Not licensed to offend: a new Bond museum will cut the sexism and casual racism

A museum devoted to the superspy is set to open in Austria – minus any stereotyping or misogyny. What 007 scenes could be on the chopping block?

When it opens in July, 007 Elements, a new museum in the Austrian Alps dedicated entirely to James Bond, will exhibit all sorts of familiar mementoes from the career of the suave British superspy. What it won’t include, however, is anything from Bond’s history deemed offensive to 21st-century sensibilities. Neal Callow, the museum’s creative director, said that he and his colleagues “wanted to show the legacy of the films in a modern and PC way”. But a Bond retrospective that ignores his casual sexism and racism is a bit like the Natural History Museum without the fossils. So here are a few suggested items for display (or not).
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