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1. Plunderers of Painted Flats (1959)

Passed | 77 min | Western

To scare the squatters from the cattle country he claims as his own, rancher Ed Sampson orders the Martin farm house burned. Galt Martin is killed, and his eldest son, Joe, is ... See full summary »

Director: Albert C. Gannaway | Stars: Corinne Calvet, John Carroll, Skip Homeier, George Macready

Votes: 46

2. Blackjack Ketchum, Desperado (1956)

Approved | 76 min | Western

While doing a good deed, the title hero has to shoot a man in self defense, and go into hiding. His peace is interrupted when a cattle baron rides into his territory, and decides to settle ... See full summary »

Director: Earl Bellamy | Stars: Howard Duff, Victor Jory, Margaret Field, Angela Stevens

Votes: 125

3. Badman's Gold (1951)

Approved | 56 min | Action, Adventure, Mystery

Unable to cope with a series of raids on stagecoaches hauling gold to the U. S. Mint, Sheriff Masters appeals to the U. S. Marshal's office for help. The Marshal assigns his best man, ... See full summary »

Director: Robert Emmett Tansey | Stars: Johnny Carpenter, Alyn Lockwood, Clarke Stevens, Kenne Duncan

Votes: 28

4. California Mail (1936)

Passed | 55 min | Action, Music, Romance

Bids submitted to win the U.S. Mail contract for their stagecoach lines are entered by both singing cowboy Bill Harkins and the Banton brothers, Roy and Bart. During a stagecoach race to ... See full summary »

Director: Noel M. Smith | Stars: Dick Foran, Linda Perry, Smoke, Edmund Cobb

Votes: 107

5. The Return of Daniel Boone (1941)

Approved | 61 min | Adventure, Music, Western

Leach Kilgrain has a plan to gain control of all the ranches in Pecos. His unscrupulous Mayor Ewell boosts taxes higher than the ranchers can pay, and Kilgrain plans to buy the land cheaply... See full summary »

Director: Lambert Hillyer | Stars: Bill Elliott, Betty Miles, Dub Taylor, Ray Bennett

Votes: 50

6. Redskin (1929)

82 min | Western, Adventure, Drama

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Director: Victor Schertzinger | Stars: Richard Dix, Julie Carter, Tully Marshall, George Regas

Votes: 188

7. Frontier Scout (1938)

Approved | 61 min | Action, Adventure, Romance

After fighting in the Civil War, Wild Bill Hickok and Whiney head west to investigate missing cattle herds. There they meet their war buddy Norris who is now in the cattle business. When he... See full summary »

Director: Sam Newfield | Stars: George Houston, Al St. John, Beth Marion, Stephen Chase

Votes: 87

8. Overland Telegraph (1951)

Passed | 60 min | Western

Storekeeper Paul Manning is attempting to sabotage the completion of a telegraph line so he can have time to dispose of his stock before the near-by Army post is abandoned. He uses outlaw ... See full summary »

Director: Lesley Selander | Stars: Tim Holt, Gail Davis, Hugh Beaumont, Mari Blanchard

Votes: 130

9. Last of the Pony Riders (1953)

Passed | 58 min | Western

Ex-Pony Express rider Autry ties to protect his US mail franchise as the Pony Express gives way to stage coach mail and the telegraph.

Director: George Archainbaud | Stars: Gene Autry, Champion, Kathleen Case, Dickie Jones

Votes: 96

10. Two-Gun Lady (1955)

Passed | 71 min | Western

A young woman teaches herself to become a sharpshooter so she can hunt down the three men who murdered her parents. She finds a sheriff who is willing to help her track them down.

Director: Richard Bartlett | Stars: Peggie Castle, William Talman, Marie Windsor, Earle Lyon

Votes: 101

11. Melody Trail (1935)

Approved | 62 min | Western

Gene goes after the badguys after they kidnap the baby he should have been babysitting.

Director: Joseph Kane | Stars: Gene Autry, Ann Rutherford, Smiley Burnette, Wade Boteler

Votes: 96

12. The Return of Wild Bill (1940)

Approved | 60 min | Western

To get possession of choice ranch lands, Matt and Jake Kilgore frame Sam Griffin for stealing cattle from Lige Saunders, set themselves up as vigilantes and then hang him. Then they urge Ol... See full summary »

Director: Joseph H. Lewis | Stars: Bill Elliott, Iris Meredith, George Lloyd, Luana Walters

Votes: 31

13. Prairie Badmen (1946)

Approved | 55 min | Western

Medicine show proprietor Doc Lattimer has in his possession a map showing the location of a cache of stolen gold. His son Don favors keeping the gold rather than returning it to the express... See full summary »

Director: Sam Newfield | Stars: Buster Crabbe, Al St. John, Patricia Knox, Charles King

Votes: 87

14. The Crooked Trail (1936)

Passed | 60 min | Western

Jim Blake rescues criminal Hare Talton and Good Samaritan Estaban Solano from dehydration and death and tries to rehabilitate Harve by taking him in as partner in his gold strike.

Director: S. Roy Luby | Stars: Johnny Mack Brown, Lucile Browne, John Merton, Charles King

Votes: 93

15. Thunder Pass (1954)

76 min | Western

A cavalry unit escorts a group of civilians through dangerous territory inhabited by Indians on the warpath.

Director: Frank McDonald | Stars: Dane Clark, Dorothy Patrick, Andy Devine, Raymond Burr

Votes: 104

16. Son of Belle Starr (1953)

Approved | 70 min | Western

The son of the notorious female bandit Belle Starr wants to live an honest life, but finds himself getting drawn into his mother's old profession.

Director: Frank McDonald | Stars: Keith Larsen, Dona Drake, Peggie Castle, Regis Toomey

Votes: 54

17. The Long Rope (1961)

Approved | 61 min | Mystery, Western

A federal judge is sent to a town to preside in a murder trial. He discovers that the defendant, a poor Mexican, is accused of killing the brother of a powerful landowner, and the ... See full summary »

Director: William Witney | Stars: Hugh Marlowe, Alan Hale Jr., Robert J. Wilke, Chris Robinson

Votes: 123

18. Montana Territory (1952)

Approved | 64 min | Western

John Malvin (Lon McCallister), prospecting the Montana territory during the gold rush, sees bandits kill a miner and his son. He eludes the outlaws by hiding near a stagecoach relay station... See full summary »

Director: Ray Nazarro | Stars: Lon McCallister, Wanda Hendrix, Preston Foster, Hugh Sanders

Votes: 53

19. My Outlaw Brother (1951)

Passed | 82 min | Action, Romance, Western

A young man travels to Mexico in search of his brother, who has become involved with a dangerous gang.

Director: Elliott Nugent | Stars: Mickey Rooney, Wanda Hendrix, Robert Preston, Robert Stack

Votes: 286

20. Sun Valley Cyclone (1946)

Passed | 56 min | Action, Adventure, Western

Red Ryder and Little Beaver ride into a sleepy Arizona town, and are seen by Blackie Blake. Red and his young Indian pal go to the office of Marshal McGaw and Blake sneaks up to a window ... See full summary »

Director: R.G. Springsteen | Stars: Bill Elliott, Robert Blake, Alice Fleming, Roy Barcroft

Votes: 33

21. The Phantom Stagecoach (1957)

Approved | 69 min | Western

A dispute between stage lines goes back and forth until one comes up with what it hopes will end it all .

Director: Ray Nazarro | Stars: William Bishop, Kathleen Crowley, Richard Webb, Hugh Sanders

Votes: 52

22. Cavalcade of the West (1936)

Passed | 59 min | Action, Drama, History

Two brothers are separated when young. One becomes the pony express rider Clint Knox and the other the outlaw Ace Carter. Their next meeting finds Ace way-laying Clint as he delivers the mail.

Director: Harry L. Fraser | Stars: Hoot Gibson, Rex Lease, Marion Shilling, Adam Goodman

Votes: 103

23. The Scarlet Brand (1932)

Passed | 58 min | Action, Romance, Western

Bud Bryson is framed for cattle rustling and branded. Walker's brand was used and he heads for the Walker ranch to get revenge. He gets a job there and slowly realizes that Walker was not ... See full summary »

Director: J.P. McGowan | Stars: Bob Custer, Betty Mack, Robert Walker, Frank Ball

Votes: 11

24. Vigilantes of Dodge City (1944)

Approved | 54 min | Western

Jennings is after the Ryder freight lines. His gang robs their stage and then rustles the horses Red Ryder is delivering to the Army, When the Army Captain arrives he arrests Ryder for rustling his own horses.

Director: Wallace Grissell | Stars: Bill Elliott, Robert Blake, Alice Fleming, Linda Stirling

Votes: 38

25. The Cowboy Counsellor (1932)

Passed | 62 min | Action, Comedy, Romance

A con man posing as a lawyer tries to sell copies of a phony law book. Things get serious when he has to defend a young man falsely accused of robbery.

Director: George Melford | Stars: Hoot Gibson, Sheila Bromley, Jack Rutherford, Skeeter Bill Robbins

Votes: 73

26. Riders of the Dawn (1945)

Approved | 58 min | Western

Jimmy Wakely and Dusty, traveling with the medicine show owned by "Lasses" White, stop at the Ferguson ranch and find the rancher and his wife killed. They take the Ferguson baby to their ... See full summary »

Director: Oliver Drake | Stars: Jimmy Wakely, Lee 'Lasses' White, John James, Sarah Padden

Votes: 9

27. Colorado Ranger (1950)

Approved | 59 min | Action, Adventure, Western

Shamrock, Lucky, and the Colonel arrive in Cactus Junction where they are given badges by the Sheriff and offered money by Morgan to drive the ranchers off the land. Instead they bring in ... See full summary »

Director: Thomas Carr | Stars: James Ellison, Russell Hayden, Raymond Hatton, Fuzzy Knight

Votes: 48

28. Six-Gun Serenade (1947)

Passed | 55 min | Action, Music, Western

When he tries to get feed for a stray calf on credit, Jimmy Wakely gets into a fight with feed-store owner Buck. Jimmy and store hand "Lasses" White, who tries to help Jimmy, are arrested ... See full summary »

Director: Ford Beebe | Stars: Jimmy Wakely, Lee 'Lasses' White, Kay Morley, Jimmy Martin

Votes: 13

29. Pack Train (1953)

Approved | 57 min | Western

Baddies McLain and Riker charge settlers what the traffic will bear for supplies. When Autry attempts to help out, the outlaws go after him.

Director: George Archainbaud | Stars: Gene Autry, Champion, Gail Davis, Kenne Duncan

Votes: 54

30. Raiders of Red Gap (1943)

Approved | 57 min | Western

When a gang attacks his ranch and kills one of his ranch hands, Jim Roberts gets together with his neighbors to fight the Bennett Cattle Co., whom they are sure is behind the attacks in a ... See full summary »

Director: Sam Newfield | Stars: Robert Livingston, Al St. John, Myrna Dell, Ed Cassidy

Votes: 57

31. Sagebrush Troubadour (1935)

Approved | 58 min | Western

Ranger Gene and sidekick Frog trail a murderer, with time out for lots of songs.

Director: Joseph Kane | Stars: Gene Autry, Barbara Pepper, Smiley Burnette, Champion

Votes: 87

32. Overland Mail (1939)

Passed | 51 min | Western

Overland mail riders Jack Mason and his pal, Porchy, learn that an Indian uprising is imminent because one of the tribe has been murdered by a gang of outlaws. The primary town of the mail ... See full summary »

Director: Robert F. Hill | Stars: Jack Randall, Vince Barnett, Jean Joyce, Tristram Coffin

Votes: 27

33. Range War (1939)

Passed | 65 min | Western

Hopalong Cassidy (William Boyd) comes to the rescue of the railroad when a land baron and his gang try to prevent its construction.

Director: Lesley Selander | Stars: William Boyd, Russell Hayden, Britt Wood, Pedro de Cordoba

Votes: 137

34. Rainbow Over the Rockies (1947)

Passed | 58 min | Western

Driving a herd of cattle to market, Jimmy finds the trail has been fenced off by an old friend of his. While the two sides try to settle the matter peaceably, a man from each outfit get ... See full summary »

Director: Oliver Drake | Stars: Jimmy Wakely, Lee 'Lasses' White, Dennis Moore, Jack Baxley

Votes: 17

35. Phantom of the Plains (1945)

Approved | 56 min | Western

Red Ryder and Little Beaver return to Blue Springs and learn that the Duchess, Red's aunt, is going to sell her stagecoach line and marry a snooty Englishman Talbot Champneys, who is really... See full summary »

Director: Lesley Selander | Stars: Bill Elliott, Robert Blake, Alice Fleming, Ian Keith

Votes: 47

36. Moon Over Montana (1946)

Approved | 56 min | Music, Western

A virtual remake of Republic's 1942 "Call of the Canyon", continuing the trend of the first set of Jimmy Wakely westerns produced by Oliver Drake at Monogram of using an earlier Republic ... See full summary »

Director: Oliver Drake | Stars: Jimmy Wakely, Lee 'Lasses' White, Jennifer Holt, Jack Ingram

Votes: 18

37. Tucson Raiders (1944)

Passed | 55 min | Action, Adventure, Western

In Elliot's initial appearance as Red Ryder, he finds himself framed for murder. Little Beaver then foils the crooked Sheriff's attempt to have Red killed excaping jail. When Hannah Rogers ... See full summary »

Director: Spencer Gordon Bennet | Stars: Bill Elliott, George 'Gabby' Hayes, Robert Blake, Alice Fleming

Votes: 50

38. Across the Rio Grande (1949)

Approved | 56 min | Western

Outlaws attempting to kidnap Steve Blaine from a stagecoach are ran off by the sharpshooting of his sister, Sally and rescuers Jimmy Wakely and Cannonball Taylor. Steve is investigating his... See full summary »

Director: Oliver Drake | Stars: Jimmy Wakely, Dub Taylor, Reno Browne, Riley Hill

Votes: 82