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Born in London, England, UK
Height 5' 7" (1.7 m)

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Hannah Simone stars on FOX's hit series, New Girl (2011), opposite Zooey Deschanel. Simone hosted HGTV Canada's popular design show, "Space for Living", before moving onto Canada's largest music channel, "MuchMusic". After MuchMusic, Simone moved to Los Angeles, where she hosted two seasons of WCG Ultimate Gamer (2009), for the SyFy channel. Simone recently completed production on H+ (2011), the second Warner Premiere Digital Web series, made in conjunction with Dolphin Entertainment and produced by Bryan Singer. Born in London, Simone grew up living abroad and participating in local theater productions in Saudi Arabia, India, Greece and Canada. A graduate of the University of British Columbia, she majored in International Relations and Political Science, before going on to work as a human rights and refugee officer with the United Nations in London.

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Family (1)

Spouse Jesse Giddings (July 2016 - present)  (1 child)

Trivia (5)

Graduated from the University of British Columbia, where she majored in International Relations and Political Science.
A former fashion model.
Her father is Indian and her mother is English of German, Italian and Greek Cypriot descent.
Married her boyfriend of nearly 4 years Jesse Giddings. [July 2016]
Has a son (b. early August 2017) with her husband Jesse Giddings.

Personal Quotes (105)

I love when I go back to London. I love how the girls dress there.
It comes down to personal style, and that's what's sexy and attractive in a man.
Once you get a kitten, the natural thing you do is take a billion photos.
When you're going through a breakup, you should just let yourself feel everything so you can get over it as opposed to pretending everything's okay and dragging it out.
Everyone is your friend if you say yes, but say no and watch how they react. It's been a huge life lesson for me.
I am a little obsessed with surprise kitty.
I remember the first time my friend Colin Lewis, who used to be a judge with me on a show on MuchMusic called 'disBAND,' told me, 'I think I just found your next favorite artist to adore.' He sent me The Weeknd, and he was completely spot on. The Weeknd is literally on every playlist I have.
The greatest thing about 'New Girl' is that you never can predict what is next!
Clinique's Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm in Chunky Cherry is perfect for people with my skin tone.
My life is so crazy! I learned early on to really embrace change and enjoy the ride.
Often women are pitted against each other for an easy joke, so they fight or steal each other's boyfriends. That's not really true to life.
We all have our strengths and our failings.
I've been on stage since I was eight.
You can't force chemistry. It's either there or it's not. You can't create it.
I am passionate about human rights.
While I was growing up all over, in all my different schools, I was always doing theater, auditioning for plays.
People know not to mess with my friends or my family because it's not going to work out well for you.
I had two different degrees: One in International Relations/Political Science and another degree in Radio and Television Production.
I got a job as a human rights and refugees officer, working on youth-based projects. But I realized all the kids I was working with were far more into 'The Daily Show' than the policy briefings.
I'm not afraid of change, let's put it that way.
I'm thrilled to partner with Gillette to help men understand what women want. If we're able to give them that information, and Gillette can give them the tools to get there, then we both win, and that's very exciting.
I played ping-pong with Prince. That's pretty surreal. He gave me a lesson before we played; like, he's great. He's a master at it, so I took the free lesson.
It's funny, I was talking to somebody who writes for a cop show, and he was saying how they aren't allowed to acknowledge Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, just because it has to be able to play forever.
I think being called a cat lady is a compliment. It means you have adopted a tiny little maniac into your life.
The Weeknd is the dopeness.
I've been on stage since I was nine years old, and I kind of stumbled into the world of hosting. That, to me, was the thing I had to build a skill set for.
Indian weddings, visually, they're so stunning.
Live TV would terrify anybody.
Think about it: if the world could see how much adoption means from a cat's point of view, shelters would be empty.
We want to bring awareness for all those cats still searching for their forever home and not only help them find their perfect match but also make the transition home a success.
I had never thought of hosting, but a really good friend of mine said, 'This is the most empowered platform to speak to young people about the issues that you care about, which is why you're in this in the first place.' So I was like, 'Yeah, no, it makes perfect sense.' And so that's what I started doing.
My family never told me like you have to be one thing. What do you want to be when you grow up? They think it's the most ridiculous question. You can be many, many things.
I find there's this weird anger thing: Someone will approach me at the bar and say, 'Hey, can I buy you a drink?' And I'll say, 'No, I'm okay.' And then all of a sudden, there's this male anger flip, where they go, 'Oh, you know what? I wasn't even gonna buy you a drink, 'cause you're not even that cute anyway,' and walk away.
My lashes are so long that if I don't curl them, I'm blind.
I lived on the Greek side of Cypress, and I think that's also where my interest in politics really started to come alive. It was the first time that I was told I couldn't go somewhere: My grandfather's house is on the Turkish side, but we were not allowed to go there.
Take risks! I'm embracing bold prints.
I think everybody understands the fact that the right person will be cast for the role. So it's not theirs really to lose; they're just trying to find the right person.
Flirting is funny. And it's awkward and weird.
My mom used to call me a parrot, because the way I spoke would change in every country we'd go to.
If I could travel back in time, I'd bring back the entire Wu-Tang Clan.
The first concert that my parents took me to was in this canyon in Saudi Arabia called Buttermilk Canyon. You sleep under the stars in the desert, and ex-pats - German, Swiss, Canadian, American - would play classical music that filled the whole canyon.
I dated someone in the '90s who was really into Metallica, and I remember thinking at the time, 'That just sounds so heavy and hard.' But they have great ballads! Great ballads.
The thing about dating someone who listens to a totally different genre than you is they can help you find things to appreciate in that genre.
It's always exciting when you love something and you get the opportunity to share it with more people.
I've never been on a date.
After I graduated in Vancouver, I had been working on a book about war-affected children and land mines with the foreign minister - he was working at a place on campus and hired me. I then got a job as a Human Rights and Refugees Officer in London, and I loved working there.
I move countries every three or four years. I was born in London, and we lived in Canada. Then we lived in Saudi Arabia until the Gulf War broke out, when we were forced to leave. Then we hop-scotched for a while from Holland back to Canada back to Saudi Arabia. Then there was D-day, so we had to get out again.
When I lived in London, I worked at the U.N. for a while as its human rights and refugees officer. I have two degrees, and my second was in radio. I was a programmer and news reporter in Canada. My CV looks bananas.
Most high-level models that I've ever met are actually well-travelled; they're cultured, and no guy laying a cheesy line on them is actually going to impact their world.
Curvy' is just a polite way of saying 'fat.
All of my relationships have happened organically with people who are super cool and in my life and it just moved into a relationship zone.
I feel like we can't pick who we fall in love with because if we could, we would all make better choices. Your heart just falls where it falls.
Working opposite Max Greenfield is the best job in the world. He's just incredible.
I have an extended family of close friends, guy and girls.
When I lived in London, I worked three jobs and had such long work days.
I went to Coachella once, and it was only to go see Leonard Cohen. I got in the car and sat through all the crazy traffic in L.A. to get there - instead of a two hour drive, it takes, like, six hours. Then I watched his set and turned around and left. I just so wanted to see him perform in the desert.
I guess there are all these women with a big secret - they're hiding men they are ashamed of. They come up to me and say: 'I've been dating this guy for six months in secret but none of my friends know. I can't give him up even though he's embarrassing.'
The best place to live is where you are right now.
When I lived in India, I'd speak like an Indian to get good prices while shopping. I'm good with accents.
When people tell really good stories in songs, I really like it.
I love to do Pilates, Bar Method, and spin. I'm addicted.
I know quite a few friends who are models, and they're usually really smart, sharp, world-savvy people.
An eyelash curler changes your entire face. It opens your eyes up.
It just seemed like an unattainable dream to go down to Los Angeles and to land a professional working, acting gig on a show that you really love with a character you really connect with. That doesn't seem possible; that seems insane.
If you're not a workout person, go there 75 percent fast asleep. Anybody who has ever been in one of my workout classes knows I'm there practically in my pajamas!
I worked at the United Nations.
Physical intimacy is easy. Emotional intimacy is hard.
I was born in England, but then I lived in Calgary, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, India, Vancouver, London, Toronto, and now L.A.
I grew up in Saudi Arabia and India and Cyprus, and I lived in a war-zone myself, and, I mean, I had a pretty bizarre, I guess, nomadic childhood, and so I was really drawn to international relations and political science.
That's my family; we have a very British sense of humour, very dry.
You can spend the day at work, but when you go home, and you're in the role of a father or a husband, you don't have to remind yourself that you shouldn't tell your wife to hold the messages. If you do, that marriage is not going to last very long.
The Canadians kind of look out for each other a little bit.
If you look at my career path, I was a human rights and refugees officer for the United Nations. I helped research a book for Lloyd Axworthy. I've worked in coffee shops. I've sold clothes. I've hosted TV shows, and now I'm acting.
The thing I learned about being in this industry is the core of hosting and the core of acting is authenticity. So if you're just real in those moments, no matter what you're doing, that's what translates and makes you successful.
I just can't break. If I break, I'm done. So I don't break.
My cats, Jacob and Frank, mean the world to me, and by partnering once again with Fresh Step with the power of Febreze, I'm raising awareness for its Million Meow Mission to help every shelter cat find a forever home.
The hardest part of my job, daily, is to not laugh while we shoot.
Millions of cats are in shelters across the country waiting for a loving parent or family to bring them home.
That is the most liberating thing to feel as an actor: that you don't have to hold back or be afraid. A bit might not work, but it doesn't matter.
Everything I've done I've always kind of jumped in headfirst, and it's been a learning curve. Even MuchMusic, I had never done live television before, and all of a sudden you show up, and they're like, 'You ready kid? Let's go.'
If someone wants to take me on a date? I don't know if I'd say no.
I think if you want to be seen as an intelligent woman, you can't be someone who feels empowered and sexy. I just don't understand who makes these rules, and frankly, I'm not interested in them.
That's so romantic, to wake up and find that he's packed a bag - and that for the next 48 hours, everything is taken care of.
It is so cool to think that there are two female, Indian actresses on prime-time American network television who are considered attractive and funny and smart.
I would not give up my eyelash curler.
I also had a hosting position on a home and garden television show - which is a joke if you ever see my apartment.
I think eventually I'd love to get into directing.
I know that Liz Meriwether likes to keep things as honest and complicated as life can be, which is really fun for all of us.
As a girl growing up in Cyprus, Saudi Arabia and then India, the idea of cracking the industry in America seemed crazy. So thankfully, the way I was raised was to be an open person.
The things that I care about have never changed.
I'm just a really big fan of street style. When I went to New York for Fashion Week, it was great to watch everyone on the runway and see all the beautiful clothes and to get ideas, but again, I think it's just about being open and looking around.
It's aspirational for me. I've lived as a cat lady. I'm happy to be a cat lady. I'll continue to be a cat lady. Just bring them all to my house, and I'll keep them all, no problem.
A friend of mine and I would go to this dirty little bar in Toronto that has karaoke every Tuesday night, and one night, we noticed that the only other person in there was Derek Jeter.
I'm obsessed with karaoke, but I don't like to sing. I just like to go and watch amateur singers.
I love the funny and sweet moments I have with my cats, Jake and Frank, so I'm honored to be celebrating these moments at the Catdance Film Festival.
I'm a huge cook! I'm actually trying to write my first cookbook. I make an Indian-spice Bolognese and serve it over pasta. It's a combination of flavors that people aren't used to.
America's Next Shuffle Cat contest proved to be not only entertaining, but a rare chance for me to have an opportunity to host and judge some of the nation's cutest cats as they strutted the catwalk.
The song that makes me the happiest when someone sings it is Cher's 'If I Could Turn Back Time.'
I went to high schools in four different countries. The gift is that you can constantly reinvent yourself. I still feel that freedom. One day, I'll wear a dress I got in India; the next, Converse sneakers and jeans.
I should give a TED Talk about my TV-marathoning skills. It's my sport.
Growing up, I remember watching TV, and I didn't see a lot of people who looked like me, especially someone who passed as a glamorous model on a mainstream TV show.
My mom, well, she's half Greek, half German-Italian; born in England. She's just a nomad. She loves Middle Eastern style, Indian style, so much so that she ended up having Indian babies.
My mum won't speak to me unless I speak properly on the phone. I have to speak 'American' for work, so often the accent comes through when I'm not at work.
Fusion fashion - that's what I'm inspired by, taking all these different cultures and then trying to put it together that a girl here would love to wear.
Women are no longer being defined by where they were born or their colour. That's huge.

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