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1. The October Man (1947)

Not Rated | 95 min | Crime, Mystery

Jim Ackland, who suffers from a head injury sustained in a bus crash, is the chief suspect in a murder hunt, when a girl that he has just met is found dead on the local common, and he has ... See full summary »

Director: Roy Ward Baker | Stars: John Mills, Joan Greenwood, Edward Chapman, Kay Walsh

Votes: 913

2. She (1935)

Approved | 101 min | Adventure, Fantasy, Romance

Leo Vincey, told by his dying uncle of a lost land visited 500 years ago by his ancestor, heads out with family friend Horace Holly to try to discover the land and its secret of immortality... See full summary »

Directors: Lansing C. Holden, Irving Pichel | Stars: Helen Gahagan, Randolph Scott, Helen Mack, Nigel Bruce

Votes: 1,369


3. Young Man of Manhattan (1930)

Passed | 79 min | Comedy, Musical, Romance

Two flappers (Claudette Colbert and Ginger Rogers) try to get their newspaper reporter boyfriends to pay attention to them.

Director: Monta Bell | Stars: Claudette Colbert, Norman Foster, Ginger Rogers, Charles Ruggles

Votes: 112


4. Storm in a Teacup (1937)

Approved | 87 min | Comedy, Romance

A local politician in Scotland tries to break the reporter who wrote a negative story about him, and who is also in love with his daughter.

Directors: Ian Dalrymple, Victor Saville | Stars: Vivien Leigh, Rex Harrison, Cecil Parker, Sara Allgood

Votes: 737


5. The 10 Year Plan (2014)

Not Rated | 90 min | Comedy, Romance

Meet Myles and Brody, best friends and total opposites. Myles is a hopeless romantic looking for Mr. Right. Brody is a sexy player on the hunt for Mr. Right Now. These two friends make a ... See full summary »

Director: J.C. Calciano | Stars: Jack Turner, Michael Adam Hamilton, Teri Reeves, Moronai Kanekoa

Votes: 3,572


6. Hollywood, je t'aime (2009)

Not Rated | 95 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

A gay Parisian shows up in Hollywood at Christmastime, ready for his close-up.

Director: Jason Bushman | Stars: Eric Debets, Chad Allen, Jonathan Blanc, Diarra Kilpatrick

Votes: 406


7. Perfect Understanding (1933)

Not Rated | 80 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

A young couple decide to marry under the condition that they agree never to disagree. That agreement is soon put to the test when the husband finds himself attracted to a beautiful young woman.

Director: Cyril Gardner | Stars: Gloria Swanson, Laurence Olivier, John Halliday, Nigel Playfair

Votes: 604


8. The Benson Murder Case (1930)

Passed | 65 min | Crime, Mystery, Thriller

A ruthless, crooked stockbroker is murdered at his luxurious country estate, and detective Philo Vance just happens to be there; he decides to find out who killed him.

Director: Frank Tuttle | Stars: William Powell, William 'Stage' Boyd, Eugene Pallette, Paul Lukas

Votes: 254

9. A Christmas Carol (1951)

TV-PG | 86 min | Drama, Fantasy

Old bitter miser Ebenezer Scrooge (Alastair Sim) is given a chance for redemption when he is haunted by three ghosts on Christmas Eve.

Director: Brian Desmond Hurst | Stars: Alastair Sim, Jack Warner, Kathleen Harrison, Mervyn Johns

Votes: 19,005

10. Bad Girl (1931)

Passed | 90 min | Drama, Romance

A man and woman, skeptical about romance, nonetheless fall in love and are wed, but their lack of confidence in the opposite sex haunts their marriage.

Director: Frank Borzage | Stars: James Dunn, Sally Eilers, Minna Gombell, Frank Austin

Votes: 992

11. Golden Boy (1939)

Approved | 99 min | Drama, Romance, Sport

Despite his musical talent, Joe Bonaparte wants to be a boxer.

Director: Rouben Mamoulian | Stars: Barbara Stanwyck, Adolphe Menjou, William Holden, Lee J. Cobb

Votes: 1,636

12. The Cheat (1931)

74 min | Drama

Woman in debt makes an impulsive investment which doesn't go her way.

Directors: George Abbott, Berthold Viertel | Stars: Tallulah Bankhead, Harvey Stephens, Irving Pichel, Jay Fassett

Votes: 425

13. The Strange Case of Doctor Rx (1942)

Approved | 66 min | Horror, Mystery

Private eye Jerry Church is hired by a criminal defense lawyer after five mobsters he has gotten acquitted are apparently strangled by a serial killer.

Director: William Nigh | Stars: Patric Knowles, Lionel Atwill, Anne Gwynne, Samuel S. Hinds

Votes: 295

14. The Man Who Wouldn't Die (1942)

Passed | 65 min | Crime, Mystery

A private detective gets mixed up with a phony spiritualist racket.

Director: Herbert I. Leeds | Stars: Lloyd Nolan, Marjorie Weaver, Helene Reynolds, Henry Wilcoxon

Votes: 438

15. The Lady Is Willing (1934)

66 min | Comedy

A private detective is hired by three men to kidnap a wealthy man's wife in order to get a ransom, but he soon falls for her.

Director: Gilbert Miller | Stars: Leslie Howard, Cedric Hardwicke, Binnie Barnes, Nigel Playfair

Votes: 31

16. Secret Beyond the Door... (1947)

Not Rated | 99 min | Drama, Film-Noir, Mystery

When a lovely woman and her new husband settle in an ancient mansion on the East coast, she discovers that he may want to kill her.

Director: Fritz Lang | Stars: Joan Bennett, Michael Redgrave, Anne Revere, Barbara O'Neil

Votes: 4,085

17. Pushover (1954)

Passed | 88 min | Crime, Drama, Film-Noir

Undercover cop falls for the beautiful moll of a bank robber on the run and together they double-cross the hood and the cops.

Director: Richard Quine | Stars: Fred MacMurray, Kim Novak, Philip Carey, Dorothy Malone

Votes: 2,310

18. Mr. Ace (1946)

Approved | 84 min | Drama

A rich society woman uses a gangster to win a congressional election.

Director: Edwin L. Marin | Stars: George Raft, Sylvia Sidney, Stanley Ridges, Sid Silvers

Votes: 108

19. Johnny Come Lately (1943)

Approved | 97 min | Drama

Newspaper man wanders about and helps older woman save her paper.

Director: William K. Howard | Stars: James Cagney, Grace George, Marjorie Main, Marjorie Lord

Votes: 455

20. The Girl Who Dared (1944)

Approved | 56 min | Mystery, Romance

A young woman seeking adventure, and several other people have to outwit a mysterious killer on a remote island.

Director: Howard Bretherton | Stars: Lorna Gray, Peter Cookson, Grant Withers, Veda Ann Borg

Votes: 143

21. Before Midnight (1933)

Passed | 63 min | Adventure, Crime, Drama

Detective tries to figure out who killed a man who predicted his own death.

Director: Lambert Hillyer | Stars: Ralph Bellamy, June Collyer, Claude Gillingwater, Bradley Page

Votes: 131

22. Back Street (1932)

Passed | 93 min | Drama, Romance

A woman's love for and devotion to a married man results in her being relegated to the "back streets" of his life.

Director: John M. Stahl | Stars: Irene Dunne, John Boles, George Meeker, Zasu Pitts

Votes: 493


23. Sinners in the Sun (1932)

70 min | Drama, Romance

A New York fashion model finds herself being pursued by a poor but honest garage mechanic and a rich philanderer.

Director: Alexander Hall | Stars: Carole Lombard, Chester Morris, Adrienne Ames, Alison Skipworth

Votes: 217


24. The Saxon Charm (1948)

Approved | 88 min | Drama, Film-Noir

In order to get his way, New York producer Matt Saxon manipulates and controls everyone around him but his latest protégé, novelist Eric Busch, finally stands-up to him.

Director: Claude Binyon | Stars: Robert Montgomery, Susan Hayward, John Payne, Audrey Totter

Votes: 135


25. The Night of January 16th (1941)

Passed | 80 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

The story revolves around three people; Tycoon Bjorn Faulkner, who is being called upon by his board of directors to explain a missing $20,000,000; Kit Lane, his secretary who also has a ... See full summary »

Director: William Clemens | Stars: Robert Preston, Ellen Drew, Nils Asther, Clarence Kolb

Votes: 85


26. Slightly Married (1932)

Passed | 65 min | Comedy, Romance

Mary Smith is picked up by the police and is about to be sentenced, in night court, to jail for vagrancy. But a stranger, Jimmie Martin, stands up and tells the judge that Mary was waiting ... See full summary »

Director: Richard Thorpe | Stars: Evalyn Knapp, Walter Byron, Marie Prevost, Jason Robards Sr.

Votes: 72


27. The Defense Rests (1934)

Passed | 70 min | Adventure, Crime, Drama

The assistant (Arthur) of a sleazy lawyer (Holt) is determined to end his cheating ways.

Director: Lambert Hillyer | Stars: Jack Holt, Jean Arthur, Nat Pendleton, Arthur Hohl

Votes: 97

YouTube 12/30/18

28. Turn the Key Softly (1953)

81 min | Crime, Drama

After three women are released from prison, we follow them for their first day of freedom.

Director: Jack Lee | Stars: Yvonne Mitchell, Terence Morgan, Joan Collins, Kathleen Harrison

Votes: 304

YouTube 01/01/19

29. Man of the World (1931)

74 min | Drama, Romance

A young American girl visits Paris accompanied by her fiancee and her wealthy uncle. There she meets and is romanced by a worldly novelist; what she doesn't know is that he is a blackmailer who is using her to get to her uncle.

Directors: Richard Wallace, Edward Goodman | Stars: William Powell, Carole Lombard, Wynne Gibson, Lawrence Gray

Votes: 538

30. Always Goodbye (1938)

Approved | 75 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

A woman must decide between two men - one she loves, the other she admires and respects.

Director: Sidney Lanfield | Stars: Barbara Stanwyck, Herbert Marshall, Ian Hunter, Cesar Romero

Votes: 363

31. Private Number (1936)

Approved | 80 min | Drama, Romance

A maid secretly marries the son of her wealthy boss.

Director: Roy Del Ruth | Stars: Robert Taylor, Loretta Young, Basil Rathbone, Patsy Kelly

Votes: 312


32. Adventure in Manhattan (1936)

Passed | 73 min | Adventure, Comedy, Crime

A reporter meets an actress whose producer is a presumed-dead thief, and stakes his reputation on predicting the next crime.

Director: Edward Ludwig | Stars: Jean Arthur, Joel McCrea, Reginald Owen, Thomas Mitchell

Votes: 536

33. It Pays to Advertise (1931)

63 min | Comedy

To prove his thesis that any product--even one that doesn't exist--can be merchandized if it is advertised properly, a young man gets together with his father's savvy secretary to market a ... See full summary »

Director: Frank Tuttle | Stars: Norman Foster, Carole Lombard, Richard 'Skeets' Gallagher, Eugene Pallette

Votes: 86

35. Phone Call from a Stranger (1952)

105 min | Drama, Film-Noir

While waiting on a delayed flight, David Trask, who has left his unfaithful wife, meets three of his fellow passengers. When the aircraft crashes, he is one of few survivors, and sets out to resolve their unfinished business.

Director: Jean Negulesco | Stars: Bette Davis, Shelley Winters, Gary Merrill, Michael Rennie

Votes: 2,055

36. Rainbow Over Broadway (1933)

Passed | 72 min | Drama, Musical

Ex-vaudeville performer Trixie makes a come-back, and threatens to thwart the ambitions of her song-writing step-children, Bob and Judy.

Director: Richard Thorpe | Stars: Joan Marsh, Frank Albertson, Lucien Littlefield, Grace Hayes

Votes: 28

37. Up Pops the Devil (1931)

74 min | Comedy

The marriage of an advertising man is jeopardized when he gets a chance to sell a novel he's been working on and quits his job to concentrate on writing. In order to support the family, the... See full summary »

Director: A. Edward Sutherland | Stars: Richard 'Skeets' Gallagher, Stuart Erwin, Carole Lombard, Lilyan Tashman

Votes: 58

38. Sing Sinner Sing (1933)

Passed | 74 min | Drama, Romance

A singer on a gambling ship is married to a wealthy playboy. When he is found murdered, all evidence points to her as the culprit, and she is put on trial for the crime.

Director: Howard Christie | Stars: Paul Lukas, Leila Hyams, Don Dillaway, Ruth Donnelly

Votes: 55

39. The Sin of Nora Moran (1933)

Passed | 65 min | Crime, Drama

Nora Moran, a young woman with a difficult and tragic past, is sentenced to die for a murder that she did not commit. She could easily reveal the truth and save her own life, if only it ... See full summary »

Director: Phil Goldstone | Stars: Zita Johann, John Miljan, Alan Dinehart, Paul Cavanagh

Votes: 324

40. Strangers of the Evening (1932)

70 min | Comedy, Mystery

Bodies start mysteriously disappearing from the city morgue. An investigator tries to determine what is going on.

Director: H. Bruce Humberstone | Stars: Zasu Pitts, Eugene Pallette, Lucien Littlefield, Tully Marshall

Votes: 171

41. Love in High Gear (1932)

Passed | 66 min | Comedy, Romance

A young couple making plans to elope are overheard by a jewel thief, who sees a chance to turn the situation to his advantage.

Director: Frank R. Strayer | Stars: Harrison Ford, Alberta Vaughn, Tyrell Davis, Arthur Hoyt

Votes: 52

42. The Rage of Paris (1938)

Approved | 78 min | Comedy

Nicole has no job and is several weeks behind with her rent. Her solution to her problem is to try and snare a rich husband. Enlisting the help of her friend Gloria and the maitre'd at a ... See full summary »

Director: Henry Koster | Stars: Danielle Darrieux, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Mischa Auer, Louis Hayward

Votes: 644

43. Penguin Pool Murder (1932)

Passed | 70 min | Comedy, Drama, Mystery

Shady stockbroker and abusive husband Gerald Parker is found dead in the penguin pool of a NYC aquarium after being knocked cold by his wife's boyfriend.

Director: George Archainbaud | Stars: Edna May Oliver, Robert Armstrong, James Gleason, Mae Clarke

Votes: 970

44. Hitler - Beast of Berlin (1939)

Approved | 87 min | Drama, War

Hans Memling, a young intellectual, patriotic German, is secretly opposed to the Nazi regime. With the aid of Gustav Schultz, Father Pommer, Anna Wahl and others, he is gleaning accurate ... See full summary »

Director: Sam Newfield | Stars: Roland Drew, Steffi Duna, Greta Granstedt, Alan Ladd

Votes: 80

45. Schlitz Playhouse (1951–1959)
Episode: For Better, for Worse (1957)

30 min | Comedy, Drama

Walter Van Buren begins to suspect that his new wife is a compulsive liar.

Director: John Brahm | Stars: Bette Davis, John Williams, Ray Stricklyn, Simon Scott

Votes: 106

46. The Decorator (1965 TV Short)

30 min | Short, Comedy