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  • (1927 - 1963) Appeared on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1927) Stage Play: The Comic. Written by Lajos Luria. Translated by Lawrence R. Brown and James L. A. Burrell. Directed by J.C. Nugent. Theatre Masque: 19 Apr 1927- May 1927 (closing date unknown/15 performances). Cast: Patricia Collinge (as "The Actress"), Cyril Keightley (as "The Author"), J.C. Nugent (as "The Comedian"), Rex O'Malley (as "The Pupil") [Broadway debut], Malcolm Williams. Produced by John Jay Scholl and William J. Perlman.
  • (1927) Stage Play: The Marquise. Written by Noël Coward. Directed by David Burton. Biltmore Theatre: 14 Nov 1927- Jan 1928 (closing date unknown/80 performances). Cast: Billie Burke (as "The Marquise, Eloise De Kestournel"), Arthur Byron (as "The Compte, Raoul De Vriaac"), Madge Evans (as "Adrienne"), William Kershaw, Harry Lillford, Rex O'Malley (as "Miguel"), Reginald Owen (as "Esteban, El Duce De Santaguano"), Theodore St. John, Dorothy Tree (as "Alice"). Produced by Kenneth MacGowan and Sidney Ross.
  • (1928) Stage Play: The Bachelor Father. Comedy. Written by Edward Childs Carpenter. Directed by David Belasco. Belasco Theatre: 28 Feb 1928- Oct 1928 closing date unknown/263 performances). Cast: Howard Bouton (as "Dick Berney"), Adriana Dori (as "Maria Credaro"), David Glassford (as "Francis Keating, M.D."), Kitty Gray (as "Hortense"), Maryland Jarbeau (as "Jennie"), Geoffrey Kerr (as "John Ashley"), Harriett Lorraine (as "Bianca Credaro"), Rex O'Malley (as "Geoffrey Trent"), Thomas Reynolds (as "Roberts"), George Riddell (as "Larkin"), Viola Roache (as "Kate Trent"), C. Aubrey Smith (as "Sir Basil Winterton, V.C., K.C.B., K.C.G.M., K.W."), June Walker (as "Antoinette "Tony" Flagg"). Produced by David Belasco. Note: Filmed as The Bachelor Father (1931), and Ungkarlspappan (1935) [Sweden].
  • (1930) Stage Play: The Apple Cart. Comedy.
  • (1930) Stage Play: Lost Sheep. Comedy.
  • (1931) Stage Play: The Wonder Bar. Comedy. Written by Irving Caesar and Aben Kandel. From the German of Geza Herczeg and Karl Farkas. Lyrics by Irving Caesar. Music by Robert Katscher. Additional lyrics by Manuel M. Ponce. Additional music by J. Peterburski and Manuel M. Ponce. Directed by William Mollison. Nora Bayes Theatre: 17 May 1931- 29 May 1931 (78 performances). Cast: Auguste Aramini, Roman Arnoldoff, Hugo Brucken, Stuart Casey (as "Francois Vale"), Medea Columbara, Armand Cortes (as "Pascal"), Henry Crosby, Michael Dalmatoff, Adriana Dori, Prince Nikolas Engalitcheff, Antonina Fechner, Clarence Harvey, Leo Hoyt, Marie Hunt, Mohammid Ibrahim, Al Jolson (as "Monsieur Al"), Patsy Kelly (as "Electra Pivonka"), Wanda Lyon, Jean Newcombe, Dagmar Oakland (as "Billie"), Rex O'Malley (as "Ramon Colmano"), Laura Pierpont, Gustave Rolland, Adrian Rosely, Al Siegal, Vernon Steele, Elvira Trabert, Arthur Treacher (as "Lord Cauldwell"), Trini, Bertha Walden, C. Jay Williams. Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert. Produced in association with Morris Gest. Note: Produced as an Al Jolson vehicle by First National Pictures (Warner Brothers) as Wonder Bar (1934). The film version was substantially reworked by Warners' screenwriter Earl Baldwin.
  • (1931) Stage Play: Experience Unnecessary. Comedy.
  • (1932) Stage Play: The Mad Hopes. Comedy.
  • (1934) Stage Play: No More Ladies. Comedy. Written by A.E. Thomas. Directed by Harry Wagstaff Gribble. Booth Theatre: 23 Jan 1934- Jun 1934 (closing date unknown/162 performances). Cast: Miriam Battista (as "Jacquette"), John Bramall (as "Dickens"), Bradley Cass (as "Oliver Allen"), Boyd Davis (as "Stafford"), Melvyn Douglas (as "Sheridan Warren"), Edward Fielding (as "Mr. Anderson Townsend"), Louis Hector (as "The Earl of Moulton"), Rex O'Malley (as "James Salston"), Nancy Ryan (as "Diana"), Mary Sargent (as "Mrs. Anderson Townsend"), Marcella Swanson (as "Teresa German"), Lucile Watson (as "Mrs. Fanny Townsend"), Ruth Weston (as "Marcia Townsend"). Produced by Lee Shubert.
  • (1934) Stage Play: No More Ladies. Comedy (revival). Written by A.E. Thomas. Directed by Harry Wagstaff Gribble. Morosco Theatre: 3 Sep 1934- Sep 1934 (closing date unknown/16 performances). Cast: Miriam Battista (as "Jacquette"), John Bramall (as "Dickens"), Bradley Cass (as "Oliver Allen"), Boyd Davis (as "Stafford"), Melvyn Douglas (as "Sheridan Warren"), Edward Fielding (as "Mr. Anderson Townsend"), Louis Hector (as "The Earl of Moulton"), Rex O'Malley (as "James Salston"), Nancy Ryan (as "Diana"), Mary Sargent (as "Mrs. Anderson Townsend"), Marcella Swanson (as "Teresa German"), Lucile Watson (as "Mrs. Fanny Townsend"), Ruth Weston (as "Marcia Townsend"). Produced by Lee Shubert.
  • (1934) Stage Play: The Red Cat. Drama. Directed by Bertram Harrison. Broadhurst Theatre: 19 Sep 1932- Sep 1934 (closing date unknown/13 performances). Cast included: Wylie Adams (as "Perishot"), Marianne Davis (as "Gabrielle"), Lewis Dayton (as "Second Servant"), Florence Edney (as "Josephine"), Tamara Geva (as "Mimi"), Frederick Graham (as "Monsieur Paulet"), Porter Hall (as "John Carteris") [final Broadway role], Lorraine Hayes (as "Tillie"), Francis Lister (as "Baron Fernand Cassini/Eugene Charlier"), Rex O'Malley (as "Marquis Rene De Lac"), Barnett Parker (as "Morrisot"), Gerald Oliver Smith (as "François"), Louis Tanno (as "Victor"), Edith Trivers (as "Pauline"), Ruth Weston (as "Genevieve/Baroness Cassini"), Barry O'Moore (as "Henri Beneffe"). Produced by A.H. Woods. Produced in association with 20th Century Pictures Corp.
  • (1934) Stage Play: Revenge with Music. Musical comedy. Material and lyrics by Howard Dietz. Music by Arthur Schwartz. Based on a variation on the old Spanish folk tale "El Sombrero de Tres Picos" by Pedro Antonio de Alarcón. Music orchestrated by Robert Russell Bennett. Musical Direction by Victor Baravalle. Dance ensembles by Mikhail Mordkin. General Stage Manager: E.B. 'Zeke' Colvan. Directed by Theodor Komisarjevsky. New Amsterdam Theater: 28 Nov 1934- 27 Apr 1935 (158 performances). Cast: Libby Holman (as "Mariah"), Georges Metaxa, Charles Winninger (as "Don Emilio"), Joseph Macaulay, Helen Arden, Walter Armin, Beatrice Berens, Gertrude Berggren, Marcus Blechman, Geraldine Bork, Andre Charise, Ilka Chase, Natalia Danesi, Margaret Daum, Frank Davenport, Marguerite De Anguera, Nunez de Polanco, Bertha Donn (as "Juanita, Dona Isabella's Maid"), Tamara Doriva, John Dunbar, William Elliott, Frances Farnsworth, Raoul Fernandez, David Friedkin, Ernestine Henoch, Hernandez Brothers, Eleanor King, George Kirk, Ada Korvin, Marion Lawrence, Margaret Lee, Tom Long, Earle MacVeigh, Gene Martel, Paul Mathis, Rex O'Malley, Rosita Ortega, Harry Pick, Detmar Poppen, Frances Reid, Hyla Roberts, Charles Scanlon, Ivy Scott, Sidney Stark, George Thornton, Rowan Tudor, Omero Valencia, Bianca Volland, Eleanor Waldon, Herman Weiner, Cliff Whitcombe, Jay Wilson, Molly Wood, Paula Yasgour. Produced by Archibald Selwyn and Harold B. Franklin. Note: Holman sang "You and the Night and Music."
  • (1935) Stage Play: The Simpleton of the Unexpected Isles. Fantasy. Written by George Bernard Shaw. Directed by Harry Wagstaff Gribble. Guild Theatre: 18 Feb 1935- Mar 1935 (closing date unknown/40 performances). Cast: Romney Brent (as "The Clergyman"), Patricia Calvert, Franklin Gray, Lawrence Grossmith (as "Sir Charles Fairwaters"), Louis Hector, Leon Janney, Alma Lloyd, Reginald Malcolm, McKay Morris, Alla Nazimova, Rex O'Malley (as "The Emigration Officer"), Lionel Pape (as "Wilks") [final Broadway role], Viola Roache (as "The Lady Tourist"), Rita Vale. Produced by The Theatre Guild.
  • (1936) Stage Play: Matrimony Pfd. Comedy. Written by Louis Verneuil. Book adapted by Grace George and James Forbes. Directed by José Ruben. Playhouse Theatre: 12 Nov 1936- Jan 1937 (closing date unknown/61 performances). Cast: Rosemary Ames, Sylvia Field, Grace George (as "Linda Lessing"), A.J. Herbert, May Marshall, A.E. Matthews (as "Victor Gustav Martineau"), Victor Morely (as "Florist"), Rex O'Malley, José Ruben (as "Andre Lorre"). Produced by William A. Brady.
  • (1937) Stage Play: Merely Murder. Comedy.
  • (1937) Stage Play: You Never Know. Starring Clifton Webb, Lupe Velez, Libby Holman and Toby Wing. It opened at the Winter Garden on Sept. 21st and folded after 73 performances. This was a troubled production despite the stellar cast involved with serious conflicts between Libby Holman and Lupe Velez (who was cast as her maid). Play received mediocre reviews and star Clifton Webb flatly refused offer to take the show on the road after it closed, despite his long friendship with Ms. Holman. This marked co-star Toby Wing's only Broadway performance and she effectively retired after the show's run. Sadly (and ironically), both Holman and Velez would ultimately commit suicide).
  • The Naked Genius (1943).
  • The Cherry Orchard (1944). Comedy (revival).
  • (1945) Stage Play: Many Happy Returns. Comedy. Written by Clare Kummer. Directed by Peter Berneis. Playhouse Theatre: 5 Jan 1945- 6 Jan 1945 (3 performances). Cast: Mary Astor (as "Cynthia Laceby"), Nancy Butler (as "Ethel"), Leonard Carey (as "Albert"), Jayne Meadows [credited as Jayne Cotter] (as "Jane"), Michael Dreyfuss (as "Jo Barnett"), Vincent Gardner (as "Tom Carruthers"), Don Gibson (as "Eddie"), Neil Hamilton (as "Henry Burton") [Broadway debut], Nell O'Day (as "Fay"), Rex O'Malley (as "Charles Barrows"). Produced by Harry Bloomfield.
  • (1945) Stage Play: Devils Galore. Written by Eugene Vale. Scenic Design by Howard Bay. Costume Design by Peggy Clark. Directed by Robert Perry. Royale Theatre: 12 Sep 1945- 15 Sep 1945 (5 performances). Cast: George Baxter (as "Cecil Brock"), Malcolm Lee Beggs (as "Inspector Brandon"), Solen Burry (as "Packey "The Flash" Gurney"), Paul Byron (as "Larry"), Jean Cleveland (as "Mrs. Isabel Goodwyn"), Ernest Cossart (as "A Devil"), Tony Eden (as "Effie Thurston"), Betty Kelley (as "Miss Pierce"), Michael King (as "Bernie Grant"), John Kullers (as "Bobbie"), Rex O'Malley (as "Atamar"), Harry Sothern (as "Dr. Aguirra"). Produced by William Cahn.
  • (1953) Stage Play: Charley's Aunt. Comedy/farce (revival).
  • (196) Stage Play: The Sleeping Prince. Written by Terence Rattigan. Music for "The Coconut Girl" by Vivian Ellis. Lyrics for "The Coconut Girl" by Vivian Ellis. Scenic Design by Norris Houghton. Costume Design by Alvin Colt. Assistant to Mr. Houghton: Klaus Holm. Assistant to Mr. Colt: Stanley Simmons; Miss Bel Geddes' gown by Valentina. Assistant to Mr. Redgrave: Fred Sadoff. Directed by Michael Redgrave. Coronet Theatre: 1 Nov 1956- 22 Dec 1956 (60 performances). Cast: Barbara Bel Geddes (as "Mary"), Michael Redgrave (as "The Regent"), Cathleen Nesbitt (as "The Grand Duchess"), Sorrell Booke (as "The Butler"), Ronald Dawson, Margaret Neff Jerome, William Major, Rex O'Malley (as "Northbrook"), Betty Sinclair, Johnny Stewart, Elwin Stock, Martin Waldron, Nydia Westman. Produced by The Producers Theatre and Gilbert Miller.
  • (1963) Stage Play: The Lady of the Camellias. Dramatized by Giles Cooper. Adaptation by Terrence McNally [earliest Broadway credit]. From "The Lady of the Camellias" by Alexandre Dumas. Incidental music by Ned Rorem. Devised by Franco Zeffirelli. Directed by Franco Zeffirelli. Winter Garden Theatre: 20 Mar 1963- 30 Mar 1963 (13 performances + 2 previews that began on 18 Mar 1963). Cast: Frank Silvera (as "M. Duval"), Susan Strasberg (as "Marguerite Gauthier") [final Broadway role], John Stride (as "Armand Duval"), Lou Antonio (as "Gaston"), Jeanne Barr (as "Eve"), Lelia Barry (as "Louise"), Ludi Claire (as "Mme. LeMaitre"), Frederick Combs (as "Marcel"), Francis Compton (as "Calon"), Mitchell Erickson (as "Buyer"), Peggy Feury (as "Jeanne"), Frances Fuller (as "Nanine"), Charles Gaines (as "Buyer"), George Gaynes (as "St. Hilaire"), John Hillerman (as "Count Rene De Nogent") [final Broadway role], Mary Mercier (as "Mathilde"), Martin Meyers (as "Buyer"), Jan Miner (as "Prudence"), Earl Montgomery (as "Ribaud"), Rex O'Malley (as "Auguste"), Virginia Robinson (as "Countess"), John P. Ryan (as "Buyer"). Understudies: Lelia Barry (as "Marguerite Gauthier"), Frederick Combs (as "Armand Duval/Gaston"), Mitchell Erickson (as "Count Rene De Nogent/Marcel/Ribaud, St. Hilaire), Charles Gaines (as "Auguste/Calon/M. Duval), Mary Mercier (as "Prudence"), Constance Simons (as "Countess/Eve/Jeanne, Louise/Mathilde/Mme. LeMaitre/Nanine"). Produced by Carroll Masterson, Harris Masterson and Norman Twain.
  • (1939) Stage Play: The Man Who Came to Dinner. Comedy. Written by Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman. Featuring a song by Cole Porter. Directed by George S. Kaufman. Music Box Theatre: 16 Oct 1939- 12 Jul 1941 (739 performances). Cast: Monty Woolley (as "Sheridan Whiteside"), Barbara Adams, Edith Atwater, David Burns, Dudley Clements, Edward Fisher, Carol Goodner, Virginia Hammond, Michael Harvey, John Hoyt (credited as John Hoysradt), Carl Johnson, Curtis Karpe (as "Deputy"), Daniel Landon, Donald Landon, Daniel Leone, George Lessey, Gordon Merrick, Mrs. Priestly Morrison, Theodore Newton, Edmonia Nolley, LeRoi Operti (as "Professor Metz"), William Postance (as "Plainclothesman" and Luncheon Guest"), George Probert, DeWitt Purdue, Robert Rea, Phil Sheridan, Rodney Stewart, Ruth Vivian, Charles Washington, Jack Whitman, Mary Wickes (as "Miss Preen"), Barbara Wooddell, Harold Woolf. Replacement actor: Rex O'Malley (as "Beverly Stanley"). Produced by Sam Harris.
  • (December 19-26, 1949) He acted in George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart's play, "The Man Who Came to Dinner," at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio with Monte Woolley (Sheridan Whiteside); Mabel Acker; Mardette Edwards; Ken Raymond; Elaine Bradford; Charles Parsons; Paula Stevens; Richard Barbee; Jay Presson; Harvey Dunn; Ruth Hermansen; Don Peters; John Michaels; John Davis; Jack Wallace; David Ellin; Carl Judd; Gloria McGhee; William Campbell; Arthur Tell; David Vivian; Jerry Jarrett; Tim Fielding; Al Dexter; and Tommy Vize in the cast. Edward Gilbert was set designer. Bianca Stroock was costume designer. William McFadden was director. Max Gordon was producer.
  • (September 8, 1939) He acted in Noel Coward's play, "Private Lives," at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, New Jersey with Eva Le Gallienne in the cast. Frank Carrington was director.
  • (Fall 1939) He directed Alan Child and Isabelle Louden's play, "The Pursuit of Happiness," at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, New Jersey with Tonio Selwart and Uta Hagen in the cast.

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