Hear ‘Blackstar’ Guitarist Ben Monder’s Doomy Take on ‘Goldfinger’ Theme

Ben Monder has spent more than two decades carving out an extremely personal aesthetic niche. The guitarist has played with tons of jazz luminaries, including Paul Motian and Maria Schneider, but recent albums under his own name — like 2005’s Oceana and 2013’s Hydra — feature sprawling, immersive, micro-detailed long-form compositions that seem to land somewhere between technical metal and ethereal art song.

It’s fitting that a player this unusual forged an alliance with David Bowie, a rock star who never allowed genre to fence him in. Monder joined an illustrious
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Song You Need to Know: Antonio Sanchez, ‘Bad Hombres y Mujeres’

Like countless other Americans, drummer Antonio Sanchez was appalled by the anti-Mexican rhetoric Donald Trump spewed during his presidential campaign. On his 2017 album, Bad Hombre, the Mexico City–born jazz artist — best known for his groundbreaking solo-percussion score to 2015 Best Picture winner Birdman, as well as his extensive work with Pat Metheny — took one of Trump’s most infamous phrases as its title, turning bigotry into empowerment.

ad hombres are, by his definition, Mexicans — mainly Mexicans — and Latinos that are rapists and are criminals,” Sanchez told Southern California Public Radio’s The Frame.
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MoreHorror in Hollywood Interviews Steve Oakley and Melanie Grunder of 'Waiting For Dracula'


Waiting For Dracula is a joint feature film production currently in post-production from Empire Films and Grunder Oakley Productions.

Our MoreHorror in Hollywood correspondent Dawna Lee Heising sat down with Writer/Director Steve Oakley and Actress Melanie Grunder to discuss the project. You can watch the video interview below the official details.

From the Official Release:

Dawna Lee Heising of interviewed the writers, directors and producers of the feature film Waiting For Dracula, Domiziano Arcangeli, Steve Oakley, and Melanie Grunder, in Los Angeles, CA in March 2012 for MoreHorror in Hollywood. John Cox and Jeremy Yorba filmed the interviews, and Yorba edited the video.

Waiting For Dracula is a modern retelling of Bram Stokers Dracula tale, set in Southern California. Dracula is posting webisodes of women becoming vampires on line to make money, while a mansion full of vampires and Goths dine on unsuspecting victims at Halloween.
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