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Win Tickets to Hollywood's Shockfest Film Festival 2011


Shockfest Film Festival 2011 kicks off this coming weekend in Hollywood, CA. The festival will begin with a Red Carpet event on November 18th at 5:00pm at Raleigh Studios, 5300 Melrose Ave. Hollywood, CA. The Festival picks up again on Saturday November 19th at the same location, and moves to The Hollywood Hardrock Cafe at 11:00pm for award presentations.

One of the big draw of this years festival is the Closing Nightmare Director's Screening of Cabin Fever (10th Anniversary Screening) with Eli Roth, 9:00pm-11pm which includes The Shocking Filmmaker of The Decade Award to Eli Roth

We are giving away 13 VIP tickets to the event. (*Thanks for everyone that entered. At this time, all passes have been awarded. Stay tuned for MoreHorror giveaways soon!). If you live in or around the Hollywood, CA area and would like to attend, simply email your name and address to shockfestcontest@morehorror.
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Cabin Fever Sequels Coming from the Indomina Group

Cabin Fever Sequels Coming from the Indomina Group
It was announced today that The Indomina Group, the fast-growing U.S. and Dominican Republic based producer and distributor of film, TV and trans-media content, and leading proponent of 'fanboy' cinema is resurrecting the popular Cabin Fever franchise and will produce and distribute at least two more feature films. The announcement was made by Indomina Group Vice Chairman and CEO .

The Indomina Group has optioned the rights for two new Cabin Fever installments, which will be Cabin Fever: Patient Zero and Cabin Fever: Outbreak. The films will be shot back to back in the Dominican Republic in early Spring of 2012.

Jake Wade Wall (The Hitcher, When a Stranger Calls) has signed on to pen the screenplay for Cabin Fever: Patient Zero. When a cruise ship in the Caribbean collides with an abandoned research vessel, a deadly virus is unleashed. Passengers must find a way to survive before
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Arie Vereen joins 'Sons of Anarchy'

Arie Verveen has been cast in a recurring role on the third season of FX series Sons of Anarchy. The actor will play a character named Liam O'Neill in a six-episode arc, according to The Hollywood Reporter. O'Neill is described as "a high-ranking member of a motorcycle club in Belfast, Northern Ireland". Vereen previously starred in films such as Sin City (more)
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A Dead Bones DVD Giveaway Courtesy of Olivier Beguin

Dead Bones is a horror short from director Olivier Beguin that puts Ken Foree in the role of a cannibalistic eater and killer. Also, A bounty hunter does his best to track down a wanted man and now several copies of this film are available here through a DVD giveaway. The DVD features a "Making of" featurette (30 mins') and a photo gallery. The film is available in several languages and unfortunately the format is Pal or region 2 (Europe) - only playable in region free DVD players, or on computers with adapters e.g. Vlc Media Player. So, if you are still interested enter the contest by reading the contest liability below and answering two questions from the film. Both of the answers for the quiz can be found by entering Dead Bones into the search button above. More details on the film here.

The short synopsis for Dead Bones:
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Dead Bones is Tasty: A Movie Review

Director/writer: Olivier Beguin.

Dead Bones is a short nineteen minute film that was recently shown at the Nevermore Film Festival. Now, the film is available to fans and reviewed here. Starring Ken Foree this picture involves cannibalism, bounty hunters, and lots of gunplay. The film is too short to be gripping, but the film blends horror and westerns naturally.

The plot line follows a bounty hunter (Arie Verveen) into a desolate town known as Dead Bones where the dead are recycled for tasty treats. In Dead Bones travelers are not only shown hospitality but eaten by the locals. Also, in Dead Bones are two wanted men who have already been apprehended by the locals for later butchering. In the course of the film the hunter releases one criminal in order to escape an underground butcher's house through teamwork. They fight their way out of the town to a final showdown between hunter and prey.
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Blu-Ray, DVD Review: Awful ‘Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever;’ Original Available in HD

Chicago – Horror fans heard the buzz surrounding “Cabin Fever” for months before it came out and the film launched Mr. Eli Roth to the “Hostel” films and even a role in the multiple Oscar nominee “Inglourious Basterds”. That film has now been released on Blu-ray to coincide with its straight-to-dvd sequel “Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever,” itself directed by an already-acclaimed new horror director, “House of the Devil“‘s Ti West.

Cabin Fever 2” DVD Rating: 1.0/5.0

Cabin Fever” Blu-Ray Rating: 3.0/5.0

Cabin Fever” undeniably had a twisted, dark sense of humor but West’s “Cabin fever 2” takes it several steps further, practically pitching his sequel as a comedic spoof of ’80s teen horror flicks. He moves the action to a high school and keeps the flesh-eating action in place, but his tone is severely tongue-in-cheek from the animated opening credits to exaggerated faculty members to the appearances by over-the-top personalities like Mark Borchardt,
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Dead Bones Taste Like Chicken

A western and a horror film rolled into one? Why has no one thought of this before? Oh wait, there was the Burrowers and Deadwalkers, but there has not been a western involving cannibals and "secret meat (Joblo)." Nevermore is on a roll, or more like an avalanche, as several quality horror films grace the North Carolina screens. Dead Bones is no exception according to one review and already the film has been called "a spaghetti western submerged in horror (Joblo)." This short film is not to be missed, so dust off your six-shooters and head down to the festival. Just stay away from the special meat!

The short synopsis for Dead Bones:

A bounty hunger looking for a couple of no good criminals finds himself in a dusty old western town searching for an easy reward. He finds more than he bargained for when the local butcher lets
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Swiss Short Film 'Dead Bones' Wraps

Today we caught wind of a new 15-minute short film entitled Dead Bones, which tells the story of a bounty hunter and his prey as they proceed in unknown territory. Principal photography on this swiss production wrapped recently in Almería, Spain and Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Produced and Directed by the swiss Olivier Beguin, the film stars Ken Foree (Dawn of the Dead) and Arie Verveen (Cabin Fever, Sin City), with a cameo by Cannibal Holocaust director Ruggero Deodato. Although the short is yet to hit the web, if you head over to the official website you can check out stills, behind-the-scenes videos and more. Watch for the short soon enough.
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