Silent Science Fiction

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1. The Mechanical Butcher (1895)

1 min | Short, Comedy, Sci-Fi

A butcher puts a full-grown live pig into his large box-like machine. Moments later, he draws out a full range of pork products, many already packaged for sale.

Director: Louis Lumière

Votes: 684

2. Gugusse and the Automaton (1897)

1 min | Short

Gugusse, a clown, is both astounded and bewildered upon seeing the mechanical movements of an automaton.

Director: Georges Méliès | Star: Gugusse

Votes: 11

3. X Rays (1900)

1 min | Short, Comedy

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Director: George Albert Smith | Stars: Laura Bayley, Tom Green

Votes: 26

4. A Novice at X-rays (1898)

1 min | Short

A scientist uses an x-ray machine to extract the skeleton out of a patient. After the skeleton is out of the mans body, with his skin lying on the floor, the skeleton begins to dance about the room!

Director: Georges Méliès | Star: Georges Méliès

Votes: 14

5. A Trip to the Moon (1902)

TV-G | 13 min | Short, Action, Adventure

A group of astronomers go on an expedition to the Moon.

Director: Georges Méliès | Stars: Georges Méliès, Victor André, Bleuette Bernon, Brunnet

Votes: 40,839

6. A Trip to the Moon (1898)

Not Rated | 3 min | Short, Comedy, Fantasy

An astronomer falls asleep and has a strange dream involving a fairy queen and the Moon.

Director: Georges Méliès | Stars: Jehanne d'Alcy, Georges Méliès

Votes: 3,137

7. The Eclipse: Courtship of the Sun and Moon (1907)

Not Rated | 9 min | Short, Comedy, Fantasy

As the clock strikes twelve, a weary astronomer attempts to answer the impertinent enquiries of his young students by scrutinising an impending lunar eclipse, as an effeminate and delicate moon caresses the mighty sun's hungry cosmic rays.

Director: Georges Méliès | Stars: Mlle. Bodson, Manuel, Georges Méliès

Votes: 1,052

8. The Electric Hotel (1908)

8 min | Animation, Short, Fantasy

An enthusiastic young couple is astounded with modern technology's giant leaps in the fascinating field of electricity.

Director: Segundo de Chomón | Stars: Segundo de Chomón, Julienne Mathieu

Votes: 796

9. The Battle in the Clouds (1909)

20 min | Short, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

An inventor uses a wireless controlled flying torpedo to destroy enemy airships.

Director: Walter R. Booth

Votes: 262

10. The Aerial Anarchists (1911)

15 min | Short, Drama

Anarchists build a super aircraft and bomb a railway, a fort and St. Paul's.

Director: Walter R. Booth

11. A Trip to Jupiter (1909)

8 min | Short, Sci-Fi

In a medieval palace, an astronomer with a telescope shows the king.

Director: Segundo de Chomón

Votes: 160

13. The Conquest of the Pole (1912)

Not Rated | 33 min | Short, Adventure, Horror

Aboard the futuristic flying machine of his own invention, Professor Mabouloff and his team of intercultural explorers set off on yet another impossible expedition to North Pole's vast landscapes. What wonders await the bold adventurers?

Director: Georges Méliès | Stars: Georges Méliès, Fernande Albany

Votes: 765

15. A Message from Mars (1913)

69 min | Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

A Martian is sentenced to visit Earth to cure a selfish man.

Director: Wallett Waller | Stars: Crissie Bell, E. Holman Clark, Hubert Willis, Charles Hawtrey

Votes: 121

16. A Message from Mars (1903)

Short, Sci-Fi

A Martian visits a selfish man in order to make him change his ways.

Director: Franklyn Barrett

17. A Message from Mars (1921)

Passed | 69 min | Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Comedy

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Director: Maxwell Karger | Stars: Bert Lytell, Raye Dean, Maud Milton, Alphonse Ethier

Votes: 12

18. The Extraordinary Adventures of Saturnino Farandola (1913)

77 min | Adventure

Episode 2: "Zingo and the White Elephant" Zingo and his wife, Sari, who are returning from their adventures in Mexico, when Zingo learns from his newspaper that the Royal Elephant of Siam ... See full synopsis »

Directors: Marcel Perez, Luigi Maggi | Stars: Marcel Perez, Nilde Baracchi, Alfredo Bertone, Filippo Castamagna

Votes: 151

20. Homunculus (1916)

360 min | Horror, Sci-Fi

A group of scientists, led by a Professor Ortmann, produce a living human child using scientific processes - a "homunculus." This creature is human in every way, except that he cannot experience love.

Director: Otto Rippert | Stars: Olaf Fønss, Ernst Ludwig, Albert Paul, Lore Rückert

Votes: 30

23. The End of the World (1916)

77 min | Drama, Sci-Fi

A comet, passing by Earth, causes rioting, social unrest, and major disasters that destroy the world.

Director: August Blom | Stars: Olaf Fønss, Carl Lauritzen, Ebba Thomsen, Johanne Fritz-Petersen

Votes: 274

24. A Trip to Mars (1918)

97 min | Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

A group of researchers from Earth travel in a spaceship to Mars, where, to big surprise, they find a peaceful vegetarian and pacifist civilization.

Director: Holger-Madsen | Stars: Gunnar Tolnæs, Zanny Petersen, Nicolai Neiiendam, Alf Blütecher

Votes: 566

25. Alraune (1919)

80 min | Horror, Sci-Fi

A mad scientist "creates" a beautiful but demonic woman, the result of a forced sexual union between a woman and a mandrake root, a plant said to have magical powers due to its uncanny resemblance to the human body.

Directors: Michael Curtiz, Edmund Fritz | Stars: Gyula Gál, Rózsi Szöllösi, Kálmán Körmendy, Böske Malatinszky

Votes: 32

26. The Master Mystery (1918)

Action, Adventure, Mystery

Justice Department agent Quentin Locke must investigate a powerful cartel protected by a robot (here referred to as "The Automaton") and using a gas weapon "The Madagascar Madness".

Directors: Harry Grossman, Burton L. King | Stars: Harry Houdini, Marguerite Marsh, Ruth Stonehouse, Edna Britton

Votes: 115

27. The Arc (1919)

70 min

In 1949, Earth is struggling to rebuild after its civilisation has been destroyed.

Director: Richard Oswald | Stars: Leo Connard, Eva Speyer, Georg H. Schnell, Oevid Molander

28. Die Herrin der Welt 1. Teil - Die Freundin des gelben Mannes (1919)

Adventure, Drama

Maud Gregaards travels to China in search of a fabled treasure said to have belonged to the Queen of Sheba. Once there, she is taken captive by an evil man and nearly killed in the belief she is a witch.

Directors: Joseph Klein, Joe May | Stars: Mia May, Michael Bohnen, Henry Sze, Hans Mierendorff

Votes: 18

31. Nachtgestalten (1920)

106 min | Horror

Thomas Bezug, the richest man in the world, is a solitary, domineering and cruel cripple who hardly can move on his crutches. He dwells a fanatical love for his son, whom he holds like a monkey in a cage.

Director: Richard Oswald | Stars: Paul Wegener, Reinhold Schünzel, Erna Morena, Erik Charell

Votes: 8

33. Power (1920)

99 min | Fantasy, Sci-Fi

An alien from the planet Algol gives a man a device that gives him superpowers.

Director: Hans Werckmeister | Stars: Emil Jannings, John Gottowt, Hans Adalbert Schlettow, Hanna Ralph

Votes: 124

34. The Invisible Ray (1920)


A scientist discovers a death ray and locks it in a box, giving the key to his daughter, who soon finds herself hunted by criminals looking to steal the deadly mineral.

Director: Harry A. Pollard | Stars: Ruth Clifford, Jack Sherrill, Sidney Bracey, Edwards Davis

Votes: 15

35. The Mechanical Man (1921)

80 min | Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi

The story begins with a scientist creating a device shaped like a man that can be remote-controlled by a machine.

Director: André Deed | Stars: Giulia Costa, André Deed, Valentina Frascaroli, Mathilde Lambert

Votes: 204

36. The Man from Beyond (1922)

Not Rated | 74 min | Mystery

A man who has been frozen in the Arctic ice for 100 years returns to civilization to find his lost love.

Director: Burton L. King | Stars: Harry Houdini, Arthur Maude, Albert Tavernier, Erwin Connelly

Votes: 205

37. Black Oxen (1923)

80 min | Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi

A Manhattan playboy falls in love with a mysterious European woman, whom he notices as an exact double for a famous socialite who disappeared at the turn of the century. At first, he thinks... See full summary »

Director: Frank Lloyd | Stars: Corinne Griffith, Conway Tearle, Tom Ricketts, Tom Guise

Votes: 122

38. The Last Man on Earth (1924)

70 min | Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

In the future year of 1940, a young man is rejected and humiliated by a girl and goes off to be a hermit in a redwood forest. By 1950, a dreadful plague of "Masculitis" has killed every ... See full summary »

Director: John G. Blystone | Stars: Earle Foxe, Grace Cunard, Gladys Tennyson, Derelys Perdue

Votes: 59

39. L'inhumaine (1924)

Not Rated | 135 min | Adventure, Drama, Mystery

Claire Lescot is a famous first lady. All men want to be loved by her and among them is the young scientist Einar Norsen. When she mocks at him, he leaves her house with the declared intention to kill himself.

Director: Marcel L'Herbier | Stars: Jaque Catelain, Léonid Walter de Malte, Philippe Hériat, Fred Kellerman

Votes: 658

41. At 3:25 (1924)

Unrated | 35 min | Short, Sci-Fi

A scientist's invisible ray freezes Paris into immobility.

Director: René Clair | Stars: Henri Rollan, Charles Martinelli, Louis Pré Fils, Albert Préjean

Votes: 1,464

42. Charleston Parade (1927)

17 min | Short, Sci-Fi

Shot in three days, this surreal, erotic silent short shows a native white girl teaching a futuristic African airman the Charleston dance.

Director: Jean Renoir | Stars: Catherine Hessling, Johnny Hudgins, Pierre Braunberger, André Cerf

Votes: 597

43. The Power God (1925)

300 min | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Professor Sturgess invents a miraculous engine which can draw unlimited power from the atoms of the air. When the professor is killed, his daughter and her fiance must fight to keep the ... See full summary »

Directors: Francis Ford, Ben F. Wilson | Stars: Ben F. Wilson, Neva Gerber, Lafe McKee, Al Ernest Garcia

Votes: 36

45. A Daughter of Destiny (1928)

108 min | Drama, Fantasy, Horror

A scientist interested in the laws of heredity, impregnates a prostitute in a laboratory with the semen of a hanged murderer. The prostitute conceives a female child who has no concept of love, whom the professor adopts.

Director: Henrik Galeen | Stars: Brigitte Helm, Paul Wegener, Iván Petrovich, Wolfgang Zilzer

Votes: 270

46. Aelita: Queen of Mars (1924)

Not Rated | 111 min | Adventure, Drama, Fantasy

A mysterious radio message is beamed around the world, and among the engineers who receive it are Los, the hero, and his colleague Spiridonov. Los is an individualist dreamer. Aelita is the... See full summary »

Director: Yakov Protazanov | Stars: Yuliya Solntseva, Igor Ilyinsky, Nikolai Tsereteli, Nikolay Batalov

Votes: 2,219

47. High Treason (1929)

95 min | Sci-Fi