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  • (1916 - 1932) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1916) Stage Play: Robinson Crusoe, Jr. Musical extravaganza. Music by Sigmund Romberg and James F. Hanley. Book by Edgar Smith. Lyrics by Harold Atteridge. Musical Director: Oscar Radin. Music orchestrated by Oscar Radin and Frank Saddler. Featuring songs with lyrics by Charles McCarron and Charles S. Alberte. Scenic Design by P. Dodd Ackerman, H. Robert Law and John H. Young. Costume Design by Faibsey and Aloys Bohnen. Choreographed by Allan K. Foster. Directed by J.C. Huffman. Winter Garden Theatre: 17 Feb 1916- 10 Jun 1916 (139 performances). Cast: John Berkes [credited as Johnnie Berkes] (as "Bob Van Astor/Happy/Trip/Sailor Johnnie") [Broadway debut], Frank Carter, Kitty Doner, Lawrence D'Orsay (as "Captain Chichester/The Spaniard/Bamboozla"), Claude Flemming, Frank Grace, Al Jolson (as "Gus Jackson, Dick Hunter's chauffeur/Good Friday/Fatima"), Barry Lupino (as "Howell Louder/Tuffghi/Carlo") [Broadway debut], Helen Shipman (as "Diana Westbury/Lady Diana/Vanilla") [Broadway debut], Ada Androva, Cecele Arno, Fay Arthur, Faye Atkins, Dorothy Barnett, Carroll Beerd, Gladys Benjamin, Mabel Booth, Rae Bowdin, Edward Bowers, Eleanor Brown, Evelyn Carberry, Margaret Carmen, Helen Carrington, Mae Chesterly, Ruth Christie, Harry Cohen, Mme. Comont, James Conners, Louisa Conti, Alfred Crocker, Babe Dakin, Vivian Darville, Harry Davis, Marjorie Dayton, Elizabeth Drew, Bert Dunlap, Edna Eaton, Pearl Eaton, Martha Ehrlich, Florence Elmore, Jean Forbes, Mabel Grete, Phyllis Grey, Jean Hackett, Agnes Hall, Grace Hall, Ona Hamilton, Rae Hartley, Mabel Hill, Frank Holmes, Helen Hudson, Alice Humphries, Kathryn Johnson, Ethel Kinley, George Lavender, Marie Leonard, Peggy Loris, Wanda Lyon [credited as Wanda Lyons] (as "Gladys Brookville/Slave Girl") [Broadway debut], Ruth Maybee, Carolyn Maywood, Laura McLure, Irene Mitchell, Marion Mooney, William Morris, Sue Nally, Helen Neat, Florence Nelson, Harry Nelson, Peter O'Neill, Kathryn Perry, Lee Phelps, May Poth, Homer Potts, Viola Quinn, Betty Randolph, Agnes Richter, Isabelle Rodrigues, Dot Rozelle, Clint Russell, Leon Shack, Mildred Simon, Peggy Smith, Mildred Stokes, George Thornton, Gladys Turner, Elinor Wallace, Frank Walters, Al Watson, Viola Watson, Pearl Weber, Jean White, Lois Whitney, Marie Wiereman, Harry Wilcox, Mabel Winters. Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • (1918) Stage Play. He Didn't Want to Do It. Musical. Book by George Broadhurst. Music by Silvio Hein. Lyrics by George Broadhurst. Based on the farce by George Broadhurst and Walter C. Hackett. Musical Director: Theodore Stearns. Directed by Clifford Brooke. Broadhurst Theatre: 20 Aug 1918- 7 Sep 1918 (23 performances). Cast: Percy Ames (as "O. Vivian Smith"), Natalie Bates, Adele Blood, Clara Carroll, Jean Carroll, Gladys Clifton, Florence Collier, Mary Cunningham, Carrie De Noville, Alexander Frank, Katherine Galloway, Elsie Gordon, Ona Hamilton, Dorothy La Rue, Mary McDonald, Charles Meakins, Robert Emmett O'Connor (as "Waiter"), Edna Pierre, Helen Pierre, Ida Ross, Helen Shipman (as "Marjorie Thompson"), Ned Sparks (as "Detective"), Elsa Thomas, Anna Toddings, Ernest Torrence, Joseph Wilmot. Produced by George Broadhurst.
  • (1919) Stage Play. Morris Gest's "Midnight Whirl." Musical revue.
  • (1922) Stage Play. The Lady in Ermine. Musical. Book by Frederick Lonsdale and Cyrus Wood. Music by Jean Gilbert and Alfred Goodman. Lyrics by Harry Graham and Cyrus Wood. Based on the operette by Rudolph Schanzer and Ernest Welisch. Musical Director: Oscar Bradley. Choreographed by Jack Mason and Allan K. Foster. Production Supervised by J.J. Shubert. Scenic Design by Watson Barratt. Costume Design by Mme. Routon. Directed by Charles Sinclair. Ambassador Theatre (moved to The Century Theatre from 29 Jan 1923- close): 2 Oct 1922- 21 Apr 1923 (238 performances). Cast: Wilma Ansell (as "Ballet Girl"), Leon Bartels (as "Ensemble"), Wilda Bennett (as "Mariana"), William Birdie (as "Ensemble"), Gladys Bryant (as "Ballet Girl"), Arthur C. Budd (as "Ensemble"), Marie Burke (as "Sophia Lavalle"), Robert Calley (as "Count Isolani"), Virginia Calmer (as "Ensemble"), Irene Comer (as "Ballet Girl"), Timothy Daley (as "Major Stogan"), Lenora D'Arcy (as "Ensemble"), Frank DeNoble (as "Ensemble"), George Elliott (as "Ensemble"), Neil Evans (as "Count Busoni"), Donald Failes (as "Ensemble"), Lola Fellegi (as "Ballet Girl"), Tara Fellegi (as "Ensemble"), Henry Fender (as "Count Adrian Beltrami"), Viola Ford (as "Show Girl"), Jean Gibson (as "Ensemble"), Anna Gordon (as "Ballet Girl"), Clair Hart (as "Ensemble"), Charles Hartvary (as "Ensemble"), Virginia Ice (as "Ballet Girl"), Marty Jacobs (as "Ensemble"), Marie Joyce (as "Ballet Girl"), Jeanne Jurad (as "Ballet Girl"), Richard Kimball (as "Ensemble"), Louise Lancaster (as "Ensemble"), Elmira Lane (as "Ensemble"), Marjorie Lane (as "Ballet Girl"), Zella Lenney (as "Show Girl"), Sabina Loeb (as "Ballet Girl"), Dorothy Lubow (as "Ballet Girl"), Alice Mack (as "Ballet Girl"), Larry Mack (as "Ensemble"), Ignacio Martinetti (as "Baron Sprotti-Sprotti"), Estelle Mason (as "Ballet Girl"), Wayne Mattson (as "Ensemble"), Margaret McKay (as "Ensemble"), Ruth Mills (as "Ensemble"), Murray Minehart (as "Mirko/Ensemble"), Anita Miramar (as "Ensemble"), Gladys Montgomery (as "Show Girl"), John Myrtle (as "Ensemble"), George O'Donnell (as "Ensemble"), William O'Neal (as "Ensemble"), Teddy Piper (as "Ensemble"), Ruby Poe (as "Ballet Girl"), Detmar Poppen (as "Dostal"), Peggy Radford (as "Show Girl"), Nan Rainsford Show Girl"), Helen Shipman (as "Rosina"), Emily Slater (as "Ballet Girl"), June Stone (as "Ballet Girl"), Paula Tully (as "Show Girl"), Irene Vernon (as "Ensemble"), Barbara Walton (as "Ensemble"), Gladys Walton (as "Angelina"), Walter Woolf (as "Colonel Belovar"), Robert Woolsey (as "Suitangi"). Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • (1923) Stage Play. Caroline. Musical comedy/romance. Music by Edward Rideamus and Alfred Goodman. Book by Harry B. Smith and E. Kunneke. From the German original by Herman Haller and Edward Rideamus. Lyrics by Harry B. Smith and E. Kunneke. Based on a comedy by Max Kempner-Hochstadt. Musical Director: Fred Hoff. Choreographed by Frank M. Gillespie. Entire production staged under the personal direction of J.J. Shubert. Directed by Fred G. Latham. Ambassador Theatre: 31 Jan 1923- 9 Jun 1923 (151 performances). Cast: John Adair (as "Roderick Gray"), Harrison Brockbank (as "Brigadier General Randolph Calhoun"), Jane Brown (as "Edith Varden"), Kay Carlin (as "Gladys Carroll"), Edna Duval (as "Isabel Marshall"), Viola Duval (as "Mabel Preston"), Viola Gillette (as "Mrs. Calhoun"), Vera Hoppe (as "Josephine Hurley"), Vonnie James (as "Irene Stone"), Mattie Keene (as "Amanda"), Tessa Kosta (as "Caroline Lee"), Ben Linn (as "Hannibal"), J. Harold Murray (as "Captain Robert Langdon"), Mabel Olson (as "Joan Blythe"), Barnett Parker (as "Digby Bretton"), Helen Shipman (as "Helen"), Beatrice Wilson (as "Flora Wayne"). Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • (1923) Stage Play. The Passing Show of 1923. Musical revue. Music by Sigmund Romberg and Jean Schwartz. Book by Harold Atteridge. Lyrics by Harold Atteridge. Musical Director: Alfred Goodman. Additional lyrics by Cyrus Wood. Additional music by Jay Gorney [earliest Broadway credit]. Scenic Design by Watson Barratt. Costume Design by Paul Arlington. Directed by J.C. Huffman, under the supervision of Jacob J. Shubert. Choreographed by Allan K. Foster. Winter Garden Theatre: 14 Jun 1923- 15 Sep 1923 (118 performances). Cast: Martha Albert, Olive Ann Alcorn, Phil Baker, Betty Benton, Frank Bernard, William Birdie, Dorothy Bruce, Lloyd Byron, Nancy Carroll, Theresa Carroll, Neil Courtney, Roy Cummings, Roy Cunningham, Louise Dose, Doris Downes, Josephine Drake, Loretta Duffy, Christine Ecklund, Dolores Edwards, Flanagan & Morrison, George Ford, Elsie Frank, Perle Germonde, Bob Gilbert, Jeannette Gilmore, Cassie Godfrey, Paula Greenlee, Harriet Gustin, Jack Hall, James Hamilton, Ruth Hamilton, George Hassell, Joan Hay, Helen Herendeen, George Jessel, Andy Jochim, Ethel Kenyon, Olive King, Vera King, Rose Lee, Bobby Lester, Libby & Sparrow, Peggy Lockwood, Ann Lowenworth, Francis X. Mahoney, Gladys Marston, Rose Mary Marston, Elsie May, Ladas May, Bobbie McCree, Belle McLaughlin, Nat Nazarro Jr., Bob Nelson, Sidney Nelson, Tom Nip, Barnett Parker, Edith Pierce, William Pringle, Fay Reed, Jack E. Rice, Vera Ross, Norma Rossiter, Rose Sarro, Muriel Seely, Billie Shaw, Helen Shipman, Orilla Smith, Mildred Soper, Jean Steele, Virginia Sullivan, Marja Talwyn, The Trado Twins, Hal Van Renssalaer, Dorothy Vance, Alice Velour, Viola Votrouba, Billy Wagner, Joseph Wagstaff, James Watts, Dolly Wegman, Alice Wheeler, James White, Florence Wilde, Walter Woolf King [credited as Walter Woolf]. Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • (1923) Stage Play. Topics of 1923. Musical revue. Music by Jean Schwartz and Alfred Goodman. Book by Harold Atteridge and Harry Wagstaff Gribble. Lyrics by Harold Atteridge. Musical Director: Alfred Goodman. Additional music by Bert Grant. Additional lyrics by Tot Seymour. Production Supervised by Jacob J. Shubert. Choreographed by Francis 'Bunny' Weldon [credited as Francis Weldon]. Directed by J.C. Huffman. Broadhurst Theatre (moved to The Winter Garden Theatre from 14 Jan 1924- close): 20 Nov 1923- 22 Mar 1924 (154 performances). Cast: Ben Bard, Julia Barker, Cathleen Barrow, Dorothy Bruce, Martin Burton, Castleton & Mack, Cecil & Kaye, Herbert Corthell, Roy Cummings, Nellie Daly, Jeanette Dawley, Delano Dell, Alice Delysia, Christine Ecklund, Dolores Edwards, Elsie Frank, Ethel Fuller, Ann Garrison, Marie Gibson, Mildred Gordon, Jay Gould, Frank Green, Harriet Gustin, Stella Hadden, Rae Hartley, Helen Herendeen, Lora Hoffman, W. Clay Inman, Alexis Kosloff, Flo Lane, Flora Lea, Silance Leontevetch, Fay Marbe, Gladys Marston, Edith McGovern, Harry McNaughton, Beverly Millar, Esta Mousey, Nat Nazarro Jr., Paisley Noon, Henrietta O'Brien, Marietta O'Brien, Peggy O'Day, Barnett Parker, Jack Pearl, Edith Pierce, Allan Prior, Fay Reed, Yvette Reels, Thelma Robinson, Norma Rossiter, Muriel Seely, Billie Shaw, Stella Shields, Helen Shipman, Elaine Sims, Orilla Smith, Eleanor Stack, Marie Stoddard, Juliet Strah, Marja Talwyn, Agnes Trask, Vera Trett, Dorothy Vance, Billy Wagner, Dorothy Wegman. Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • (1924) Stage Play: Paradise Alley. Musical comedy. Music by Carle Carlton, Harry Archer and A. Otvos. Book by Charles W. Bell and Edward Clark. Lyrics by Howard Johnson. Orchestra under the direction of John L. McManus. Ensemble numbers directed by Jack Mason. Directed by Carle Carlton. Casino Theatre (moved to The Vanderbilt Theatre from 10 May 1924- close): 31 Mar 1924- 24 May 1924 (64 performances). Cast: Harry Atkinson (as "Stage Door Keeper"), Lloyd Balliot (as "Four of the Finest/Reporter/Entertainer"), Leslie Barrie (as "Alex Huxley"), George Bickel (as "Rudolf Zatz"), Jane Brew (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Garfield Brown (as "Four of the Finest/Reporter/Entertainer"), Nina Byron (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Ida May Chadwick (as "Quinne La Salle"), Beatrice Coniff (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Jane Daniel (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Gloria Dawn (as "Sylvia van de Veer"), Charles Derickson (as "Jack Harriman"), Dolly Donnelly (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Elizabeth Dougher (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Marilyn Evans (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Billee Fennimore (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Sherry Gale (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Marian Gunn (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Louise Joyce (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Estelle Keeley (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Lucille King (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Muriel Lodge (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Hallie Manning (as "Little Annie Rooney"), Evelyn Martin (as "Sweet Marie"), Aileen Meehan (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Marjorie O'Brien (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Virginia O'Brien (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), William Renaud (as "Casey the Cop/Four of the Finest/Reporter/Entertainer"), Marjorie Schweinert (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Kathryn Scott (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Helen Shipman (as "Bonnie Brown"), Adele Smith (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Frank Stanhope (as "Four of the Finest/Reporter/Entertainer"), Dorothy Walters (as "Mother O'Grady, Boss of The Alley"), Arthur West (as "Spike Muldoon"), Burke Western (as "Benny"), Edward Wonn (as "Edward Harriman"), Juanita Wray (as "Lady of the Ensemble"). Replacement actor: Robert Halliday (as "Jack Harriman"). Produced by Carle Carlton.
  • (1925) Stage Play. Kosher Kitty Kelly. Musical comedy. Book by Leon De Costa. Music by Leon De Costa. Lyrics by Leon De Costa. Musical Director: George Hirst. Music orchestrated by Hilding Andersson. Musical Staging by Ralph Riggs. Directed by A.H. Van Buren. Times Square Theatre (moved to The Daly's 63rd Street Theatre from 21 Oct 1925- close): 15 Jun 1925- 10 Dec 1925 (166 performances). Cast: Beatrice Allen (as "Rosie Feinbaum"), William Brainerd (as "A Stranger"), Dorothy Gay (as "Zella Barnes"), Robert Leonard (as "Moses Ginsburg"), Basil Loughrane (as "Morris Rosen"), Jennie Moscowitz (as "Mrs. Sarah Feinbaum"), Charles F. O'Connor (as "Joe Barns"), Paul Porter (as "Wang Lee"), Marjorie Rooney (as "Zella Barnes"), Fred Santley (as "Patrick O'Reilly"), Helen Shipman (as "Kitty Kelly"), Dorothy Walters (as "Mrs. Mary Kelly"), Max Wideman (as "A Mysterious Gent"). Produced by Arch Productions Inc. Note: Filmed as Kosher Kitty Kelly (1926) (distributed by FBO).
  • (1927) Stage Play. Padlocks of 1927. Musical revue. Music by Lee David, Jesse Greer and Henry H. Tobias. Book by Paul Gerard Smith and Ballard MacDonald. Lyrics by Billy Rose. Musical Director: Carlton Kelsey. Music arranged by Joseph Nussbaum. Featuring songs with lyrics by Ballard MacDonald and Jack Yellen. Featuring songs by Billy Rose and Milton Ager. Costume Design by Robert Stevenson, Mahieu and Orry-Kelly. Choreographed by John Boyle. Directed by W.J. Wilson. Shubert Theatre: 5 Jul 1927- 24 Sep 1927 (95 performances). Cast: Drina Beach, Vera Berg, Billie Blake, Edna Burford, Mae Burke, Walter Burke, A.S. 'Pop' Byron, Vivian Carmody, Vee Carroll, Betty Clark, Nora Cliff, Jackie Corrtez, Peggy Daubert, Doris Dellairs, Irene Faery, Don Fiser, Jay C. Flippen, Carl D. Francis, Edna French, Laurette Gilman, Gloria Glennon, Ruth Grady, Dolores Grant, Texas Guinan, Florence Healy, Harry Jans, Carol Kingsbury, Helenya Koski, Hedwig Langer, Val Lester, Edna Locke, Dave Mallen, Raymond Marlowe, Marcelle Miller, Jola Moreno, Ojeda and Inbert, Sugar O'Neill, Alice Outlaw, George Raft, Wilma Roeloff, The Romancers Quartet, Lillian Roth, Catherine Ryder, Rosemary Ryder, Helen Shipman, Eleanor Smith, Virginia Smith, Snowball, The Four Diamonds, The Little Tappers, Mary Titus, The Phelps Twins, Eileen Wenzel, Harold Whalen, Laura Wilkinson, Rosalie Williams. Produced by Duo Art Productions Inc.
  • (1928) Stage Play. The Great Power. Drama.
  • (1930) Stage Play. Room 349. Drama.
  • (1930) Stage Play. Life is Like That. Comedy.
  • (1931) Stage Play. Society Girl. Comedy.

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