Afm 2011: Ex Inferis Art Puts a Spell on You

Here's the thing. Don't go into the country or the woods with your friends. It's just not worth it, man. Bad stuff happens there. Just deal with the hustle and bustle of the big city. At least there you can only get killed in semi-normal ways like muggings or getting hit by a vehicle.

Below you'll find two bits of artwork for Leonardo Araneo's Ex Inferis starring Marco Gandolfi Vannini, Jennifer Mischiati, and Roberto Zibetti.

Look for more on this one soon!


Six friends decide to spend their holiday together and rent a manor house in the countryside where they can leave behind the madness of city life. Once there, they befriend a priest, Father Elia, who lives alone in the adjoining church. Very soon the party mood turns frightening, as strange phenomena, apparently paranormal, begin happening around the group. It soon turns into a nightmare when one of the friends,
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