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All Music Videos I have seen. Ranked in order, best at the top. Videos are ranked solely based on the video, not the song.

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1. The Prodigy: Smack My Bitch Up (1997 Video)

5 min | Short, Music

The video shows some rampant adventures on the night London from the first person view. In the full version of the clip, called the Most Controversial Version, there are all kinds of ... See full summary »

Director: Jonas Åkerlund | Stars: The Prodigy, Teresa May

Votes: 355

Filmed in first person. A night of with lots of drug taking.

2. Björk: I Miss You (1997 Video)

4 min | Animation, Short, Fantasy

In both live-action and animated selves, Björk sings about wanting to meet already that perfect lover, while interacting with Jimmy the Idiot Boy and other Kricfalusi's creations.

Director: John Kricfalusi | Star: Björk

Votes: 102

Directed by John K. Surreal music video in the style of Ren and Stimpy with Bjork in weird scenarios.

3. Radiohead: Paranoid Android (1997 Video)

7 min | Animation, Short, Music

Animated video by Magnus Carlsson to support Radiohead's song "Paranoid Android." Robin and his friend Benjamin wander around a European city, running into all types of bizarre individuals and strange situations.

Director: Magnus Carlsson | Star: Radiohead

Votes: 332

Similar to Magnus Carlsson 's series Robin.

4. Björk: Hyperballad (1996 Video)

4 min | Short, Music

Music video for "Hyperballad" performed by Björk.

Director: Michel Gondry | Star: Björk

Votes: 194

Bjork has various computer graphics imposed on her.

5. Madonna: Human Nature (1995 Video)

5 min | Short, Music

S&M inspired music video for Madonna's last single from her album 'Bedtime Stories'.

Director: Jean-Baptiste Mondino | Stars: Mikey D., Jamie King, Madonna, Ruth Taveras

Votes: 536

Choreographed dance moves with Madonna in white boxes and fetish gear.

6. Faith No More: Epic (1989 Video)

4 min | Short, Fantasy, Music

Faith No More performs in the music video "Epic" from the album "The Real Thing" recorded for Slash Records. Mike Patton sings while the band plays in front of a painting of storm clouds. ... See full summary »

Director: Ralph Ziman | Stars: Faith No More, Mike Patton, Jim Martin, Billy Gould

Votes: 57

The band play in front of a weird hell-like background.

George Michael plays a cop and dances in a disco toilet.

8. Gotye Feat. Kimbra: Somebody That I Used to Know (2011 Video)

4 min | Short, Fantasy, Music

Music video for "Somebody That I Used To Know" by Gotye featuring Kimbra.

Director: Natasha Pincus | Stars: Gotye, Kimbra

Votes: 403

Goyte and Kimbra wear body paint that blends into the background.

9. Crash Test Dummies: Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm (1993 Video)

4 min | Short, Music

Promotional music video of the Crash Test Dummies' album "God Shuffled His Feet". The band plays the song while a group of parents go to the school theater for watching to their children ... See full summary »

Director: Dale Heslip | Stars: Crash Test Dummies, Benjamin Darvill, Mitch Dorge, Ellen Reid

Votes: 38

Pretentious and hilarious. The lyrics are interpreted as a stage play by children.

10. Fatboy Slim: Praise You (1999 Video)

5 min | Short, Music

The fictional "Torrance Community Dance Group" does improvisational dance in a mall to Fatboy Slim's "Praise You."

Director: Spike Jonze | Stars: Fatboy Slim, Michael Gier, Spike Jonze

Votes: 819

A group of dancers having fun.

11. Michael Jackson: Beat It (1983 Video)

G | 5 min | Short, Crime, Music

A promotional video for Michael Jackson's 1983 hit single "Beat It."

Director: Bob Giraldi | Stars: Michael Jackson, Michael DeLorenzo, Tony Fields, Tracii Guns

Votes: 1,875

Various dance fights in a diner, pool hall etc.

12. Red Hot Chili Peppers: Give It Away (1991 Video)

5 min | Short, Fantasy, Music

A promotional video for the Red Hot Chili Peppers' 1991 hit single "Give It Away."

Director: Stephane Sednaoui | Stars: Red Hot Chili Peppers, John Frusciante, Anthony Kiedis, Chad Smith

Votes: 675

Black and white. Shot in a desert.

13. Pulp: Common People (1995 Video)

5 min | Short, Music

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Director: Pedro Romhanyi | Star: Pulp

Votes: 45

A literal-ish interpretation of the lyrics with a giant disco and scenes in a supermarket.

14. Spice Girls: Wannabe (1996 Video)

4 min | Short, Comedy, Music

Spice Girls performs in the music video "Wannabe" from the album "Spice" recorded for Virgin Records and EMI Records. The music video begins with the Spice Girls outside London's St. ... See full summary »

Director: Johan Camitz | Stars: Spice Girls, Emma Bunton, Victoria Beckham, Geri Horner

Votes: 832

Pretty much a brightly coloured dance video.

15. Blink-182: First Date (2001 Video)

4 min | Short, Music

Promotional music video for the song "First Date" by Blink-182.

Directors: Brendan Malloy, Emmett Malloy, The Malloys | Stars: Blink-182, Travis Barker, Thomas DeLonge, Chad Gibert

Votes: 68

Spoof of 70s like That 70s Show.

16. Live: I Alone (1994 Video)

4 min | Short, Music

Video promo for "I Alone" by Live from the album Throwing Copper.

Director: Tim Pope | Stars: Edward Kowalczyk, Live

Votes: 7

The band perform in front of a magical forest with a weird tree.

17. Madvillain: All Caps (2004 Video)

2 min | Animation, Short, Action

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Director: James Reitano | Star: Daniel Dumile

Animated video inspired by comic books with MF Doom

18. Chicane Feat. Bryan Adams: Don't Give Up (2000 Video)

4 min | Short, Music

Official music video for "Don't Give Up" by Chicane feat. Bryan Adams. An office worker in a dystopian world gets glimpses of nature from her secret palmtop PC.

Director: Sven Harding | Star: Bryan Adams

Votes: 6

A sort of retelling of 1984 with various early-2000s clubbing cybertechno imagery.

19. Carly Rae Jepsen: Call Me Maybe (2011 Video)

3 min | Short, Comedy, Music

A music video for Carly Rae Jepsen's song 'Call Me Maybe".

Director: Ben Knechtel | Stars: Carly Rae Jepsen, Tavish Crowe, Holden Nowell

Votes: 200

Carly cleans a car and tries to attract the attention of a sexy man.

20. Blink-182: All the Small Things (1999 Video)

3 min | Short, Comedy, Music

A music video for Blink-182's song 'All the Small Things', which mocks boy bands and contemporary music videos.

Director: Marcos Siega | Stars: Blink-182, Travis Barker, Thomas DeLonge, Mark Hoppus

Votes: 205

The band spoof various boy bands like Backstreet Boys.

21. Trapped in the Closet: Chapters 1-12 (2005 Video)

R | 43 min | Short, Drama, Music

The first twelve chapters of R. Kelly's rap opera in which a one-night stand triggers a series of revelations about the sexual deceits of its characters.

Directors: R. Kelly, Jim Swaffield | Stars: R. Kelly, Cat Wilson, Rolando Boyce, LeShay N. Tomlinson

Votes: 2,066

Epic Music video. Described as an opera.

22. Green Day: Basket Case (1994 Video)

3 min | Short, Music

Billie, Mike and Trè were patients in a mental hospital and were given a chance to rock once again.

Director: Mark Kohr | Stars: Billie Joe Armstrong, Tré Cool, Mike Dirnt, Green Day

Votes: 521

The band perform in an asylum wearing various bandages.

23. Lady Gaga: Alejandro (2010 Video)

9 min | Short, Fantasy, Music

The video begins with soldiers in black leather uniforms in a cabaret with a close-up of a soldier passed out in female fishnet stockings and heels as another lone soldier stares into the ... See full summary »

Director: Steven Klein | Stars: Yakov Vasilyev, Xavier Pritchett, Oliver Grainger, Justin Bradley

Votes: 856

Fashion dance video with Lady Gaga in various costumes some fetish ones.

24. Natalie Imbruglia: Torn (1997 Video)

4 min | Short, Drama, Music

Natalie Imbruglia performs in the music video "Torn" from the album "Left of the Middle" recorded for RCA Records. The video features a locked-off shot of an apartment room as Natalie ... See full summary »

Director: Alison Maclean | Stars: Natalie Imbruglia, Jeremy Sheffield

Votes: 578

Song about a relationship breaking up with the set becoming torn as the music plays.

25. Pet Shop Boys: Always on My Mind (1987 Video)

5 min | Short, Music

Music video for Pet Shop Boys: Always on My Mind

Director: Jack Bond | Stars: Joss Ackland, Chris Lowe, Pet Shop Boys, Neil Tennant

Votes: 121

The boys take a taxi ride with a Phantom-style Joss Ackland.

26. Smash Mouth: All Star (1999 Video)

G | 4 min | Short, Comedy, Music

Music video for Smash Mouth's song, 'All Star'.

Director: McG | Stars: Hank Azaria, Greg Camp, Dane Cook, Paul De Lisle

Votes: 573

The band play on the set of Mystery Men and turn over a bus.

27. Coolio feat. L.V.: Gangsta's Paradise (1995 Video)

4 min | Short, Music

Original music video based on the movie Dangerous Minds sung by Coolio featuring LV

Director: Antoine Fuqua | Stars: Coolio, L.V., Michelle Pfeiffer

Votes: 581

Various clips from Dangerous Minds with Coolio rapping in dark rooms.

28. Coolio: Too Hot (1995 Video)

5 min | Short, Music

Coolio performs in the music video "Too Hot" from the album "Gangsta's Paradise" recorded for Tommy Boy Records. The music video opens with a woman walking up a staircase and knocking at ... See full summary »

Director: David Nelson | Star: Coolio

Votes: 6

Coolio rides a big wheel.

29. Pet Shop Boys: West End Girls (1985 Video)

4 min | Short, Music

Music video for "West End Girls" by the Pet Shop Boys.

Directors: Andrew Morahan, Eric Watson | Stars: Chris Lowe, Pet Shop Boys, Neil Tennant

Votes: 198

The Pet Shop Boys walk through London's streets.

A man plays a golden guitar in a magic land.

31. Mötley Crüe: Girls, Girls, Girls (1987 Video)

5 min | Short, Music

Mötley Crüe performs in the music video "Girls, Girls, Girls" from the album "Girls, Girls, Girls" recorded for Elektra Records. The video opens with the band members arrive at a strip club... See full summary »

Director: Wayne Isham | Stars: Tommy Lee, Mick Mars, Mötley Crüe, Vince Neil

Votes: 135

The band perform in strip clubs with Mick Mars looking bored.

32. Ugly Kid Joe: Cats in the Cradle (1993 Video)

5 min | Short, Music

Ugly Kid Joe performs in the music video "Cat's in the Cradle" from the album "America's Least Wanted" recorded for Mercury Records. The music video begins with clips of a young boy and his... See full summary »

Director: Matt Mahurin | Stars: Ugly Kid Joe, Whitfield Crane, Cordell Crockett, Mark Davis

Votes: 19

A tale of a father who ignores his son. His son later ignores his child.

33. Bryan Adams featuring Melanie C: When You're Gone (1998 Video)

4 min | Short, Music

"When You're Gone" is a song by Bryan Adams, from his album On a Day Like Today (1998). It features Melanie C of the Spice Girls. The song peaked at number three on the UK Singles Chart and spent 15 weeks in the UK Top 40.

Director: Marcus Nispel | Stars: Bryan Adams, Melanie C

Votes: 24

Both singers perform in an open view house with box-like rooms.

34. 30 Seconds to Mars: Hurricane (2010 Video)

13 min | Short, Music, Sci-Fi

It takes place in what is believed to be a dream, and explores a violent and sexual world where 30 Seconds to Mars are stalked and attacked by various figures known as "The Gimps".

Director: Jared Leto | Stars: Jared Leto, Shannon Leto, Tomo Milicevic, Thirty Seconds to Mars

Votes: 193

Set in the future with some BDSM references.

Animated video featuring mix and match figures of the band.

36. Blink-182: What's My Age Again (2000 Video)

3 min | Short, Music

A music video for Blink-182's song 'What's My Age Again'.

Director: Marcos Siega | Stars: Blink-182, Travis Barker, Thomas DeLonge, Rick DeVoe

Votes: 313

The band run naked through the streets and perform in a studio naked.

37. Metallica: St. Anger (2003 Video)

6 min | Short, Music

The "St. Anger" video was directed by The Malloy. The video was shot in San Quentin State Prison, California. The band played at various locations in the area to hundreds of enthusiastic ... See full summary »

Directors: Brendan Malloy, Emmett Malloy, The Malloys | Stars: Kirk Hammett, James Hetfield, Metallica, Robert Trujillo

Votes: 138

The band perform in a prison.

38. RuPaul: Supermodel, You Better Work (1993 Video)

4 min | Short, Music

RuPaul performs in the music "Supermodel (You Better Work)" from the album "Supermodel of the World" recorded for Tommy Boy Records. The video begins with young girl who is spotted by a ... See full summary »

Director: Randy Barbato | Stars: LaWanda Page, RuPaul

Votes: 20

Tightly choreographed dance video.

A man bangs his head while listening to a walkman in a toilet cubical with images of the band and lyrics superimposed.

Various bands cover Linoleum with Aveneged Sevenfold covering the track in a studio

The Young Ones interrupt Cliff Richard when is in a recording studio.

A man drives a banana car through a tunnel.

The band perform in front of various superimposed images

44. Elton John & Kiki Dee: Don't Go Breaking My Heart (1976 Video)

4 min | Short, Music

Video promo for "Don't Go Breaking My Heart", a duet by Elton John and Kiki Dee.

Director: Mike Mansfield | Stars: Kiki Dee, Elton John

Votes: 54

Both singers sing in a studio.

The band perform in different coloured boxes.

46. Rihanna: S&M (2011 Video)

4 min | Short, Music

Melina Matsoukas directed the song's music video, which was, in part, Rihanna's response to disparaging critics. It portrays softcore sadomasochist acts and fetishes. The music video was ... See full summary »

Director: Melina Matsoukas | Stars: Elando Baltimore, Rihanna, Perez Hilton

Votes: 192

Rihanna does various fetish acts.

47. Britney Spears: Work Bitch (2013 Video)

4 min | Short, Music, Musical