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It's been three years since the fatal NEX.024 virus (commonly referred to as The Inferno Contagion) took the world by storm. While the event ravaged the nations and gave them a taste of the near-end of the world, things haven't been all that bad since--groups of survivors were able to rebuild and regain a sense of normality across The States, providing refuge and a sense of family to those orphaned, widowed, and left abandoned after the devastation.

This is where our story begins: when a new survivor--sixteen-year-old Cassandra Black--comes across one of these communities; Cardinal Creek, Washington; in an attempt to escape the tragic past that's followed her since the age of twelve; one formed from an arrangement that causes government overreach to at last push her delicate circumstances over the edge.

But shortly after she arrives in the Creek, Cassandra is involved in an accident that leaves her battered, fragile, and remembering a story even she feels is conflicted with reality; and is thrust into a web of lies that is deeper and able to be traced back to long before the town's formation as she crosses paths with a highly-publicized scientist, an autistic teen whose brilliance advances scientific research concerning the Contagion, a girl claiming to be the virus's forgotten Patient Zero, a socialite and feared government leader "The Superior", and the local newspaper.

The questions they've been asking for the past years resurface as the lies build up, Cassandra's past is exposed, and Patient Zero turns out to be someone entirely different than whom she claimed to be, a particular proposal on everyone's mind: who truly is Cassandra, and could she be the answer to at last regaining the lives they all knew?

-- browse the list below as you please to place a face to the personalities fans grew fond of in Kaylie Fowler's debut novel, THE GIRL WHO LIVES IN A LIE, coming Spring 2022.

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