Tsilla Chelton obituary

French actor known for her role as the cantankerous widow in Tatie Danielle, the 1990 film directed by Étienne Chatiliez

With her remarkable portrayal of the cantankerous, mean-spirited and selfish widow in Tatie Danielle (1990), Tsilla Chelton joined the ranks of those elderly female performers who, after a long career in show business, suddenly find themselves as film stars. Like Katie Johnson in The Ladykillers (1955) and Ruth Gordon in Harold and Maude (1972), Chelton, who has died aged 93, finally moved into the limelight in her 70s.

In this second feature directed by Étienne Chatiliez, Auntie Danielle manipulates everyone around her, including her great-nephew, his family and a housekeeper whom she regularly abuses, until she meets her match in a young woman paid to look after her. Not pathetic or twinkly-eyed, as older people are generally depicted in the movies, Chelton, in the antipathetic title role, is on screen most of the time, not seeking understanding,
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