Teal Sherer Seeks $50,000 On Kickstarter For ‘My Gimpy Life’ Season 2

Teal Sherer is best known to online video audiences for her role as Venom, a member of the antagonistic Axis of Anarchy in The Guild. Recently, however, Sherer has made a name for herself with My Gimpy Life, a comedy based around her life as an aspiring actress who happens to be in a wheelchair. Sherer is hoping to make a second season of the award-winning show, so she's taken to Kickstarter, where she is hoping for $50,000 in crowdfunded support. In Sherer's pitch video, she explains the impact the first season of My Gimpy Life had, both on its audience and on the handicapped community. She notes that network sitcoms cost "a billion dollars per episode...probably" so she's really not asking for much. “People with disabilities are rarely seen and heard in TV and film, and it’s been so rewarding to take control and create my own show.
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