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Endemol Shine Sells Hit Series ‘Harem’ to Australia’s Sbs

France’s Endemol Shine has announced the Australian sale of its hit cult-themed Israeli drama “Harem” to Australia’s Sbs.

During a keynote speech at last year’s Series Mania, Endemol Shine president Sohpie Turner Laing announced that Season 2 of the series had already been greenlit, and shooting would begin in 2019.

Inspired by cults in Israel and the world around, the series is a fictional tale of a charismatic, mystical healer named Shabtai, who lives near Tel Aviv with 20 wives and more than 40 children. Those belonging to the cult joined voluntarily, and have lived isolated themselves from society at large for more than 20 years.

When an attempt to recruit a new member of the organization goes wrong, the true extent of Shabtai’s influence is revealed once outside authorities become involved. It’s clear that beyond his reputation as a healer, teacher and guru, that Shabtai is as ruthless a
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Series Mania: Endemol Shine’s Sophie Turner Laing Announces Season 2 of ‘Harem’

Series Mania: Endemol Shine’s Sophie Turner Laing Announces Season 2 of ‘Harem’
Lilles, France — In a keynote conversation given by Endemol Shine president Sohpie Turner Laing at Lille’s Series Mania, it was announced that Israeli broadcaster Reshet has commissioned a second season of the hit series “Harem,” to broadcast on Reshet 13.

Harem” featured at this year’s festival as part of the International Panorama, where Laing announced the renewal. She then explained where the series fits in the company’s big picture outlook.

“We are about supporting our creative visionaries [allowing them] to do the best work they can do around the world. The benefit of being such a strong group is that we are able to make things happen really quickly.”

She went on: “It’s working with the local heads in every country to work out what’s in their development slate, and what stories are going to resonate with audience. Our group is about how we travel shows from one country to another.
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