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1. A False Student (1960)

94 min | Comedy, Drama

After failing the entrance exam for university for the fourth time, a young man pretends to be a student to avoid the shame of his family.

Director: Yasuzô Masumura | Stars: Ayako Wakao, Jerry Fujio, Jun Fujimaki, Eiji Funakoshi

Votes: 85

2. The River (1960)

110 min | Adventure, Drama

Four different stories taking place at border river between two enemy states.

Director: Nikos Koundouros | Stars: Titos Vandis, Anestis Vlahos, Giorgos Emirzas, Takis Emmanuel

Votes: 124

3. The Perfect Game (1958)

93 min | Action, Crime

A group of five college students decide to jinx a bicycle race in their favor and claim the money to pay off their debts, but when the illegal bookie cannot pay, they take up his offer of "... See full summary »

Director: Toshio Masuda | Stars: Tomio Aoki, Izumi Ashikawa, Ryôji Hayama, Akira Kobayashi

Votes: 78

4. Long Live the Republic (1965)

134 min | Drama, War

It is the spring 1945 and the front line is getting closer to the small Moravian village of Nesovice. Twelve-year old Oldrich Vareka, nicknamed Shorty for his tiny stature, observes the ... See full summary »

Director: Karel Kachyna | Stars: Frank Argus, Josef Barta, P. Bohdanecky, Eduard Bredun

Votes: 244

5. Harbor Drift (1929)

54 min | Drama

The quest for a sparkling pearl necklace stolen by a beggar under the gaze of a prostitute, who persuades her unemployed friend to steal it back, with tragic consequences.

Director: Leo Mittler | Stars: Lissy Arna, Paul Rehkopf, Fritz Genschow, Sig Arno

Votes: 108

6. The Drunkard (1950)

105 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

A poor cobbler has become a drunkard and the laughing stock of the whole neighborhood, besetting his daughter. When she falls in love with a rich young man, her father tries in vain to hide his passion from his family.

Director: Yorgos Tzavellas | Stars: Orestis Makris, Dimitris Horn, Billy Konstadopoulou, Athanasia Moustaka

Votes: 318

7. Yesterday Wonder I Was (2017)

80 min | Sci-Fi

A lonely character lives day by day in Mexico City, unable to control the changing from one body to the next from time to time. His hopelessness is questioned when he meets a woman named ... See full summary »

Director: Gabriel Mariño | Stars: Siouzana Melikian, Sonia Franco, Hoze Meléndez, Rubén Cristiany

Votes: 129

9. Touha (1958)

91 min | Drama

Four stories, four seasons of the year, four periods from the human life

Director: Vojtech Jasný | Stars: Jan Jakes, Václav Babka, Jana Brejchová, Jirí Vala

Votes: 80

10. Je t'attendrai (1939)

85 min | Drama, Romance, War

During WW1, a train is stopped by a bombing ;a young soldier takes advantage of the opportunity to go to his native village to see his parents .

Director: Léonide Moguy | Stars: Jean-Pierre Aumont, Corinne Luchaire, Édouard Delmont, Berthe Bovy

Votes: 93

11. The Man on the Shore (1993)

106 min | Drama, History, War

Haiti during papa Doc's reign: not a fun place!

Director: Raoul Peck | Stars: Jennifer Zubar, Toto Bissainthe, Patrick Rameau, Jean-Michel Martial

Votes: 122

12. Tea-Horse Road Series: Delamu (2004)

110 min | Documentary

Delamu ¨C Tibetan for "Peace Angel". Since ancient times, China's two primary land routes connecting it to the outside world have been the Silk Road in the north, and Tea Horse-Road in the ... See full summary »

Director: Zhuangzhuang Tian | Star: Kuirong Wang

Votes: 177

13. Resurrectio (1931)

65 min | Drama

A famous composer, distraught after his lover leaves him, contemplates suicide. He meets a young woman who restores his will to live.

Director: Alessandro Blasetti | Stars: Lia Franca, Daniele Crespi, Florica Alexandresco, Olga Capri

Votes: 74

14. Organ (1965)

99 min | Drama

A young Polish deserter and gifted organist finds shelter from the fascists in a Slovak Franciscan monastery. He gets into a conflict with the local organist and choir leader, a man limited in his world views and spiritual values.

Director: Stefan Uher | Stars: Frantisek Bubik, Alexandr Brezina, Kamil Marek, Irma Bárdyová

Votes: 139

15. Mirage (1972)

82 min | Drama

A young man inherits a broken down estate at the edge of the Peruvian desert, with no explanation about the former owners or what had become of the once thriving house.

Director: Armando Robles Godoy | Stars: Miguel Angel Flores, Helena Rojo, Hernán Romero, Orlando Sacha

Votes: 109

16. Nonni and Manni (1988– )

Adventure, Family

Nonni and Manni live on Iceland with their Mother and their grandmother in the late 1850th. A friend of their father's, Harald, has to give them the information that their father died. The ... See full summary »

Stars: Lisa Harrow, Stuart Wilson, Luc Merenda, Garðar Cortes

Votes: 166

17. Suburban Cabaret (1935)

93 min | Drama, Musical

A Viennese architect opposes his girlfriend's ambitions as a cabaret singer and turns away from her to do his duty in the infantry and prepare for war.

Director: Werner Hochbaum | Stars: Mathias Wieman, Luise Ullrich, Oskar Sima, Lina Woiwode

Votes: 60

18. Ti ekanes ston polemo Thanasi (1971)

85 min | Comedy, Drama, War

During the dark years of the German Occupation in Greece, the mysterious disappearance of a cherished tomcat throws a destitute factory worker straight into the bowels of Kommandantur, to taste firsthand the oppressor's lavish hospitality.

Director: Dinos Katsouridis | Stars: Thanasis Vengos, Efi Roditi, Antonis Papadopoulos, Kaiti Lambropoulou

Votes: 756

19. Divertimento (1992)

125 min | Drama

More than just an abbreviated form of "La Belle Noiseuse", Rivette re-cut his footage with some important differences in point of view - this one being more from Marianne's point of view.

Director: Jacques Rivette | Stars: Michel Piccoli, Jane Birkin, Emmanuelle Béart, Marianne Denicourt

Votes: 646

20. Mourning Rock (2000)

87 min | Documentary

A documentary about Eleusina. The past and the present, in complete antithesis, coexist in a place spoiled by modern industry but which long ago hosted the Eleusinian Mysteries, the secret ... See full summary »

Director: Filippos Koutsaftis | Star: Panagiotis Farmakis

Votes: 468

21. My Grandmother (1929)

Not Rated | 65 min | Comedy, Drama

The protagonist, a lazy pen-pusher, gets the sack for his bureaucratic idleness, and learns that the way back into the job market depends on getting a letter of recommendation from a "grandmother".

Director: Kote Mikaberidze | Stars: Aleksandre Takaishvili, Bella Chernova, Evgeniy Ovanov, Akaki Khorava

Votes: 299

22. Scarlet Week (1954)

70 min | Drama, Romance

A Bergmanesque triangle drama. After a weekend of dancing and camping on a recreation island near the city, a young factory worker decides to stay and cut work for a day. Walking around the... See full summary »

Director: Matti Kassila | Stars: Gunvor Sandkvist, Matti Oravisto, Toivo Mäkelä, Paavo Hukkinen

Votes: 193

23. Caídos del cielo (1990)

121 min | Drama, Romance

3 entwined stories set in Lima in the conflict marked 8Os: An elderly couple loses their child. A broadcaster shelters a depressed woman. A blind woman exploits her poor grandsons.

Director: Francisco J. Lombardi | Stars: Gustavo Bueno, Diana Quijano, Leontina Antonina, Carlos Gassols

Votes: 258

24. Keiho (1999)

133 min | Crime, Drama

Masaki Shibata Sinichi is a theater actor who murders a man and his wife. Masaki confesses the crime and alleges that the reason for it was that the woman, five months pregnant, had ... See full summary »

Director: Yoshimitsu Morita | Stars: Kyôka Suzuki, Shin'ichi Tsutsumi, Ittoku Kishibe, Naoki Sugiura

Votes: 181

25. The Art of Flying (2015)

7 min | Documentary, Short

Short film about "murmurations": the mysterious flights of the Common Starling. It is still unknown how the thousands of birds are able to fly in such dense swarms without colliding. Every ... See full summary »

Director: Jan van Ijken

Votes: 38

26. Piesen o sivom holubovi (1961)

98 min | Drama, War

During the WW2 a group of Slovak children goes a trip on the mountains with their teacher.

Director: Stanislav Barabas | Stars: Karol Machata, Jirí Sovák, Radoslav Bartoník, Michal Belák

Votes: 78

27. Závrat (1963)

81 min | Drama

Geologists looking for tin stay at a country hotel.The manager's daughter experiences her first love.

Director: Karel Kachyna | Stars: Eva Solcová, Petr Skála, Oldrich Velen, Jaroslav Radimecky

Votes: 52

28. Beauty (IV) (2014)

10 min | Animation, Short, Drama

BEAUTY is a short story of the most important emotions of life, from birth to death, love and sexuality through pain and fear. It is a tribute to art and his disarming beauty.

Director: Rino Stefano Tagliafierro

Votes: 123

30. Virginity (1937)

83 min | Drama

Young and stunningly beautiful Hana is thrown into the street after her mother catches her stepfather sexually harassing Hana. She finds a new job at a café where she becomes the object of ... See full summary »

Director: Otakar Vávra | Stars: Lída Baarová, Jaroslava Skorkovská, Frantisek Kreuzmann, Ladislav Bohác

Votes: 96

31. The Stone Cross (1968)

80 min | Drama

The Stone Cross (Kaminnyy khrest, 1968), based on two short stories ("The Stone Cross" and "The Thief," both published in 1900) by Galician novelist Vasyl Stefanyk.

Director: Leonid Osyka | Stars: Borislav Brondukov, Daniil Ilchenko, Yekaterina Mateyk, Ivan Mikolaychuk

Votes: 172

32. Acciaio (1933)

67 min | Drama

In the huge steel factories in Terni (Umbria, Italy), two friends (Mario and Pietro) fight for the love of the same girl (Gina). Pietro dies because of a work accident at the factory. The ... See full summary »

Director: Walter Ruttmann | Stars: Piero Pastore, Isa Pola, Vittorio Bellaccini, Alfredo Polveroni

Votes: 89

33. En rade (1927)

92 min | Drama

"Stranded / Sea Fever" - About the relationship between a small bar waitress and Jean, the son of the laundress who dreams of other horizons.

Director: Alberto Cavalcanti | Stars: Pierre Batcheff, Blanche Bernis, Nathalie Lissenko, Thomy Bourdelle

Votes: 71

34. The Solar Eclipse (1900)

1 min | Documentary, Short

Add a Plot

Votes: 49

35. Ihmiset suviyössä (1948)

66 min | Drama

A visual poem based on a story by Nobel laureate F.E. Sillanpää. The fates of various characters become interlaced over a long and light-filled summer night in the Finnish countryside. ... See full summary »

Director: Valentin Vaala | Stars: Eila Pehkonen, Martti Katajisto, Emma Väänänen, Eero Roine

Votes: 179

36. Les dernières fiançailles (1973)

92 min | Drama

After another cardiac arrest, Armand knows he doesn't have long to live. But after more than 70 years in the same house, he doesn't want to die anywhere else. His wife, Rose, has secretly ... See full summary »

Director: Jean Pierre Lefebvre | Stars: Marthe Nadeau, J. Léo Gagnon, Marcel Sabourin

Votes: 210

38. Swan Lake: The Zone (1990)

96 min | Drama

This film tells what it was like to live in the USSR with brutal reality. A convict is forced to hide within a model of a hammer and sickle. Here a tragic romance ensues between the convict and woman worker.

Director: Yuri Ilyenko | Stars: Viktor Solovyov, Lyudmila Efimenko, Pylyp Ilyenko, Mayya Bulgakova

Votes: 163 | Gross: $0.03M

39. El otro Francisco (1974)

97 min | Drama

Based on the novel Francisco by Anselmo Suárez y Romero, "The Other Francisco" is a socio-economic analysis of slavery and class struggle through the retelling of the original novel. The ... See full summary »

Director: Sergio Giral | Stars: Miguel Benavides, Alina Sánchez, Ramón Veloz, Adolfo Llauradó

Votes: 77

40. Schmutz (1987)

100 min | Drama, Thriller

Josef Schmutz is a custodian clerk given the task of guarding an outdated industrial plant.

Director: Paulus Manker | Stars: Fritz Schediwy, Hans-Michael Rehberg, Siggi Schwientek, Josefin Platt

Votes: 76

41. The Fall of Otrar (1991)

176 min | Drama, History, War

This historical epic charts political intrigue among the Kipchaks, a confederation of tribes on the steppes of central Asia, before they were overrun by Genghis Khan.

Director: Ardak Amirkulov | Stars: Dokhdurbek Kydyraliyev, Tungyshpai Zhamankulov, Bolot Beyshenaliev, Abdurashid Makhsudov

Votes: 115

42. Noin 7 veljestä (1968)

93 min | Comedy

Medieval knight spoof about Sir Wilhelm who wants to court beautiful Helena, the daughter of evil von Wurstburg living in his large castle. People around the village also include Robin Hood... See full summary »

Director: Jukka Virtanen | Stars: Juhani Kumpulainen, Spede Pasanen, Simo Salminen, Danny

Votes: 570