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1. Carl Perkins

Soundtrack | Battleship

Carl Perkins was born on April 9, 1932 in Tiptonville, Tennessee, USA. He was an actor and composer, known for Battleship (2012), Eternals (2021) and Logan Lucky (2017). He was married to Valda Crider. He died on January 19, 1998 in Jackson, Tennessee.

Movie Magg

Now, let me take you to the movies, Magg, so I can hold your hand. // Oh, it ain't that I don't like your house, it's just that doggone man // and that double barrel behind the door that waits for me, I know. // Oh, climb upon old Becky's back and let's ride to the picture show.

2. Jefferson Airplane

Soundtrack | Four Brothers

Jefferson Airplane, a rock band based in San Francisco, California, was one of the pioneering bands of psychedelic rock. Formed in 1965, the group defined the San Francisco Sound and was the first from the Bay Area to achieve international commercial success. They were headliners at the three most ...

War Movie

In nineteen hundred and seventy-five all the // People rose from the countryside to move against // You government man d'you understand locked // Together hand in hand all through this unsteady land-- // Gonna roll roll roll the rock around roll roll roll the rock // Around lift the rock out of the ground

3. The Kinks

Soundtrack | The Boat That Rocked

The Kinks is known for The Boat That Rocked (2009), Avengers: Endgame (2019) and Hot Fuzz (2007).

Celluloid Heroes

Everybody's a dreamer and everybody's a star, // And everybody's in movies, it doesn't matter who you are. // There are stars in every city, // In every house and on every street, // And if you walk down Hollywood Boulevard // Their names are written in concrete!

4. Joan Baez

Soundtrack | The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

Joan Baez was the middle daughter of Albert Vinicio and Joan Bridge Baez. At age 10, her father took a job (and the family) to Baghdad, Iraq, for a year, after which they moved to Palo Alto, CA, home of Stanford University. In 1956, she bought her first guitar and heard Martin Luther King, Jr.'s ...

The Song At The End Of The Movie

This is the song at the end of the movie // When the house lights go on // The people go home // The plot's been resolved // It's all over

5. David Crosby

Actor | Backdraft

David Crosby was born on August 14, 1941 in Los Angeles, California, USA. He is known for Backdraft (1991), Hook (1991) and The Limey (1999). He has been married to Jan Dance since May 16, 1987. They have one child.

Cowboy Movie

Me and my good partners we were riding back to our camp // We were feeling very fine air was clear and slightly damp // We were riding back to have ourselves a party // To celebrate the robbing of the train

6. Paul Simon

Music_department | The Graduate

Born on October 13, 1941, in Newark New Jersey, Paul Simon is one of the greatest singer/songwriters ever. In 1957, he and high school pal, Art Garfunkel, wrote and recorded the single, "Hey Schoolgirl", under the name "Tom and Jerry". After some failures, they broke up. Simon still wrote and ...

That's Why God Made the Movies

When I was born // My mother died // She said, 'Bye bye, baby, bye bye // I said, 'Where you goin'? // I'm just born // She said, 'I'll only be gone for a while' // My mother loved to leave in style // That's why God made the movies

7. The Kinks

Soundtrack | The Boat That Rocked

The Kinks is known for The Boat That Rocked (2009), Avengers: Endgame (2019) and Hot Fuzz (2007).

Groovy Movies

Sometimes I think I'm gonna better myself, // Searching for acceptance in this big, wide world. // Sometimes I think I won't make it, // Playing in a rock 'n' roll band. // Sometimes I want to be a picture director, // And try to make the world understand.

8. Brian Wilson

Soundtrack | Love & Mercy

Brian Douglas Wilson was born on June 20th 1942 and has gone on to become one of, if not the greatest, musical geniuses in the world. It was while growing up, while being physically and psychologically abused by his father, that he discovered music as a way of shutting out all hurt and pain that he...

(with Van Dyke Parks)

Movies Is Magic

Movies is magic // Real life is tragic // Fundamental though it seems // When you're livin' in your dream // And you wake up it's over // Movies is magic

9. Jim Morrison

Soundtrack | Army of the Dead

James Douglas Morrison was born on December 8, 1943 in Melbourne, Florida, to Clara Virginia (Clarke) and George Stephen Morrison, a U.S. Naval Officer who fought in World War II. Jim eventually became so estranged from his parents that he would later claim that they were dead. Not much is known ...

The Movie

The movie will begin in five moments // The mindless voice announced // All those unseated will await the next show.

10. Pink Floyd

Soundtrack | Tang shan da xiong

Syd Barrett: vocals, guitar (born: Roger Keith Barrett; 6 January, 1946; Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England, UK). In 1968, Syd Barrett left the band. Syd died in July, 2006 at aged 60 from pancreatic cancer.

David Gilmour: vocals, guitar (born: David John Gilmour; 6 March, 1946; Cambridge, ...

Yet Another Movie

One sound, one single sound // One kiss, one single kiss // A face outside the window pane // However did it come to this?

11. Carly Simon

Soundtrack | All Good Things

Carly Simon has an unparalleled career that spans five decades of openhearted storytelling both in song and print. Joining the singer-songwriters of the early 1970s, Simon changed the public's conception of pop music to an honest, sensitive and intelligent craftwork. Simon's biggest success came ...

Film Noir

Got on in New Haven // Last car on the train. // Put my hat on the seat, // Wipe the tears from my eyes.

12. Steely Dan

Soundtrack | R.I.P.D.

Steely Dan is a composer and actor, known for R.I.P.D. (2013), Zodiac (2007) and Almost Famous (2000).

Everyone's Gone to the Movies

Kids if you want some fun // Mr. LaPage is your man // He's always laughing, having fun // Showing his films in the den // Come on, come on // Soon you will be eighteen // I think you know what I mean // Don't tell your mama // Your daddy or mama // They'll never know where you been

13. Elton John

Soundtrack | Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Sir Elton John is one of pop music's great survivors. Born 25 March, 1947, as Reginald Kenneth Dwight, he started to play the piano at the early age of four. At the age of 11, he won a scholarship to the Royal Academy of Music. His first band was called Bluesology. He later auditioned (...

I've Seen That Movie Too

I can see by your eyes you must be lying // When you think I don't have a clue // Baby you're crazy // If you think that you can fool me // Because I've seen that movie too

14. Suzanne Vega

Soundtrack | Closer

Suzanne Vega was born on July 11, 1959 in Santa Monica, California, USA. She is an actress and composer, known for Closer (2004), Pretty in Pink (1986) and Proof (2005). She has been married to Paul Mills since February 11, 2006. She was previously married to Mitchell Froom.

If You Were In My Movie

If you were in my movie // I'd have you as the doctor // Small black bag // And a big black coat //

15. Red Hot Chili Peppers

Soundtrack | Twister

Red Hot Chili Peppers are an American rock band formed in Los Angeles in 1983. The group's musical style primarily consists of rock with an emphasis on funk, as well as elements from other genres such as punk rock and psychedelic rock. Currently, the band consists of founding members vocalist ...


Psychic spies from China // Try to steal your mind's elation // And little girls from Sweden // Dreams of silver screen quotation // And if you want these kind of dreams // It's Californication

16. Radiohead

Soundtrack | Children of Men

Radiohead is an English rock band from Abingdon, Oxfordshire, formed in 1985. After signing to EMI in 1991, Radiohead released their debut single "Creep" in 1992. It became a worldwide hit after the release of their debut album, Pablo Honey (1993). Their popularity and critical standing rose in the...

Exit Music (For a Film)

Wake // From your sleep // The drying of // Your tears // Today // We escape // We escape

17. Belle & Sebastian

Soundtrack | Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Belle & Sebastian is a composer and actor, known for Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008), Definitely, Maybe (2008) and The Devil Wears Prada (2006).

Like Dylan in the Movies

Lisa's kissing men like a long walk home // When the music stops // Take a tip from me, don't go through the park // When you're on your own, it's a long walk home

18. Beck

Soundtrack | Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Beck was born on July 8, 1970 in Los Angeles, California, USA. He is an actor and composer, known for Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010), A Life Less Ordinary (1997) and Lucy (2014). He was previously married to Marissa Ribisi.

Movie Theme

Looking for a ladder // In the stratosphere // So I can be happy // Let my bones melt away

19. Skrillex

Soundtrack | Suicide Squad

Sonny John Moore (born January 15, 1988), known professionally as Skrillex, is an American record producer, DJ, singer, songwriter and musician. Growing up in Northeast Los Angeles and in Northern California, he joined the American post-hardcore band From First to Last as the lead singer in 2004, ...

Cinema Remix (Non-remixed version by Benny Benassi)

I could watch you for a lifetime // You're my favorite movie // A thousand endings // You mean everything to me // I never know what's coming // Forever fascinating // But you don't stop running // To me 'cause I'll always be waiting

20. Taylor Swift

Actress | The Lorax

Taylor Alison Swift is a multi-Grammy award-winning American singer/songwriter who, in 2010 at the age of 20, became the youngest artist in history to win the Grammy Award for Album of the Year. In 2011 Swift was named Billboard's Woman of the Year. She also has been named the American Music Awards...

If This Was A Movie

Last night I heard my own heart beating // Sounded like footsteps on my stairs // Six months gone and I'm still reaching // Even though I know you're not there // I was playing back a thousand memories, baby // Thinking 'bout everything we've been through // Maybe I've been going back too much lately // When time stood still and I had you

21. Miley Cyrus

Soundtrack | Hannah Montana

Miley Ray Cyrus was born Destiny Hope Cyrus on November 23, 1992 in Franklin, Tennessee and raised in Thompson's Station, Tennessee to Tish Cyrus & Billy Ray Cyrus. She has five siblings - two half-brothers, a half-sister, and a younger brother and sister. Her parents named her because they hoped ...

If We Were a Movie

If we were a movie // You'd be the right guy // And I'd be the best friend // That you'd fall in love with in the end

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