New Short Film Catches Us Red-Handed

Ah, burglars. You are so cute with your sinister looking masks and your grabby fingers. I've been a big fan for years. The Hamburglar, incidentally, was my all-time favorite masked man. And it's a pair of pilfering siblings that we focus on in the new short Red-Handed.

The film, which runs just about eight minutes long, was written, edited and directed by JohnMark Triplett (Horror Movies Suck and the upcoming Dead Flesh), and he did a very nice job of it. The filming is slick, and the story involves a classic creature with some modern nuances.

The players featured are Bryan Brewer (Infection: The Invasion Begins), Damien Hedgecoth (Horror Movies Suck), Gildart Jackson (Charmed) and Allie Rivera (Yoga Man).

And, you guessed it, your opportunity to view Red-Handed is about two seconds away. Just scroll down a bit lower on this page, and your friends at Dread Central have it waiting for you.
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