Be My Cat Takes a Swipe at Hollywood in this Disturbing Found Footage Masterpiece

*full disclosure: an online screener of this film was provided by director Adrian Tofei. Director/writer: Adrian Tofei. Cast: Adrian Tofei, Sonia Teodoriu, Florentina Hariton and Alexandra Stroe. Be My Cat: A Film For Anne is Romania's first found footage horror film, and the first feature from director Adrian Tofei, also the film's writer, producer and star. This disturbing portrayal of an obsessed fan making a film about an obsessed fan begs questions about reality, art, film and the industry itself, and does so with incredible guts and originality. The chilling realism is sure to make viewers squirm like watching a snuff film but, thankfully, the authenticity comes from strong performances by an excellent cast. Though crawling with creep appeal, this film won't just satisfy horror fans, it should intrigue film nerds and aspiring filmmakers alike as it relentlessly pushes boundaries, making for a totally unique cinematic experience. Adrian is
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