Is Martin Scorsese involved in a movie about The Joker?

Consider this a fairly odd news story. In fact, it might be the oddest in some time. Yesterday, word spread throughout the web that a film about DC super villain The Joker was brewing over at Warner Brothers. Yes, the clown prince of crime is getting his own spinoff. Now, that could sound pretty cool on its own, but this is coming off of Jared Leto showing up to mostly indifference in the underwhelming Suicide Squad, all while DC and the WB figure out what to do with their superhero universe. Wait until you hear the details though, as they just might blow your mind. Apparently, the powers that be have Martin Scorsese on board to produce this Joker tale, while Todd Phillips is co-writing a script with Scott Silver and eyeing the director’s chair. Your mind is blown, I’m sure. Scorsese involved with a comic book property?
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