DVD Review - Arne Dahl - The Complete First Season

Arne Dahl - The Complete First Season.

Starring Malin Arvidsson, Irene Lindh, Claes Ljungmark, Shanti Roney, Magnus Samuelsson, Matias Varela and Niklas Åkerfelt.


An elite team of detectives are assembled to solve a series of high-priority, violent crimes.

The reputation and allure of Scandinavian crime and mystery television (or 'nordic noir') has been steadily growing since the break-out success of 2007's Forbrydelsen. This was the Danish and cross Scandinavian production that made it over the waters renamed - and eventually remade in America - as The Killing.

Since Sarah Lund's grim and gripping adventures, there have been a number of followers. Usually shown in the UK on BBC4, the quality of the Nordic imports remains remarkably high. The Bridge and earlier work such as Unit One and The Protectors have shown that addictive TV can appear in partnership with near cinematic artistry.

This is even true when production teams
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