizabeth Johnson, Munn Singh | Stars: David Chan, Sandi Todorovic, David Batchelor, Kimberlee Oren

93. Pyro (TV Movie)


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94. Life Undercover (TV Movie)

Crime | Post-production

The series follows the lives of an undercover team who are on the eve of their largest operation, but something goes terribly wrong.

Director: Matt Villeneuve | Stars: Randy Brososky, Aaron Talbot, Sherry Rand, Darrell Portz

95. Shattered Trust (TV Movie)

Crime | Announced

A single mother confronts her long-buried past when her ex-husband is found murdered. With new resolve and confidence she uncovers the truth and turns victim to victor.

96. Return to Gibraltar

Crime, Drama, Sci-Fi | Announced

A Harvard law student, Horace Arthur Bates, time travels to help the Moors of Spain in 1492.

Director: Ken Sibanda | Stars: Chris Barnett, Heather Cooksey

97. The Black Unit (TV Movie)

Crime | Announced

This show will follow 5 detectives based out of Houston as they fight crime and police brutality.

98. Tracey's Got Her Gun (TV Movie)

Crime, Drama, Thriller | Announced

When a newly-appointed female detective threatens to expose the corruption that pervades her dystopian society, her superiors devise a variety of ways to either undercut her effectiveness or to kill her.

Director: Angel Connell | Star: Angel Connell

99. Deep

60 min | Crime, Drama

A new synthetic drug, D2 ("Deep") surfaces on the streets of New York; A Mount Vernon Detective struggles with which side of the law to be on.

Stars: Justin Hurtt-Dunkley, Chris Swain, Anthony M. Walker, Adrienne Brammer

100. Howards End (2017–2018)

TV-14 | 240 min | Drama, Romance

The social and class divisions in early 20th century England through the intersection of three families - the wealthy Wilcoxes, the gentle and idealistic Schlegels and the lower-middle class Basts.

Stars: Matthew Macfadyen, Hayley Atwell, Philippa Coulthard, Alex Lawther

Votes: 4,458

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