Throwback on Blu: Enter the Dragon 40th Anniversary

In the realm of Martial Arts movies, Enter the Dragon is as classic a movie as Casablanca or Citizen Kane. I’m sure that will make some movie aficionados scream balderdash, but for genre fans such is the case. The movie captures the ideals and philosophy the late Bruce Lee developed in founding his unique Martial Art style, Jeet Kune Do. As Lee says in the movie, “You can call it the art of fighting without fighting.” Now celebrating its 40th Anniversary, Enter the Dragon remains a staple film in both the Action and Kung-Fu flick genres.

In Enter the Dragon, Lee agrees to go attend a Martial Arts tournament hosted by Han (Kien Shih), a former student of the Shaolin temple where Lee trained. When Han left the Shaolin temple, he used the teachings to start a worldwide syndicate of corruption. It actually sounds funny writing Han’s character description.
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