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Print Biographies (2)

Rich Cohen. Tough Jews: Fathers, Sons, and Gangster Dreams. New York: Simon & Schuster, Inc. April 1998. ISBN 0684831155
Larry King. My Remarkable Journey. New York: Weinstein Books, 2009. ISBN 0670063932

Portrayals (5)

Interviews (6)

New York Post (US) July 20 2016, Vol. 215, Iss. 248, pg. 54, by: Michael Starr, "HE'S ALL TALK: Larry King takes the fifth (season) on Ora TV"
Los Angeles Times (US) September 19 2015, Vol. 134, Iss. 290, pg. F7, by: Alene Dawson, "5 Questions: At 81, he's fit for a King"
Esquire (US) September 2010, Vol. 154, Iss. 2, pg. 138-139, by: Cal Fussman, "What I've Learned...Larry King"
Toronto Star (CA) May 22 2009, pg. E.1, by: Rob Salem, "Turning the tables on Larry King"
TV Guide (US) April 16 2007, Vol. 55, Iss. 16, pg. 10, by: Stephen Battaglio, "Larry King's Golden Jubilee"
Playboy (US) August 1990, Vol. 37, Iss. 8, pg. 53-62+151-152, by: David Rensin, "Playboy Interview"

Articles (17)

NATIONAL ENQUIRER (US) June 28 2021, Vol. 95, Iss. 26, pg. 20, "LARRY KING'S WIDOW DIVVIES UP $50M PIE"
GLOBE Magazine (US) April 26 2021, Vol. 68, Iss. 17, pg. 9, by: Staff writer, "LARRY KING'S $50M ON ICE! Son's legal war with widow stalls payout"
NATIONAL ENQUIRER (US) March 8 2021, Vol. 95, Iss. 10, pg. 8-9, by: Staff writer, "LARRY KING'S KIN CLAW FOR HIS CASH: Widow sues stepson to bend him to her will"
NATIONAL ENQUIRER (US) February 15 2021, Vol. 95, Iss. 7, pg. 8-9, by: Staff writer, "LARRY KING'S SAD LAST DAYS: Talk show titan's bitter bid to keep widow out of his wallet"
Fox News (US) February 12 2021, "Larry King's handwritten will leaves 2 million estate to be split among kids"
Variety Magazine (US) January 27 2021, Vol. 350, pg. 26, by: Aaron Brown, "Remembered: Larry King Had a Unique Relationship With the Audience"
Los Angeles Times (US) April 26 2018, Vol. 137, Iss. 144, pg. E1, E7, by: Robert Lloyd, "Larry King's having a blast: The Daytime Emmy nominee stands out as a digital newsman and he's not about to guit"
The Sunday Times Magazine (GB) September 18 2016, by: Sarah Ewing (interview) Michael Lewis (photograph), "Relative Values"
Los Angeles Times (US) July 3 2016, Vol. 135, Iss. 213, pg. E1, E11, by: Robert Lloyd, "A LIFE IN BROADCASTING: Still King of the interview"
The Orange County Register (US) December 16 2010, pg. News 2, by: Timothy Mangan, "Who will be on Larry King's swan song?"
The Washington Post (US) June 30 2010, Vol. 133, Iss. 207, pg. C1+C3, by: Howard Kurtz, "Larry King cites personal reasons for leaving talk show; poor ratings may be a factor"
The Washington Post (US) August 17 2008, Vol. 131, Iss. 256, pg. M1+M12, by: Robin Givhan, "Whaddaya Make Of Larry King's Longevity?"
The New York Times (US) May 17 2008, Vol. 157, Iss. 54,313, pg. B7 & B13, by: Jacques Steinberg, "Talk of Larry King's Successor Won't Stop, but Neither Does Larry King"
Vanity Fair (US) September 1997, Vol. 1, Iss. 445, pg. 294-297+325-329, by: Marjorie Williams, "He's Just a Guy Who Can't Say No"
The Diamond (US) July 1993, Vol. 1, Iss. 2, pg. 10, by: Larry King, "Eavesdropping at the '49 All-Star Game"
Playboy (US) March 1989, Vol. 36, Iss. 3, pg. 32, by: Laura Fissinger, "Guest Shot: Larry King"
Playboy (US) April 1988, Vol. 35, Iss. 4, pg. 90-91+150-159, by: Larry King with Peter Occhiogrosso, "Tell It To The King"

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