10 Brilliantly Self Aware Wes Craven Cameos


The death of Wes Craven has, unsurprisingly, seen fans and former collaborators coming out with glowing tributes to the creator of Last House On The Left, The Hills Have Eyes and A Nightmare On Elm Street. One recurring point has been to praise how Craven loved being perceived as a “Master of Horror”.

With the exception of 1999’s Music Of The Heart, Craven continued working almost entirely within the genre where he made his name; content for four decades in being known simply for scaring people silly.

Craven enjoyed his reputation as a purveyor of the dark and disturbing and, equally, enjoyed sending it up. The result of this was a side career that involved knowing cameos both in his own films and those of others – jokey fan pleasing appearances that will help ensure he remains a recognisable horror icon as much as those he created.

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